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The Amazing Secret By #1 Top Gun Annuity Producer on Getting A Pile of Referrals

Here's 2 dynamite approaches for getting referrals.

Number 1.

We’ve all be trained over the last 20-30 years that upon completion of the sale a good salesperson will ask the customer if they know anyone else who could use their product or services.

Of course, some people look at you like WHAT...ARE YOU CRAZY!!!

I really can’t think of anyone at the moment…I call you if I come up with anyone who wants to buy Insurance.

Now here's an amazing secret...

Sales superstars often ask for, and receive, those leads even before a sale has been consummated!

Here is an example of one of the Top Gun Annuity Producer in the U.S. and how he accomplishes this.

Tom Gau, MBA, CFP, CPA is one of the most successful financial planners in the world today. Tom is not just a millionaire, he makes millions of dollars each year in income by helping his clients slash their taxes and increase their investment returns. In his very first meeting with a new client (before anything has been sold), Tom will say, “I am paid in two ways; One is a very small money management fee, the other is that when I do an outstanding job for my clients, they tell their friends about me. If I do a truly outstanding job for you, is there any reason you would not want a few of your friends or relative to know about the benefits I offer?

What can a person say? Because they want the best for their friends and relatives, they have to recommend Tom Gau. Tom has said that the average client gives him five or six high quality referrals over the course of a few months. Even more remarkable is that Tom Gaus powerful lead generation strategy costs him virtually nothing. He simply tells clients in the very first meeting that he expects leads when he does a great job. Clients are happy to supply those leads. It is not by accident that Tom Gau built his assets under management to nearly $500 million.

Number 2.

Check this out below:

My newsletter that I sent out last month; out of 400 send, I got 14 leads and closed $162,000 in sales to existing customers, plus I am picking up another $112,000 today. The key was the bullet points I used on the right side of the newsletters, most people read to the right. Also everyone had something good to say about closing the newsletter with a senior joke. The cost of the newsletter was $238.00. Best return I ever got. Mike E. Smith, MO.

It's amazing what some of our members do in production when they have a steady tract to run on.

I have several members who receive 10-15 referrals every week using out "Smart Money News and Facts You Should Know" prospecting and client newsletter.

What they do is on every prospect and client they offer a free subscription to our monthly newsletter. They use our "Tell-a-Friend" insert where you can list 5-6 friends who would like to receive a copy. The key secret here is they enclose a return envelope and a 44 cent stamp. People feel obligated to complete the form and return it in the envelope.

One of our top members last year received over 700 names.

Something to consider..

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