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 ."Brand New Client Attraction Strategy Gets You 23-35 New Qualified Prospects Every 14 Days Without Doing Any Hard

Work..." BRAND NEW: TErm Quote Webpage and Final Expense Lead Webpage

“How To Attract More Clients On AUTOPILOT Discover  Without Spending an Arm and a Leg!

Discover How a 76 Year Old Agent In His Final Year Wrote 2.5 Million in annuities and IRA Rollovers.

"With the TOTALLY done for you "Instant Client Attraction System", we take care of you from start to finish."

Bonuses Worth $564.00

Our 12 Month Million $$$ Producers Report

Ultimate Trade Secret Report




Attention Frustrated Advisor

Believe It Or Not, You Can Quickly And Easily Double Your New Clients in 90 Days Or Less, Without Hiring Additional Staff, Spending Long Hours Creating Marketing pieces, Or Even Having To  Increase Your Overhead...Guaranteed!





Personal Invitation for a few lucky agents...

From: Russ J. Jones

Date: Tuesday, 5:00 AM

Place:  From the Bowels of Hyde Park, Utah


Dear Fellow Insurance Professional,

I have calls all the time from prospective members who are always in need of leads and they hate the thought of cold calling. I feel their pain, anxiety and fear of not making a living for their family.

In this letter I'm going to show you how to attract quality leads and live the lifesytle you want and deserve.

Imagine for a moment that you are able to attract life  Insurance and annuity prospects searching the Internet for an annuity in your target area.

And when they get to your web site you magnetically pull them (like bees to honey) into a totally automated marketing system.

And then the pre-recorded system automatically does all your follow-up with them  as you were typing the message to them yourself...until they call you to get an appointment to get together.

In addition, this can be accomplished without licking stamps, paying any costly staff or assistants and even while you sleep or spend the time with your family and friends.

  Success In Business Is All About The

Choices We Make!

Success in our business often comes about because of the choices we make... You can either put your head in the sand and do nothing, or you can make a decision to try something new.

Will You Continue
Doing The Same Thing In Your Business
Mans head in sand
Now You Can Hit The Bullseye With our Client Attracton System!



 How Does This System Work"

Announcing A Marketing System That Virtually Eliminates Your Competition, Gives You Breakthrough Results With Almost Every Campaign, And Is 97% Automated.

We set up five consumer sites for you, monthly client newsletter, monthly email newsletter and complete auto responder system. In addition, you will have access to our Wholesale Lead System for selling life insurance and annuities over the phone and through the mail using Priority Mail.  Please note there's an extra charge for mailing postcard, newsletters and special reports.


Automatic Email Letter System #1 
When someone visits your site it is important for you to capture their name and contact information.  Studies have shown that it takes an average of 6 or 7 contacts to convert a prospect into a client.  In addition, you can type into the system all your prospects and clients and you will Discover how to  get FAST MASSIVE results from you bi-monthly email letters.  Our personalized emails sent monthly to your prospects and clients who you've entered an email address.Two email letters send monthly to your prospects monthly.  We will be sending to prospects who have email address twice a month a letter and sometimes an article.

Easy Personal Touch Websites With Personalized URLs System #2 
 These Magic  offer Templates-These templates are super easy, paint-by-numbers guide for creating magical offer web pages in one fell swoop. All you do  is fill in the blanks. In fact, we have four web pages already been done for you.  In the modern era you have to upgrade your marketing to meet the standards of today's information age. No longer can you afford to just send out plain old junk mail, you have to converse with your prospects on a one-to-one basis. Personally reach out to your prospects and deliver your message both in print and on the web. You need a website to sell to the baby boomers today.

 Follow-up Letter, Article and Report Campaign Service System #3 
Once people call up your toll-free number looking for more information  is very important to send out a steady follow-up campaign to these people. We will mail monthly for six months to your prospects a personalize letter and a 4-6 page report, and a referral card.  We will be sending them at least 3 to 7 letters with more information, trying to get them to set an appointment or make a purchase. These are your prime leads - don't waste them.

The #1 Complete  Referral System for getting 3-6 Referrals per week Pre-written Monthly Client and Prospect Newsletter System #4
 There is no question...this is one of the most effective strategies used by top marketers (in every category) today.
Discover the Gold Mine of sales opportunities hidden in your prospect and client files. We will mail monthly  4 page newsletter along with a personalized newsletter to all your clients and prospects.  It has been our best referral tool we've ever developed.  
This 4 page "Stay -in-Touch" newsletter we call "The Smart Money Facts and News" will be available with our amazing affordable Internet Postal Mailing and Printing Service
 can put this on auto pilot for you.  It's designed to  help you stay in touch with your prospects, current clients, past clients and center of influences each month. 
 Done properly, this can be one of the most effective "referral" strategies in your practice. Done improperly, and you've wasted the paper it was printed on.

 800 Numbers with advanced lead capture service System #5 
Toll free service is expensive, and to properly market your services you need a unique number for each of your mailings. We recognize this, and that is why we have teamed up with several toll-free service providers to bring you Free Toll Free Service. Phone Number & Caller ID Captured With Every Call. Free Transcription Service for all leads.

Personal  Postcard and Direct Mail Tear Sheets System #6.  Software system cost over $10,000 to develop.
This brand new postcard is rebuilt from the ground up with the Personal Touch™ promise. It is addressed using our Hand Writing technology. We mail one monthly to your prospect and clients driving them to your website or 800 number.  In addition, you can have us send a specialized postcard for holidays like St Patrick's Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is a very low cost way to stay in touch with your prospects and clients. We also have a unique tear sheet program you can use.

Smart Money News/World's Smallest Smart Money Postcard #7. 
The biggest mistake agents make is not staying in touch with their contacts. This special website is driven by postcards to drive business to your webpage. This page is really heavy into IRA Rollovers, annuities and retirement strategies.

 Even better...woven into each online newsletter is strategically placed copy that targets your prospects and clients "psychological hot button". I systematically incorporate techniques of "persuasion" from the "top experts" in the world. These techniques are so powerful (yet subtle), they will automatically feel compelled to respond to your newsletter by completing the online request form.



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Sample landing pages    
Plus, You Will Access To Our Personalize Touch Postcard System, Personalized web addresses, Tear Sheets, Yellow Legal Page letters, Personalized Memo letters. One agent who used our 7 Step Marketing Funnel had a return of 21% over a 45 day period. See a few of our personal touch postcards that get prospects attention.
Sample insurance postcardInsurance postcard

1Life Insurance Webpage and marketing system includes postcards and scripts

2. Tax Time Bomb Webpage and marketing system  includes postcards and follow up script

3.Webpage for "Six Biggest Mistake Retires Make and How To Avoid" them includes  postcards and script.

4. Annuity Pro Web page system includes postcards and script.

5. Webpage for Client Max System includes DVD, postcards and slide presentation. (Coming soon)

6. Seminar System webpage, postcard system.  (coming soon.)

7. Small Business webpage, postcard and internet marketing system. (Coming soon.)


"Client's who feel a connection with you are loyal and will stay with you--sometimes forever.  Dissatisfied clients not only go elsewhere, but they also tell others of their dissatisfaction"  

Sample personalized postcards


insurance leads Final Expense Insurance leads insurance marketing

Typical Costs Associated With Setting Up A Marketing SYSTEM
If You Decide To Do It Yourself
Web Design - Lead Capture Pages / Thank You Pages $1000 - $2500
Web Hosting $25 - $50 per month
Autoresponder (Aweber / Get Response) $20 - $99 per month
Graphic Designer for postcards, newsletters, email blasts $500 - $2500
CRM System (ACT / Salesforce etc) $500 - $2000
Copywriter Thousands $$$$
Domain name $9.90
Your Time (Trying to make all these systems work together) Thousands $$$$
Marketing Coach / Consultant (Important if you don't know what you are doing) $5,000 - $20,000
Total Costs Easily In Thousands


Two annuities for $440,000

      I just wanted to send you a short thank you about your tax reduction program. Out of the one thousand piece mailer you sent out I got back 15 leads which were okay results. The good part though is that I made 8 appointments, and wrote two annuities for over $440,000 in premium. I would say those are some pretty good numbers for my first week using your program. Needless to say I am ecstatic and I will be ordering more leads every week because these leads are a great door opener and this program works!

Thanks, Dave Bramwell  Tempe, AZ


Thanks a Million
My wife threatened me to get out and get a real job.  Thanks to your advice; CD list I bought from you and your marketing system approach last week I wrote three annuities for $166,000. Also, this week I've written three small annuities.   Debbie your not kidding when you told me to focus in on marketing and being positive is a winning combination. P.S. I've told two of my agent friend in another state about your marketing system.  Anthony Huff Katy TX.

$250,000 Annuity FromYour Newsletter

Thanks to your monthly newsletter I sold a $250,000 annuity in May. David Gluckman Palm Beach County, Florida

$38,000 in commissions...

"Russ, when I was running your website in January I closed a lead for 
$38,000 in commissions!  It was a declined case from the previous year.
Ron Fara, Palos Heights, IL.

$400,000 IRA Rollover

I have received six phone calls and set appointments with I believe "Five qualified 
prospects."  I'm also in the process of closing a $400,000 IRA Rollover thanks to one 
of the articles in your newsletter.  Without the newsletter I wouldn't be getting this 
business.  M. Miller, CA.

Sold $200,000 annuity in just two hours...

Thanks to the newsletter and your followup phone approach I sold a $200,000 annuity in just two hours.
B. Warren, Oklahoma City, OK

A brillant idea!

"Amazing Debbie" Just point and click and you can be on the way to having a kick-butt 
annuity web page!  A brilliant idea! 
Ron Brown

I'm on a roll now!

"Just a short note to let you know with the client newsletter and mailing it out to 
1,000 IRA Holders I was able to write just over $300,000 in annuity premiums.  I'm 
on a roll now!
  W. Charles, VA

Debbie, thanks to your newsletter in May I closed a $250,000 annuity. Your system really does work!!!

David Gluckman Palm Beach, FL.


"Client's who feel a connection with you are loyal and will stay with you--sometimes forever.  Dissatisfied clients not only go elsewhere, but they also tell others of their dissatisfaction"



Questions on leads call RJ or Debbie at 435-563-4749


" The Instant Client Attraction System"


Finally! The System you've been seeking for so long is here.  You can stop leaving a fortune on the table forever!  (If you really think about it; how much money, how many sales have you lost...Because you didn't automatically follow up with prospects and clients.

This incredible instant client attraction system  cost us thousands to develop by a top programmer and over 8 months of work. 

You know you can't keep losing money, wasting money, not maximize your sales and profits any longer; by running in the old fashion, 20th  Century Mode.  You know you have to step up.  The only options you have are to:

  1.  Create this totally automated, integrated marketing "machine" on your own.  We had estimates of $20,000 to $40,000 upfront money and a monthly fee  starting at $495.00 to $1200. Estimated time to develop is 11-12 months.

  2. Hire a company like Siebel to sell you one of their CRM programs.  Estimate cost ($50,000-$100,000 up front plus lots of customization, and thousands of months in monthly user fees...Estimate time: 13-15 months...)

Mark my words:  This webpage your reading today may well prove to be a lifesaver for you.  There are financial advisors that make 5 or even 10 times what you earn.

They don't work any harder, they are not smarter, and they may not give any better advice than you...Here's what you will learn:

Seven of the most incredible client attraction tools that will turn prospects into clients and clients who will continue to buy more financial services who will want to set appointments for annual reviews, write checks and refer their friends and associates to you.

You will have access to our Turn-key client attraction system that will instantly send personalized letters,financial articles, email letters, pre-written monthly newsletter and monthly postcards.

Our system has "Cracked the Code" on making staggering web profits by dripping on all your prospects and clients you enter in the system and who visit your website.

We also set up  holiday postcard mailings, prospecting campaigns, monthly newsletter campaigns or the occasional hand written note .  Our automated mailing feature means no more signing, sealing, stamping and sorting.  The system sends everything out, weekly and monthly automatically.  It’s your virtual office assistant.

Direct mail pieces are sorted, folded, stuffed, sealed, addressed, stamped and mailed first class for you.

Our online CRM features allows you to upload your entire database of contacts information for both clients and prospects, making relationship building faster, simpler and more effective.

How much farther would your practice be if you followed up with every person you’ve ever met with  personalized letters, postcards and newsletters?  That’s the idea behind our prospecting campaigns.  Use them to convert casual acquaintances, good friends or people you meet into motivated clients.

"If you've got 20 minutes a week, I guarantee to turn ‘Dead Leads’ into ‘Golden Nuggets’ and make every annuity lead ten times more valuable.  Russ Jones



Since our system is created to be simple and easy, and we have systemized it for your financial practice, all it takes is one new annuity client a year to pay for it… in fact, if you complete one extra annuity application a year because of our client attraction system, it could pay for the whole year of internal marketing.


      I am not repeating this introductory offer again – EVER! You have a rare, one-time opportunity to thrust yourself out of the frustrations most agents face right now and build a real business with lasting results.

    I promise this will be a life-changing decision for you...the best business-building system you can use for your career. All for a fraction of just one single commission. I hope you don't miss it.


insurance leads, annuity leads

Fast Action Bonus #1

Get 12 Months Of Our Quarterly Ultimate Trade Secret Report and Monthly "Million Dollar Producer Newsletter!

Here's some of the marketing strategies you will learn in the "Ultimate Trade Secret Report."

Worth $564.00

Our 12 Month Million $$$ Producers Report


Ultimate Trade Secret Report

If you want to double the number of insurance leads you get weekly, have 6-8 appointments per week with quality A-List prospects and drive your competition absolute crazy, this may be one of the most important messages you'll ever read.  Here's why...


Here is a taste of what you will discover in this astonishing System:

The "Ultimate Internet Advantage:" A small, 1-column x 2-inch newspaper ad that is so irresistible and so compelling, that roughly 80% of all prospective clients in your marketplace will make it a point to visit your website or call your office...before they make a decision as to which advisor they may want to use.
How to get more respect and  increase your prestige. (Discover how to dominate the annuity, Insurance and IRA Rollover market and be the best game in town the most respected, in demand person in your market!)
How to use the incredible strategy of sequential mailing - that once unleashed in your business will cause you profits to explode like the fourth of July fireworks display!
You will have access to "World Class Marketing Strategies" so compelling you will have prospects salivating for what you sell like a pit bull for a t-bone steak.
The most unique business card on the planet. How to convert your business card into a "marketing weapon" that actually compels people to call, book an appointment and refer like crazy.
How to target market niche marketing prospects with irresistible, highly compelling personalized touch postcards (printed and mailed) for you.
"Poor Boy" Marketing Strategies: How to jump-start your business with little-known, low-cost, powerful strategies that will have your phone ringing off the hook.
How to put your business on autopilot so you can sit back and relax. (You might feel a little guilty about all the money you make with so little work!)
How to get more qualified leads in a month than your competitors get all year! (Struggling to attract new business? Learn this secret and unleash your client attraction super powers!)
The top secret marketing idea you can immediately use to DOUBLE your income without doubling the amount of work you do. (Not only will you rake in more money, you’ll also have a LOT more FREE TIME to enjoy the money you're making.)
If you can follow simple “Grade School” paint-by-the-numbers steps you can get rich slowlyas a local “Retirement Specialist” in the IRA Rollover business. You will learn how to quickly win the respect and trust of powerful people.
How To find those Million Dollar and 401 (k) and IRA prospects in your community. 
A complete, step by step autopilot system that will keep you up to your neck in referral business. (This is a complete. proven system that you can implement 5 minutes after you learn about! I GUARANTEE that you have never seen such a dynamic and powerful system for getting referrals as the one you will discover!)
Here's Three simple ways for you to Go Beyond the Call of Duty and become the go to guy for your prospects and clients financial
A powerful stealth marketing strategy that pre-qualifies your prospects, educates them, sets their buying criteria and makes you the only logical service provider in your market!
Why dirt-cheap postcards can pull HUGE results for you, if you use the nearly ignored tactics of the most successful marketers. (Not one Insurance Advisor in a thousand ever figures these strategies out.)
A classy system for staying in touch with your prospects and clients throughout the year that, alone, will double your profits within the next 12 months.
 I've done this for years...Always give a “Transaction Initiation Gift” and You’ll be amazed at Your Client Loyalty, Referrals and Word of Mouth Representation.  If your average commission is $5300 then you should be able to afford $20.00 a client to bring a steady flow of leads. I have a member in California has the ability to milk this secret weapon for millions of dollars in annuity premium.

Here's some  more of the marketing strategies you will learn in the "Ultimate Trade Secret Report and Monthly Million Dollar Producers Newsletter."

Worth $564.00

Our 12 Month Million $$$ Producers Report Ultimate Trade Secret Report

You will receive our digital download  Million $$$ Producers Report and bonuses. This report will be from 6-12 pages long and will include all the marketing and sales strategies you need to dominate your market place over the next 12 months. 

Here's just a brief sample of the marketing strategies you will learn.

  • How to ride the crest of this tidal wave and become a million dollar producer  by specializing in 401 (k) and IRA Rollovers and jumbo annuities.

  • The Best Marketers Make The Most Money. How To Quickly and Easily Double Your Production in 90 Days or Less Using Systematic MarketingKey million dollar principles to systematize your marketing

  • 10 Biggest Mistakes Agents Make in Marketing and how to avoid them.

  • You will have access to "World Class Marketing Strategies" so compelling you will have prospects salivating for what you sell like a pit bull for a t-bone steak.

  • How Get Ten times more return on your advertising $$$.

  • How To find those Million Dollar and 401 (k) and IRA prospects in your community.  (I'll even give you access to a specialized list that are full of these wealth prospects with multi-million dollar investments.)

  • Why dirt-cheap postcards can pull HUGE results for you, if you use the nearly ignored tactics of the most successful marketers. (Not one Insurance Advisor in a thousand ever figures these strategies out.)

  • How To Beat A Slump Using Cheap Postcards

  • If you can follow simple “Grade School” paint-by-the-numbers steps you can get rich slowlyas a local “Retirement Specialist” in the IRA Rollover business. You will learn how to quickly win the respect and trust of powerful people.

  • You will discover the  scientifically tested marketing pieces and sales strategies you MUST HAVE in your rollover arsenal tool kit. Can you imagine having a treasure trove of marketing tools that attract IRA-rollover dollars like teenagers are attracted to a Hanna Montana rock concerts.

  • How to Build a Million Dollar Commission account.

  • Discover five secret ways you can become the local “retirement expert” where companies heads will introduce you to their employees as “our retirement specialist.” Becoming a six-figure IRA Rollover Specialist is much easier than you think—but only when you know the secrets.

  • The shocking truth how to tap the hidden wealth found in our lists of wealth widows, affluent Americans ,IRA Holders and affluent American list age 55-65 with approximate net worth of $250,000. This strategy alone will put you light years ahead of your wimpy competition.  You will beat them like a rented mule that won’t walk a trail.

  • Frankly, as you read our bi-monthly  “Million $$$ Producers Report™” you  will be like having your own money making machine that will show you how to get rich slowly.

    Here’s additional sales and marketing strategies that you'll learn as you read our bi-monthly email reports.

  • Rollover 3-Step Postcard Mailing Process™” that will help position you as an retirement expert with prospects retirement funds to rollover. “This strategy is so powerful by itself that we  should patent it and sell it for thousands of dollars!”

  •   Every month you will receive an incredible collection of postcards, newspaper ads, marketing strategies and sales letters, (HR) Human Resource strategies that will give you a “UNFAIR ADVANTAGE” of the 18 million rollovers waiting to happen in the next few years!

  •  How to master the "three powerful head-turning HOOK power phrases" that will reel in your prospects like crazy. (This concept alone with take you out of being a sales person and gain instant trust and will make you their trusted family financial advisor.

  • How to  put all your marketing on autopilot by using our automatic sequential mailing of target marketing to a niche of “pre-retirees” using our IRA holders, Baby Boomers and affluent widows lists along with our “Personal Touch Postcards”

  •  How to build a steady flow of income through annual review updates  and how to keep this river of revenue pouring into your bank account, like a perpetually flooding of  the Mississippi River.

    "I Passionately Believe That Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors Deserve to get rich slowly."  Russ Jones


 “The $500 A Day Preferred Widow Lead System.” Generating 2-3 Daytime Appointments Will Be a Cakewalk!This is the system and presentation I used to generate over 2,500 Senior life insurance policies over a 10 year period. You will get the exact postcard I used that helped me write this business. 
(Value $95)

 Marketing Swipe FileTool Kit.    I’ve paid a copywriter $5,000 to create ONE sales letter for me, so imagine what it would cost to have a good copywriter create a dozen different letters, postcards and newspaper insert for you!(Value Priceless)

 A DYNAMITE Phone and Door Approach. You will receive my phone and warm door approach I used and documented my success over 4,000 times.  The phone approach if you use it on a qualified niche list of CD, IRA and affluent widows will give you or an assistant who should be setting your appointments two appointments for every seven phone calls.  I like to have an assistant set a  8:30 AM and a 11:30 AM appointment M-F.  I'll pick up my own afternoon appointment myself.

 You will also receive my jaw-dropping warm door approach I developed and used that netted me a 40% appointment rate.  Now the secret hear is the three magic words I use and seven power phrases.  I built a whole agency around these two scripts and a half dozen other lead strategies.  when I was full time in the field and not talking to 25-30 agents and members everyday I averaged 17 presentations a week.  Of course, I come from the 'old school' where you work hard and you see people face-to-face when ever possible.  I know this concept is not for many agents who don't want to work that hard. (How can you put a value on an approach that will help you get 2-3 presentations a day for just a few lousy bucks) Bonus #6 is for those agents on a shoestring budget.


 “How  Keith T. from Texas makes a six figure income in his pajamas selling Life 
Insurance over the phone. He averages 5-6 para medical physicals every week and on a good week will hit 10.
 I'll give you the postcard, phone script and power phrases and cheat sheet you can use. (Valued at $75)

 "Shoe-String Budget" Quick Start System to Generating 100 qualified Leads per Month (Valued at $100)

 Secret strategies of a $227 Million Dollar Producer. This Texas agent determined a few years ago that he drove 75,000 miles in one year and each mile was worth $2250 per mile. (Value $50)

  67 Power Phrase of Top Million Dollar Producers.  I found from a rare book that if you can find it will cost you $175 the power phrases form one of the greatest Insurance agents of all time Ben Feldman.  He sold over 100 Million in Insurance business during his career. Some of his phrases are unbelievable and you can capitalize on them in your own presentation and approach.  (A  $97 Value)

Here's a summary of what you will receive:

  • Automatic Email Letter System #1

  • Easy Personal Touch Websites With Personalized URLs System #2

  •  Follow-up Letter, Article and Report Campaign Service System #3

  • The #1 Complete  Referral System for getting 3-6 Referrals per week Pre-written Monthly Client and Prospect Newsletter System #4

  • 800 Numbers with advanced lead capture service System #5

  • Personal  Postcard and Direct Mail Tear Sheets System #6.

  • Smart Money News/World's Smallest Smart Money Postcard #7.

  • Plus a total of $1462 in bonuses

Regular monthly price is $597 $297 $197

 Pre-launch monthly Price

$1.00 down and only $37 per month.

 Please note Premium Membership is SOLD OUT at the present time.

 (Very Limited Time)


 This price is ONLY temporary.  If you return tomorrow the price may be back up.




Hope you have a great life and always bigger commissions,


Russ Jones

Creator of the "3-Step Postcard System"
"Annuity Pro Annuity Webpage"
"Developer of the "Instant Client Attraction System"


P.S. You risk nothing, for less than a dinner out for your family you can have our " Client Attraction System" per month. You can now stop cold calling and attract qualify leads for your business.



What are you waiting for? If you have questions, feel free to call us at 1-435-881-7138, or if your ready to get started,

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