You Must Have A Non-Threatening, Appealing Offer!

You Must Have a Non- Threatening, Appealing Offer!

The highest and best purpose of advertising is to get people to respond. To make your phone ring. To get qualified clients and customers to come in or call you to do business. To get them to respond so you can contact them! Every single business card, letter, post card, advertisement, flyer or report that leaves your office should be solely designed to make your phone ring. It should always include an interesting story or appealing offer that motivates prospects to call you! Don't be content to just get your name and face in front of the public. Sure, we all know from having talked enough about why getting your name out in front of other people isn't worth anything. But any ad (even one with an interesting headline) that doesn't give them an offer that they want will, most likely, not pull responses. You'll notice as you go through the entire system here, our ads and marketing pieces that we recommend always offer a "FREE report."

Why a FREE report? Because FREE reports are things people want!

You see, if your marketing gets their attention with a headline that draws them into the copy, and the copy is interesting but ends with nothing, or a boring close, or says, call our office for more information, that's not going to work. We have found that offering them a "FREE report" seems to be the easiest way to get people to respond because 1) it's free and 2) it explains more about why they became curious with the headline and the ad to start with. (Although I admit, I could be completely wrong about why they work so well. Actually, I don't even care why they work so well. All I know is that they do work!)

These reports can be used with many different headlines and many different offers. See, for example, a FREE report for a book like this could have any number of headlines or themes or titles to the advertising to get the people to respond and get a copy of that same report. Things like, "FREE Report Reveals How Small Business Owners Can Save Big Money And Triple Their Sales By Using The Best Kept Secret In Advertising The Ad Agencies Don't Want You To Know!" is one example of a headline. Or, "FREE Report Helps Frustrated Homeowners Who Work Hard And Write Big Checks To Contractors — Unnecessarily." Or any number of other headlines at all that appeal to prospective clients and customers.

See the offer has to be compelling and has to follow through on the curiosity that you have generated. You can't just leave people hanging and expect them to call you or your office. No, your offer must be something that they really want and that they are interested in. We have found there is nothing cheaper to print up and produce than free information. This free information is compelling for people who want something. It is also very non-threatening, which is critical. See, if you used an ad or mailer that offers a chance to talk to you, many people—even those who are interested—might not call because they are afraid of having a pushy "salesperson" all over them and in their face. (It doesn't matter if you're not that type of salesperson. There are so many who are that most people don't want to subject themselves to high pressure. Particularly if they are only mildly curious at this point. They'd rather take a pass on calling than be subjected to a salesperson pestering or pressuring them. For example: Before we built our home, my wife, Susan, and I would drive around checking out signs. In almost every case, when I called to get more information, I was forced to use a false name and phone number. I always explained that I was only curious about the price or whatever and was not a serious buyer. And, in almost every case, the agent was all over me with high pressure and seminar learned tactics that totally turned me off. I ended up buying through the only agent who was low-keyed and empathic. I just wanted to mention it so that you'd be aware of what happens to prospects, and why they won't respond to threatening offers as readily as non-threatening offers like a FREE report!) Now, if you find a better offer than a FREE report, that's great. My point is, if you want maximum responses, you must have a curiosity-provoking, non-threatening offer!

The FREE reports are cheap, and they start you off on the right foot.