Get Rich Clients for annuity sales

How To Bring In RICH & QUALIFIED Clients - Quickly & Cheaply With 33 Easy Secrets

By Russ Jones

Copyrighted 2009 GWC

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1: (Includes the 10 Key Points To Success That Almost No Agent Knows and Never Will Know)………………………………………………… Page 3
  • Chapter 2: The Top 10 Most Valuable Notes and “Secrets” For Marketing Success, That If You Take Action On Them Now, You Will Enjoy Enormous Success – Even In These Changing Times………………… Page 11
  • Chapter 3: Specific Marketing Secrets To Create A Huge Demand For Your Services, And Get Your Phone Ringing With Qualified Callers FAST!....................................................................... Page 17
  • Chapter 4: Mailing And Offers To Your Current Clients Are The Single Most Effective Marketing You Can Do!......................................................................... Page 20
  • Chapter 5: How To Have The Most Effective Yellow Pages Ad (And all other kinds of ads, too!) In Your State!........................................................ Page 23
  • Chapter 6: Here’s An Amazing “Marketing Success Formula” For Your Business: E + L.G. + S.R. + F.U. = B.C. + $$...................................... Page 25
  • Chapter 7: How To Use The Internet To Bring In Clients Who Love You, And Will Pay High Prices To Get You To Work With Them!............................................. Page 27
  • Chapter 8: What To Do Next…………………………………………….. Page 30


I want to share this with my fellow agents before it’s too late.

That’s exactly when I had the “crazy notion” that changed everything.

The “crazy notion” was to begin buying knowledge – everywhere I could find it – even though I couldn’t “afford” it. And NOT just knowledge from other AGENTS!

I honestly felt this was very foolish in the financial situation we were in. I thought, like most agents think every day, that my business was more important, and that the money would be better spent on equipment – rather than business knowledge. But I was wrong – dead wrong.

Believe it – you don’t need new equipment! You need proven business techniques, ideas and skills! That’s what makes the difference in your income and your life!

So I studied everything I could find on business. Yes, I studied a few other successful agents’ techniques too. But most importantly, I began to make changes and take action based on what I was learning.

Here’s a Revelation, That No Other Agent Will Ever Tell You!

This is important! As I began “buying” knowledge. I figured out that I could NOT learn the really POWERFUL ways to build and ENORMOUSLY SUCCESSFUL business by studying just was other agents!

Why Not? Because most agent’s don’t know the things that you really, honestly must know, to build a hugely successful business! You see, we agent’s are a very special breed. We love financial planning, estate planning, insurance etc. but we HATE business! That’s right! We HATE it!

And because we HATE it, we don’t really MASTER IT. There are too many other things we’d rather be doing!

Most of us would rather work ourselves to death to get a “Master of Financial Planning” degree than to become a “MASTER” OF BUSINESS! Sad, but true.

So, I went outside of the profession of financial planning, and began studying with a PASSION, the knowledge and “secrets” of the truly successful business people in other professions.

I Spent $100,000 And 30 Years So I Could Share This With You!

As close as I can figure, I have invested that much with these “Non-Financial Planners” to learn the ideas and techniques that I’m about to share with you. I studied and “modeled” 56 of the leading business geniuses in North America! Plus, on top of just learning the techniques, then I had to breakdown all the info into the financial planning business – and then “Test” it and prove that it worked! It took 30 years to get it where it is now!

The result of all this was my “System” that I use every day in my office to earn more money from financial planning than I ever dreamed possible!

This “crazy notion” took my business from total failure, to one of the leading financial planning businesses in town!

Here’s The Super “Short Cut” To Your Success!

Now, I know that sounds like “hype”, but I assure you, it’s absolutely true. You see, you get the benefit of all my work! For a mere pittance, you get all the information I learned, with all of it modified and customized to the business of financial planning! What a powerful, fast, short cut to success that will be for you!

You see, I know that my “System” I use isn’t what you hear from the “conventional wisdom” of the financial planning profession. Most financial planners feel like they are at the mercy of the customers – and that the office is running them, instead of the other way around. But no me. No Way.

Honestly, whether you live in a small town or a large city, this “system” will work for you.

Here, in a nutshell is what I learned. (I call them the “10 Key Points To Marketing Success”).

Marketing Success Key Point #1: “Hard work and long hours alone will not product success. You must have an organized plan.”

I learned this from the great author, Napoleon Hill. He had spent 20 years studying the 150 most successful people in the world, People like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Theodore Roosevelt. After investing 20 years with these people, he wrote a great book he said the one single most important think he found was that you must have an organized plan. Just working hard won’t do it!

This was a revelation to me, as I was definitely working hard, but I was failing, and I had no “organized plan” for my financial planning business!

Marketing Success Key Point #2: “Successful financial planners force themselves to learn the things that the failures don’t want to learn.”

I learned this from the great Zig Ziglar. The key word is “force”. I didn’t want to take the time or money to learn the business techniques. I just wanted everything to “work now.” But I was failing. I realized that I had to always be learning more about marketing, selling, pricing, and merchandising.

Marketing Success Key Point #3: “The wheel has already been invented.” Now, by the word “wheel” I mean the “secrets” to being hugely successful in business! Those secrets have already been discovered and proven!

Now, you and I are creative people. We honestly believe that if we work long enough, and hard enough, we will discover these powerful “secrets” to building an enormously successful financial planning business. But NO! It will take us years and years, and we still will not discover all the secrets!

Don’t be creative in your business! Don’t try to re-invent the wheel! Just take the wheel, which has already been invented, and copy it – it will save you years of hard work and suffering!

Marketing Success Key Point #4: “We are where we are because of what has gone into our minds. We can change where we are in life by changing what goes into our mind.”

Wow! That was powerful! It was life changing for me. I realized that I could change my life by changing what was going into my mind. Up to this point, the wrong things were going into my mind. I needed to change that.

I was thinking like this: “The best advertising is word of mouth. The best pricing is to be lower than your competition.” This kind of thinking was killing me, and killing my family!

Marketing Success Key Point #5: “Never take advise from someone who is not where you want to be.”

Boy, is this important! I had been listening to people who were not where I wanted to be! People who were telling me I couldn’t do it. It wouldn’t work. Now wasn’t the right time to try…etc. (I now realize that these people are “dangerous people” who will destroy your road to success if you give them half a chance!)

So I immediately began listening and studying only those people who I felt were where I wanted to be. Where did I want to be? I realized that what I wanted was to earn a great living from financial planning, on 40 hours or less a week, so I could be a good husband and father. Now I had a direction!

You see, that’s the main reason I spend so much of my efforts sharing my techniques with other financial planners! So I can help them realize that with the right “secrets” and ideas, and the right direction, they can make huge amounts of money, starting with NOTHING – JUST AS I HAD!

Marketing Success Key Point #6: I learned that the clients trusted me and believed in me more when I guaranteed they would be “thrilled” with their results, or I’d give them all their money back. As soon as I did this, and meant it, things began to work for me. It’s all a matter of trust. Without it, you don’t have a chance.

Marketing Success Key Point #7: “The more involved the client becomes in the financial planning, the more they will spend working with you.”

So I learned ways to get them more and more involved. What a huge difference this made in my financial planning, but also in my INCOME! Things like having them come in to meet with me, no cost and no obligation, so we could “chat” and she could decide if she wanted to hire me or not.

Marketing Success Key Point #8: “People don’t care how much you know about financial planning, until they know how much you care about them.”

Success in financial planning is all about building rapport and trust with people than it is about financial planning. When they call you, they’re not looking for the “best” financial planners, they’re looking for the “Right Office.” And the “Right Office” isn’t the best or the cheapest, or anything else, it’s the office that CARES about them and will do anything humanly possible to take super care of them and give them what they WANT!

Marketing Success Key Point #9: “Within every problem is the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

This was another key I learned from studying the work of Napoleon Hill. If you are having problems now, look for the “seed” that’s buried in those problems. What is Life trying to tell you to do next? Somewhere in the problem, is the idea that will take you to your next great success ideas or technique. Don’t allow yourself to get beat down by your problems. Keep looking for the benefit which is buried within them.

Marketing Success Key Point #10: “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

I learned this powerful fact from Dr. Robert Schuller of Garden Grove, California. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Yes, it’s difficult, but it’s worth the effort to end up doing what you love to do (financial planning) and getting darn well paid for doing it! Keep going for it! And continue to constantly learn! New ideas, new technology and new skills. You will make it if you develop an organized plan.

You know, it seems like you must be really “down and out” before your mind will accept the ideas which will give you the faith to move forward in the direction you must go to achieve your dreams.

These 10 key points are the foundation to the ultimate success of your financial planning business.

My way is not the only way. I understand that. There are many ways to be successful and creative in financial planning. However, my way works, and works extremely well. Try it for yourself, and see.

If you get only one thing out of this chapter please remember this:

If you are not growing, then you are dying. Find people who are where you want to be, and find out what they did and are doing to get there!

“Sometimes, along your “Road To Success And Fortune” you need to do things you don’t want to do, to get where you want to be.” – C.J. Lewis

One more thing – it’s important

Who cares how “successful” your financial planning business is, if you lost your family because of it? That is NOT “success.”


The Top 10 Most Valuable Notes And “Secrets”

For Marketing Success. That If You Take Action On Them Now, You Will Enjoy Enormous Success

- Even In These Changing Times

I’m on a mission here. I want to help every professional financial planner realize that it’s “sink or swim time” in our profession. Now, more than ever you either become a MASTER marketer and seller, or you will parish within the next 12 months.

You and I are NOT “financial planners” – you and I are really “marketers and sellers of financial services” – and that discovery changed my life and it will change yours as well. If you embrace it.

Times they are a changing – and the financial planning industry is going through some very challenging times right now, as I’m sure you are aware.

Here’s 10 valuable “secrets” to ensure that your business grows and prospers while many other financial planners are dropping like flies around the world.

1. In This Current Situation, The Best Marketer Wins – PERIOD.

Frankly, that is ALWAYS true, but it’s even more true today. Cemeteries are full of people who honestly believed that if they had a great product, of high quality, that the world would beat a path to their door. Wrong!

Now more than ever, the financial planner who understands the secrets to successful marketing will grow and prosper. The photographer who simply sits back and hopes the phone will ring…with parish in 12 months or less.

The fact of the matter is that there are thousands of financial planners making lots of money right now. You just don’t hear about them as much as you hear about the failures.

Remember, the best marketer wins! It’s not enough to be a Master Financial Planners, you also must be a “master marketer.”

So what you need to do, is to commit yourself to becoming the “Master Marketer” you need to be – now, I realize it’s not one of your favorite subjects, but if you want to be successful, you’re going to want to MAKE it one of your favorite subjects.

2. The Marketer Who Is Able To Pay The Most For A New Client Always Wins.

Always. This is why you want to have good strong pricing of your products and services, and proven sales techniques – so you wan afford to “pay” more to get a new client and still make a huge profit because your average sales are so high.

That’s really what marketing is – it’s “buying” clients. It’s trading your money and efforts for new, profitable prospects and clients.

So be absolutely certain that your prices are high enough, and your sales techniques are good enough, to result if excellent profits! This way you can afford to spend the “big bucks” necessary to “buy” clients and prospects who are qualified and value what you do.

So many financial planners severely under price their work! And so many financial planners don’t realize how important good, proven, intelligent sales techniques are! It’s a HUGE problem in our profession, and I want to change that!

3. Always Keep Excellent Records, So You Know Your 80/20. This Way, You Know What The Best Types Of Clients Are To Go After.

Just so we all are on the same age – the “80/20” Rule” states that 80% of the money in your pocket (that’s PROFIT, not gross!) comes from 20% of your work and clients.

When I discovered this, it changed everything.

This means that fully 80% of everything you do results in only 20% of your profits! So by carefully targeting your most profitable clients, (the 20%) you can dramatically increase your profits – while actually doing less work!

And you do this by knowing your number – financial planning is a business based on two things. 1.) numbers and 2.) human psychology. If you’re good at those two things, you will prosper in this business – even if your financial planning skills aren’t the best in the area. This is sad, very sad, but true.

So it’s critical that you keep careful records – so you know your average sale, by client type, as well as your costs. This way you can easily determine what types of clients are your “80” and which ones are your “20”.

4. The Best People To Market To Are Your Clients Whom You Have Worked With Before.

If you’ve been reading my articles regularly, you’ve heard me talk about this before, but it’s so important. This is the most overlooked “gold mine” in our profession!

For example, you start what you call your “V.I.P. Club” and mail something EVERY MONTH to your current clients (Everyone who has worked with you is a “current client.” You have no “past clients.” When a person hires you, she becomes a client for life! The only way to stop being a “current client” is to die!)

You send these “current clients” a simple newsletter. Or a nice personal letter, letting them know how much you appreciate them working with you, and then offering them some special offer to work with you again.

Sounds almost too simple, doesn’t it? That’s why almost no financial planners do this! They think like this: But Russ, “I don’t have that many “current clients.” All that work to send them something every month, and what can possibly come of it with so few people? I need lot of clients. If I’m going to put forth the effort, I better find the money to mail something to lots and lots of people. Plus, I mailed something to them last year, one time, and got nothing from it. What a waste.

Big, big mistake! The very BEST people to market to, are the people who already know you, like you, trust you, and appreciate what you do.

But, and this is really important. You MUST mail to them every single month! Do it! It really works! (An please realize that you might not get ANY response to your first few months of mailings! But you keep going (it’s a Strategic Marketing Plan) and you will see enormous results! Trust me. I know this to be true.

5. Strategic Marketing is 10 times, no 100 times more effective than one step, tactical marketing. Sequencing is proven to be more effective and profitable.

Most financial planner’s who don’t know any better, think in terms of “Tactical Marketing.” The do one mailing. Or get one exhibit. Or run one ad. Nothing is connected in their overall strategy for marketing.

The results are almost always very disappointing. That’s why so many financial planners hate marketing – because they don’t know how to do it so that it works.

But the secret is to think in terms of a PLAN, or a strategy (“Strategic Marketing”)! Rather than sporadic, one time advertising and marketing, you put together a PLAN, which includes a powerful Web Site which gets them to request a Special Report, Hotlines, Sequence Multi-Step Mailings, Sequenced Special Reports, Lead Generation, Exhibits with Lift Cards, V.I.P. Club mailings, etc. etc. it all fits together into the “Strategic Marketing Plan!”

6. Never ever mail anything (or put anything on your exhibits, or record a Hotline Message, etc.) without an offer and a deadline.

This does not mean you must give away free financial planning advice. I NEVER recommend you do that – it cheapens the value of what you do.

There’s a common statement in the marketing business that goes like this: “No offer means no response!” So always have a special offer, with a deadline.

For example, the offer can be for a percentage off your regular fees, or a free beautiful flower arrangement from a local florist, or dinner for two at a local restaurant, etc. But NOT free advice.

7. Never mail anything without Testimonials and photos

In all the telephone consulting and coaching I do with financial planners all over the world, this is one of the most common HUGE ERRORS that financial planners make. The fail to realize the importance of testimonials. They’re afraid to ask their clients for testimonials. They don’t take the time necessary to implement this critical “piece” of the “marketing puzzle.”

Without testimonials, no one is going to believe what you say. In fact, in most of my business marketing, I let my clients do MOST of the talking – rather than me saying how great I am (which comes across as arrogant) I let my happy clients say how great I am and how happy they are. This is so much more persuasive and effective.

Frankly, this is the “Magic Buzz-Building Financial Planning Client Generation Secret” of all time! Use TESTIMONIALS in everything you do. And be sure – darn sure – you use each client’s full name, city and state. And put the testimonial directly under their photograph. Why? Because research has shown that the second most read part of any marketing piece is the photo caption. (The MOST read part of any marketing piece is the headline…)

8. The headline is one of the most important parts of your marketing.

This is why you always here me say, “Never mail anything without a headline!” Because the headline is the “ad for the ad” or the “ad for the sales letter.” It must stop the prospect dead in his/her tracks and COMPEL him/her to read your message and then take action now.

So you make it a rule – from this moment forward, you vow to never, ever mail anything, or place an ad anywhere, without a headline!

9. Savvy marketers are patient, and are using “Lead Generation” two step marketing techniques as part of their “strategic marketing” to build a boat load of hungry, qualified clients who want to work with them, and are happy to pay their prices.

I was talking with one of my long time consulting/coaching students the other day, and I mentioned to him that I honestly feel that “Lead Generation” two step (or multiple step) marketing is the true “secret” for financial planners who want to charge higher fees for their work.

Why? Because it

1) Educates; 2) Builds rapport; 3) Builds trust; 4) Involves multiple steps which are much more effective; 5) Qualifies a prospect, so you ONLY hear from those who are truly qualified, and want to work with you; 6) Is an “automatice” system that anyone who works with you can do, so you are ONLY talking live to people who are really qualified, and called you on the telephone!

And by so doing “Lead Generation” on your exhibits and through inexpensive mailings and ads, you are only mailing your sequences of Special Reports and Sales Letters to the people who have raised their hands and clearly said they are interested! So you are mailing fewer pieces, but getting higher results and higher sales.

10. Test – everything – never mail the same thing to everyone.

You always want to “Split Test” everything you do.

For example, you want to take your list of people you are mailing to, and split the list into two lists, so you can do an “A/B Split Test” and discover which test worked better.

You “key” everything, and keep careful records, so you know for a fact which test worked better. (By “key” I mean you simply place a code in the lower left hand corner of the ad, or on the last page of the sales letter or marketing piece. This unique code tells you exactly what motivated a caller to call you – as you ask every caller for the code, and you put it on your “Call Record” so you can clearly see what’s working, and what isn’t working.)

You do this over and over again, forever, from this moment on. This means that you are constantly becoming a smarter and smarter marketer.

Begin today, to formulate and put into action your “Strategic Marketing Plan.” It will bring you wonderfully qualified clients, who have been educated, and who will be happy to pay your prices, and will be much less interested in talking with your competitors before they make a decision!


Specific Marketing Secrets To Create

A Huge Demand For Your Services, And Get Your Phone Ringing With Qualified Callers FAST!

Your financial planning business is just like a tripod.

Let me explain: A tripod has three legs and all three legs are used for support. If any of the legs fail, everything comes crashing down.

The first leg of your tripod is your selling skills. Fall short here, and you don’t bring in anywhere near the money you should be.

The second leg is your pricing skills. Mess this p, and everything falls apart.

The third leg is your marketing skills. If you don’t do this right, no one calls you.

Let’s talk about a couple of major key secrets to successful marketing for financial planners.

Remember this: The “job” of your marketing and advertising is to:

Get Qualified People – People Who You Want To Work With – To Call You, And Be So “Sold” On You, That They Are Almost Ready To Work With You, Regardless Of Your Prices, Your Policies, Or Your Location!

The “job” of your marketing is NOT, I report NOT to “get your name out.” It is not to get your prices out into the community. It’s not to build IMAGE. It’s job is to GET THEM TO CALL AND BE ALMONST SOLD ALREADY when they call. (“Smart Marketing” does most of the selling for you!)

That means your marketing has to get them to TAKE ACTION NOW! It must be PERSUASIVE!!!! That’s the most important requirement of your marketing!

It also means your marketing has to educate them, build rapport and trust, tell them what is special about you, and again, get them to take action right now, this minute! Fail on any of these points, and you don’t make much money in financial planning.

Here’s several key secrets I have discovered over the years about how to create a huge demand for your financial planning services, so you can control the volume of work you do with the price:

1. Pretty brochures (and web sites) don’t work. They must be persuasive too. Creating a pretty piece, with lots of “class” that is not persuasive, is a waste of your time and money. It won’t work – not anywhere near as great as a PERSUASIVE brochure or web site will work.

2. The more your tell, the more you sell. It’s a fact. Proven over and over. The more you tell people about what’s so special about you, and what you can do for them, the more people will respond to your pieces. Longer copy way out sells shorter copy – as long as it’s written well and is not boring. So do NOT create a piece with pretty images in it, with a few words about how great you are, and think that’s going to bring people to you. It won’t. Instead, put your beautiful images in the brochure, with lots of strong, specific copy about what is unique and different about you – why someone should hire you over all the other options available to them in your market area. Now, you never say anything bad about anyone else, you just need to make a very compelling, persuasive argument about how a prospect can benefit by coming to you.

3. Use testimonials like crazy – I’ve mentioned this before, I know. But this is a biggie. What your clients say about you is a hundred, no, a thousand times more believable and persuasive than what you say. That’s why you want your main points to be made by your clients, rather than by you. When you say it, it’s selling. It’s boastful. It’s arrogant. When your clients say it, it’s the truth.

The Special BIGGIE RULE OF MARKETING: Never use a photograph without a testimonial right underneath or next to the photograph. This way, you are having your clients say wonderful things about you and how thrilled they are with what you have been able to do for them.

4. Use EMOTIONAL WORDS. Remember, people invest with financial planners for emotional reasons – not price reasons, and not logical reasons. The sooner you realize this, the more successful you will be in your financial planning business. So be sure you are using emotional words everywhere in your marketing pieces.

5. A persuasive message is from a person to a person. A persuasive message needs to be and feel really personal. That’s why I always recommend you have a SALES LETTER (from a person to a person), printed on regular white paper, along with a “Testimonials Brochure” which can be in just black or color, which includes photographs and testimonials from the people in those photographs. You need both. A testimonial brochure and a persuasive sales letter.

Yes. A LETTER. Which has a strong headline on it, and then says, “Dear XXXX” and is signed by the person who wrote the letter. Just like a real LETTER. Never mail out or hand out a brochure without a letter with it. This also goes for ads in magazines, too.

6. Always have a “call to action.” For example, I like to use a 800 service and also a sample website. Check these out for 800 service. Here’s a sample webpage

7. The headline is the single most important part of any marketing piece or ad. I saved this one for last. The headline is the “ad for the ad.” It is what has to stop a person in his/her tracks, and get him/her to look further. It has to be compelling. They need to see the benefit right there in the headline. It’s important. Most good writers say they spend as much time on the headline as they do on the entire rest of the piece. That’s how important it is.

Now, I realize that marketing and advertising may not be one of your favorite subjects, but the fact of the matter is that it is one of the three most important money-making aspects of your business. I hope this has been helpful for you.


Clients Are The Single Most Effective Marketing You Can Do!

I’ve said this before, but let’s say it again: You are NOT A FINANCIAL PLANNER – you are a “Marketer and Seller of Financial Planning Services.” The real money in financial planning is not in the financial planning. It’s in the marketing and selling of financial planning.

One of the all time most overlooked areas of enormous income for professional financial planners is the database of clients who have worked with you before. This is the single best “list” you should be marketing to LIKE CRAZY if you want to make piles of money with your financial planning services.

I don’t like to refer to these people as “past clients” – because the way you should be looking at it is that once a person works with you, he or she becomes a “client” and stays a “client” of your for life.

We even give these people a special name. We refer to them as our “VIP Club” members. VIP stands for “Very Important Patron.” Once a client works with you, you want to put them on this list, and mail to them regularly.

I advocate and, in fact, BEG you to do at least one mailing every single month to your VIP members. The more you mail to them, the more business you will receive from them. And no, you can not mail to them too often. Many direct marketers strongly suggest you mail to your clients 24 times a year! But all I’m recommending here, for starters, is once a month.

So if you have not been mailing to your current/past clients on a regular basis, now is the time to begin! Right Now!

The single best way to approach a monthly mailing to your current client data base is to send them an envelope witch contains the following:

1. A friendly, very conversational newsletter from you. And I recommend this newsletter NOT be about financial planning. It should be about LIFE. So you include in this friendly newsletter nice little articles about how to raise positive children; or some neat places to go on a short vacation; or little known ways to care for house plants, etc. You see, financial planning is a very, very small part of your client’s lives. So the real “secret” here is to not write about financial planning but rather write about life.

You can get your ideas for your newsletter articles from many magazines that are published monthly for families, parents, etc. Just be sure that if you take some of the ideas from the article, you ALWAYS give credit to the magazine where you saw the article, and the author of that article. And don’t copy the article, obviously, word for word. Change it. Put it in your own words. Paraphrase it.

2. A friendly, emotional “sales letter” which thanks them for having worked with you before, and offers them a very special “VIP ONLY” offer.

This letter is SEPARATE from the newsletter. It’s NOT part of the newsletter! This letter should contain the following:

  • Emotional sales copy about the particular product or service you are making a special offer for in this mailing. Remember, people invest in financial planning for EMOTIONAL reasons, not logical ones, so you always want to talk on an emotional level in all your sales letters.
  • A special discounted offer, which is ONLY for your VIP club members. And be sure to tell them that this offer is ONLY for them – and make sure this is the truth. Never, ever lie to anyone.
  • A deadline when the offer expires. This is very important. No deadline means no response. So always have a deadline, and honestly mean it when you say it. Actually, the real value of having a special offer is so you can have a deadline for that offer.
  • Testimonials from several of you VIP Club members who have invested in the product or service you are offering in this letter.
  • A strong “call to action” which tells them exactly what to do. For example, “Pick up the phone and give me a call right now. There is no charge and no obligation whatsoever for this call. You and I will just “chat” and we’ll see if you might want to take advantage of this special offer…”
  • A “PS” which summarizes the offer, and thanks them again for the opportunity of working with them in the past. People want to feel appreciated. So few businesses ever thank their clients or patrons for working with them. You are going to thank them every month. You are going to let them know you really enjoyed getting to know them, and sincerely want to work with them again.

3. A “Testimonials Brochure” which contains photographs you have done of the particular type of session you are offering in the sales letter. This little brochure or card simply has some examples of what you are talking about in the sales letter, with a fabulous testimonial underneath the photograph which includes the full name, city and state of the client who is shown in the photograph.

Now, I know that you may be thinking: “Give me a break, I don’t have time to do all this every month.”

Well, I understand exactly how you feel. But you know what? Most financial planners put so much time and money into getting new clients – clients who have never worked with them before – and totally ignore those valuable important people with whom they have worked with before. Don’t let yourself get caught up in this trap.

If you make the decision to stay in contact with, and maintain the relationship you have built with your clients, they will bring you wonderful new clients, through referrals, as well as working again themselves with you over Andover! Trust me. I know this for a fact!

Oh, one last point: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”


How To Have The Most Effective Yellow Pages Ad

(And all other kinds of ads, too!) In Your State!

You want to know the best kept secrets about Yellow Pages Ads and other kinds of ads? Every Financial Planner in your town is doing it all wrong! So do NOT copy anything you see anyone else doing in your area. They don’t have a clue about how to do this!

Use These Top 12 Secrets For Yellow Page Ads And Your Other Ads, And Prospect Beyond Your Wildest Dreams:

  • Secret #1: Have a headline, and have it NOT be your business name or your logo. It must include an emotional benefit. It also should mention that your work is guaranteed 100%.
  • Secret #2: Use every inch of the ad to tell your prospect how he/she can benefit by calling you. No “white space” or “yellow space.”
  • Secret #3: Make sure the body copy is printed in very small type – usually 7 or 8 point type – so you can fit all the words in you need to tell the entire story.
  • Secret #4: Use testimonials and photos in your ads for sure. The rule is this: Never ever use a photograph in your marketing without a testimonial from that client directly under the photo – with full name, city and state.
  • Secret #5: In addition to the normal use, also use your ad as a “lead generation device” – for NO EXTRA COST. What you do is “key” it with extension numbers to your hotline, using a phone service such as ATG to manage the extension voicemail boxes. This way, you know where EVERY inquiry came from.
  • Secret #6: Your ad can actually have two numbers in it. One is your office number, the other is your “Hotline” number. Tell them what extension to enter on your hotline, for the type of financial planning they’re interested in. (This give you the code for the source of the call, as you will be doing other lead generation ads, postcards, etc., too, and each one must have a different extension number.)
  • Secret #7: Make your name or logo very small – don’t waste the space by making it bigger – you need every inch for your persuasive copy.
  • Secret #8: Be sure your headline is in upper and lower case – NOT ALL UPPER CASE LIKE THIS. Only capitalize the first letter of each word in the headline. And be sure to bold the headline.
  • Secret #9: Be sure your explanation of your 100% money back “you will be thrilled” guarantee is also in the ad so people are sure to understand just how serious you are about it.
  • Secret #10: Always have a double readership path – headline – the subheads and body copy. Sometimes you only have enough room to simply bold the subheads – there may not be enough room to make them 10 or 12 point type.
  • Secret #11: Every word must talk in terms of how the prospect can benefit. Not hype, just benefits. Clear, concise benefits on what is unique about you, and how they can benefit. (Yes, your Unique Factors” or USP’s are critical to your success here!)
  • Secret #12: Highlight your majoy one or two “80% Client Types” in your headline, along with the fact that everything is guaranteed. These are the one or two client types that make you 80% of your PROFIT for only 20% of the work. By highlighting them in your headline, you are drawing those clients into your ad, and therefore your studio.


Here’s An Amazing “Marketing Success Formula” For Your Financial Planning Business!

E + L.G. + S.R. + F.U. = B.C. + $$

Here’s what each of the items in the above formula are all about:

The “E” stands for exhibits.

What you do is get free exhibits all over your community – and then rather than put the old fashioned business cards up, you put “Life Cards” up. Lift cards are 10 or 20 times more effective than business cards. Again, if you use business cards – throw them all away – they are losing you business you should have had.

Lift cards are an oversized postcard – with photos and testimonials on one side (and a killer headline, of course) and lots of compelling, persuasive copy on the other side of the card, with a special offer, deadline, call to action, double readership path, subheads, guarantee, and is written in a very conversational style.

The “L.G.” stands for Lead Generation:

By “Lead Generation” we mean that instead of just trying to “get your name out there” – which is a HUGE MISTAKE being made by most financial planners – rather than that – Lead Generation means we are going after getting each person to TAKE ACTION NOW – to either call you directly, or call your Recorded Message Hotline, or go to your Web site.

The “S,R.” stands for Special Reports:

We call our sales letters “Special Reports,” And our Lead Generation System gets a prospect who is not quite ready to call us directly, but is interest – to ask for us to send him/her a “Special Report” which is full of wonderful, persuasive, conversational, EMOTIONAL words that are designed to get him/her to take the next step – call us.

The “F.U.” stand for Follow Up:

This deals with the powerful underground secret of “Sequencing.” This means that when a prospect gives you his/her name and address, you not only send him/her the first “Special Report” – but you send him/her at least two more, each one, two weeks after the previous one. This has been tested and proven to at least DOUBLE the response rate – and many times, it triples it!

The “B.C.” stands for Booked Clients:

When you follow this plan, or “formula” – you will have all the booked clients you ever want! This system is so powerful, and almost NO financial planners know about this!

The “$$” stands for lots and lots of PROFIT!

No, you and I did not go into financial planning just for the money – no way. But if we’re going to do it – let’s make darn sure we have a proven system in place that will guarantee us the money we need and deserve!

Follow this formula, and enjoy great success with your financial planning.


How To Use The Internet To Bring In Clients

Who Love You, And Will Pay High Prices

To Get You To Work With Them!

There is no question that if you do it right, the Internet is an amazingly powerful way to bring highly qualified people into your studio.

Here’s 11 Underground Secrets For Getting Huge Numbers Of Good Prospects and Clients From The Internet

UNDERGROUND SECRET #1: Never ever make your site just pretty. Who cares how nice your site looks if no one takes action from it and contact you?

Pretty does NOT sell – at least it doesn’t sell anywhere near as effectively as a PERSUASIVE SITE sells. And to be persuasive, you need lots of good sales copy and emotional words – rather than just a pretty website.

UNDERGROUND SECRET #2: Never ever use a photograph without a testimonial – period.

I’ve mentioned this before, so I won’t go into detail here again. Just do it. Trust me.

UNDERGROUND SECRET #3: Use long copy – long copy ALWAYS out sells short copy. Your pretty website will NOT bring clients to your business! Not a chance. Not in this day and age. At least, let me put it this way – your pretty website BY ITSELF will not sell your business or get someone to contact you very much. It’s must more productive and effective to have your site use lots of words – persuasive words that build a rapport and trust with your prospects.

UNDERGROUND SECRET #4: Play up your guarantee right up front – on the first thing a visitor sees.

I’ve talked about this before – but it’s so important that I didn’t want to take a chance you would miss it.

UNDERGROUND SECRET #5: Talk conversationally – don’t try to sound corporate or “professional.” Talk in plain language – and be personal.

UNDERGROUND SECRET #6: Talk emotionally – tell stories – get your visitors onto the right side (emotional side) of their brain. Remember, people invest in financial planning for EMOTIONAL REASONS – not price reasons and not logical reasons.

UNDERGROUND SECRET #7: Use the Internet as a Lead Generation Device – don’t ask it to do anything else. Just have your site get your visitors to give you their contact info, so you can send them more info. Yes, you will list your phone number, of course. But the MAIN objective is just to get their contact information.

UNDERGROUND SECRET #8: Have a strong call to action. Let them know what they need to do right now. How can they benefit by doing what you’re asking them to do – and doing it right now?

UNDERGROUND SECRET #9: Give each visitor multiple chances to take action right now. Don’t wait until the “end” of your presentation to ask them to do what you want them to do. Ask many times throughout the site.

UNDERGROUND SECRET #10: People buy from people – not from companies – so talk like a person – make your site be from a person to a person.

UNDERGROUND SECRET #11: Use all the persuasive techniques of off line marketing for online, also. Such as:

  1. Headline
  2. Double readership path
  3. Emotional words – not logical or analytical words.
  4. Call to action
  5. An irresistible Offer
  6. Deadline
  7. Do not give away free advice
  8. Lot of testimonials (with that client’s financial planning just above the testimonial)

Here’s Five Giant Tips For Maximum Results Online:

  1. Always get the email address of every person. ALWAYS. Those who book with you. Those who don’t. Those who call you. Or those who email you. Be sure to get and keep the email address – as you will use it as an important part of your marketing System.
  2. Remember that you MUST market your web site to get anyone to find it – just like you must market your financial planning business to get anyone to find it.
  3. Use our “Unique Factors” throughout your site. Your Unique Factors are those things that separate you from all the other financial planners in your area.
  4. Break your site up into the different types of financial planning you do. This makes your site easy for a visitor to go directly to the type of financial planning he/she is looking for.
  5. Never, ever, ever put ANY prices on your site. No No No! That will kill your responses.


What To Do Next

Successful financial planners force themselves to do the things the failures don’t want to do. It’s not that the successful financial planners are so smart or lucky or in the right place at the right time. No. It’s just they have the self discipline to force themselves to discover and then do the things we talked about in the E-Book.

So you have two choices now.

1. Start doing everything I talked about in the E-Book. Design and write the Life Cards. Write the Special Reports for each type of financial planning you do. Figure out how to create your own “Testimonials Brochure.” Make your web site truly PERSUASIVE – NOT JUST PRETTY. Set up your recorded message Hotline. Put together your VIP marketing campaigns and sales letters.

2. Just copy all my stuff – and use it NOW – with my permission!

If you’d like to get your hands on all my marketing pieces – all of them – with my permission to COPY THEM AND USE THEM FOR YOURSELF – FOREVER – here’s how:

Questions on marketing call our office at 435-563-4749.