How To Generate a 67% Increase In Your Opening Script

Here’s Opening Scripts That Will Increase Your Appointment Rate By up to 67% You Can Adapt To Your Postcard Approach

“Hi, I’m Mary from Retirement Services. Could I share with you a retirement option used by over 337 local business owners in our community and over 6 million nationwide? I appreciate your time and will only take a moment. We would like to give you our consumer “Safe Money Kit” that may save you thousands for your retirement.” That would be helpful to you, don’t you agree? This would be using on our “Power Niche Investors list.

Hi, I’m Mary from Retirement Services. Is this Helen? May you help me for a moment… Recently, you received a Pink postcard in the mail about “Important Notice” about your benefits you may be entitled to and haven’t heard about them for 2017.

I’ve taken on the task of hand delivering this updated benefits package we call, “Peace-Of-Mind Kit.” This package is FREE and has put a few thousand dollars in some of your neighbor’s pockets! Are mornings or afternoons best for you to deliver your kit? This would be used on our Preferred Widow Leads.

“Hi, this is Alice from Better Retirement Planning. We specialize in tax-free income retirement planning, lowering your taxes and with no market risk. Over 500 companies on the Dallas area work with us to help increase their retirement and provide safety and security. Our consumer “Safe Money Kit” has proven to save others thousands in taxes and show you how to retire 5 years early and even increase your retirement account by up to 33%.

We would like to introduce ourselves and relate the methods and strategies that other have found effective in controlling their benefit costs. I know you will learn some things and if you think of us in the future that would be great. Would you have some time in the next week or two?”

This would be to business owners and high income earner’s age 55-65. You could talk about IUL’s.

You can get the complete system and 1,000 “Power Niche Leads” at

Hope you have a great month for production,

Russ Jones