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Let's face it...Times are still tough with new regulations and competition from banks, brokers and the Internet.

I can show you how to be in that top 10% of successful Insurance agents using our over 197 marketing and our "3-step Postcard System."

It is a proven, reliable way for you to not only survive during this weak economy, but prosper like never before...I know that sounds like hype, and there's no shortage of it going around these days… but before you roll your eyes or quickly dismiss what I'm saying, here's what I'm going to share with you...

Let me show you how to average 8-10 insurance leads or annuity leads appointments a week with prospects who want to talk with you about their financial situations.

The Secret is having the Right Marketing Strategies

In our Ultimate Insurance System you will learn over one hundred different strategies. We just added our new “Shoestring Budget Marketing” strategies to our system. Many of the strategies you can work are free. You will be taught how to start on a shoestring budget, reinvest part of your earnings to your marketing program and learn how to double, triple and even QUADRUPLE your production over the next 12-36 months.

Here's a small sample of 197 Ultimate Insurance System." Here is a small taste of what you’ll discover in the private copy of our 197 Marketing Secrets and Strategies.

The amazing “Lazy Insurance Agent’s 3-Step Shortcut” to creating your first world-class ad, postcard and sales letter. (How to quickly turn your hidden salesmanship skills into white-hot sales copy…even if you flunked bone head English.
How to set-up your Insurance business so it supports and incredible LIFESTYLE-Which means working less than 20 hours a week, earning an excellent income. I will teach you a specific 7-step strategy!

How to be a slam-dunk marketing wizard and shrewd Insurance Businessman – Would you like to become THE dominant Insurance agent in your town? Learn my most intimate secrets, suck my all-time best strategies from my mind, become a marketing genius!

How to be a slam-dunk marketing wizard and shrewd Insurance Businessman – Would you like to become THE dominant Insurance agent in your town? Learn my most intimate secrets, suck my all-time best strategies from my mind, become a marketing genius!

The sure-thing Direct Mail Strategy that has a long track record – I used this idea to grow one of my companies with sheer speed and velocity that was scary!

The simple change in your marketing that can multiply your current business profits multiple times over…inside of 90 days!

Very simple tactic to double your profits overnight! (An astonishingly easy technique well-used by smart agents…but ignored by 99% of other Top Producers.

A little known secret that will make every sales letter, postcard sizzle like hot cakes. In fact, this secret will have most of your prospects sold, even before you call them on the phone.

How to practically Guarantee That Your Ad, Letter or Postcard, Or other device Will SUCCEED in getting you clients –BEFORE you spend even a penny.

A jealously guarded secret that makes local newspapers, television and radio stations EAGER to run your ads, without cost, risk, or expense to you.

Discover a new strategy of “Triple Combo Postcard” that pulls up to 12%.

A letter that pulled as high as 60% from a P&C agent. GREAT IDEA BUILDER!

How to Quickly and Easily Build Yourself a Marketing SYSTEM, that predictably, reliably, consistently, and AFFORDABLY provides you with more qualified prospect than you can handle.

Get an avalanche of referrals (for under a $50) using this proven, tested, already-done-for-you letter!

Learn an ADVANCED MARKETING STRATEGY on how to legally “Roll” Up to $100,000.

How to build your own new client “Conveyor Belt” That spits out new clients as reliably as a sunrise.

The ONLY kind of direct-mail marketing worth doing

The One Marketing ‘Secret’ That Makes your Efforts Five-Times More Effective! (In fact, it’s so painfully obvious that once it’s revealed to you, you’ll probably laugh out loud! Worth the price of the course)

How to get 100 new clients in 10 weeks or less. The Insider ‘Secret weapon’ That-once fully harnesses –gives ANY agent an almost unfair advantage in his or her marketplace!

How to find the head-turning hook that reels customers into your ad like crazy! (I’ll show you how to be the one thing your prospect reads today that gets his blood pumping and makes him crave what you’re selling. His adrenaline levels won’t go down until he’s called you for appointment.

How to run small ads in even the biggest “big city” newspapers—and not spend a penny doing it! (no gimmicks here. This method is so little understood or even known…yet it can instantly give you a $100,000 ad budget “free”, You will NOT find this info anywhere else.

The secret technique that lets you buy media for up to 90% below quoted “Retail.”

How to grow your revenue and client base exponentially –faster than you ever though possible.

How to reactivate All Those Clients you thought were “Dead”, And Turn Them into A surge Of Immediate Cash Flow.

How to focus every precious marketing dollar ONLY on the people who already want and NEED your services and who can easily and willfully afford your fees and commissions.

The one envelope that no one in the history of civilization has ever NOT opened!

How to nail the passionate “sweet spot” of your customer with master class sales copy! (You’ll gain instant trust because he feels you’re “just like family.”)

My secret taking ANYBODY’S present and existing customer base and uncovering hidden, untapped wealth inside it.

How to create continuing, “automatic”, predictable, secure, “annuity-type” streams of cash flow income from your business.

How a simple idea to mail cheap postcards made this agent $33,000 in just a few short months.

Learn how an Alabama agent wrote $195,000 in August helping seniors.

The 7-step “idiot proof” way to generate tons of qualified leads right now, even if you’re flat broke.

Learn how to build your own million-dollar retirement account.

Learn a secret technique on how one agent in Ohio writes over 1 million $$$ a month in CD/Money Market financial products.

Use this amazing FREE directory (that can be found in most all libraries) to find a virtually bottomless source of hot, new fresh clients. (Not one in a thousand agents has ever heard of this invaluable directory.)

The amazing “trick” One Agent used to increase His Income to $354,000—in one year California agent reveals how he wrote 8 million in annuities last year, made $52,000 in just one month.

5 INGENIOUS (yet virtually unknown) ways to launch your business with Guerilla Marketing Techniques.

How to create the “irresistible marketing message” for your business that virtually no client can refuse.

Learn the secret one agent uses to mail out 25,000 FREE postcards each month. NO POSTAGE CHARGE! I will even show you how to put this on autopilot.

You will learn the “Closely Guarded Secrets” one “Top Direct Mail Marketer” uses that will help your income become unlimited. This is absolutely mind-boggling. (Not using these secret techniques will cost you thousands of dollars in lost commissions).

Learn the shocking truth about how just using two words in all of your ads and letters will quickly land you at the top of your company’s newsletter.

Learn the 20 key words that must be a part of any headline you write… tested for 50 years and still have not failed… proven to be the best words.

A most interesting angle: “How to write a client love letter” and double your response… This is one of the most ingenious ideas I have ever heard. So simple it never even crossed my mind.

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That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find. There are over 197 jealously guarded marketing secrets you can use. And remember…I have used most of these marketing strategies and techniques over the last 28+ years…I have been in the trenches just like you and have successfully dug myself out! I can honestly say I have seen the good, bad and the ugly in this business!

This is just a tiny fraction of all you will learn in this manual. The biggest complaint we get is that there is so much stuff in the 197 Money Making Strategies and Secret Manual, new members are overwhelmed by the array of specific solutions to their problems. But, as they say in the Ginsu knife commercial, that not even close to being all you get with the system…not even close!

My System will reveal “hidden gold mines” right there in your city or town, even untapped resources in your own financial service business that I guarantee you have no clue about. Everyone of the 197 Secrets will show you how to revitalize your business. Attract really great new clients who have a need for your services.

The top 10% of successful agents in the country work multiple spokes of marketing to generate leads and keep clients. Our Total Marketing System will teach you all the spokes of marketing that you would ever need to reach your business goals.

“How One Lazy Agent Made $132,127 in 7 months using our 3-Step Postcard Marketing System working in the senior market!”

The above headline is from an agent friend who I helped get back on his feet. Let me explain.

A while back, I had a down and out agent call and tell me that he had tried several marketing courses and their approaches and nothing seemed to work. He then went on to tell me that his wife was even threatening him to go out and get a real job that had a steady check. Can you imagine that! She was tired of working 10 hour days and providing for half the family income, while he was messing around trying to get some prospects to go see. Maybe you can relate to that!

Read on..

To say the least, this agent was destitute...

After a long conversation on the phone with him, I determined that he needed a good marketing approach using postcards as a very low cost marketing approach. However, all he had was $300 left for marketing. And, whatever he tried, it had to work to keep his marriage together.

To say the least, I felt tremendous pressure to help this agent because as a self proclaimed “Senior Citizen Marketing Genius”, I had to perform So, I started outlining the strategies that I had been using to generating a large amount of new financial business using a "3-Step Postcard System.". Even though he was skeptical, he still kept asking more and more questions. I told him that I would help him if he promised to work the system.

He accepted the challenge. His success was almost instant!

Usually the people who sell leads programs will not speak directly to you or help you in any way. They just want your money. Russ is much different. He's not only willing to talk to you on the phone, he's also willing to help on a consistent basis, to develop new postcards and advertising pieces that will enhance your advertising and lead system. I look forward to working with Russ for a very long time to come and develop a very successful sales organization.

P. Hoene Burlingham, AL.

“They were more excited than when the owners of Lassie had a litter of eight puppies.”

His wife was ecstatic. They both called me on a speaker phone.

The wife told me, and I quote, “The sky has opened up and rained blessings and money for us.” It sounds stupid, but that's what she said to me...In fact, they had enough money to pay off some debts that had been hanging around their necks and they are planning to take a week vacation in Hawaii.

Here are just five of the Marketing Techniques I had this Agent Use!

  • A simple postcard that attracts a flood of new clients in 19 days or less offering a special consumer reports!
  • A simple sentences to add to any ad, Val-Pak Coupon, postcard, brochures, newsletter that increases response by 500% or more, guaranteed!
  • How to get other professionals, prospects, and current clients to refer new future clients to you for free. Boy, does this work!
  • A knock-em-dead telephone approach that gets 5 appointments per 8 telephone calls from people who all called you.
  • How to make $7.00 in commissions for every $1.00 spent on marketing.

What happened to his income – a whopping 200 % Increase In his Commissions in less than 60 days!!! In fact his wife told me that his income in 7 months was over $132,000. I felt that my mission was complete.

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones