If You Want Your Phone To Ring

If You Want Your Phone To Ring,

Your Advertising Must Get People's

Attention...And Arouse Emotions!

If you remember just one secret from this book, remember to follow this proven five-step formula in every bit of marketing and advertising you do!

  1. Get Attention!
  2. Arouse interest and emotion.
  3. Tell an interesting story in a believable way.
  4. Offer an incentive to take action...NOW.
  5. Ask for action, and make it easy for people to do it.


The first, and most important, step is to get attention. Your advertising will not stimulate responses unless it gets read. It will not be read if it is not noticed. And, it will not be noticed unless it:

Gets People's Attention!

See, what we mean? Check out the cover of a Cosmopolitan Magazine or any successful publication. We're going to start your education on response marketing with examples from real magazines and publications that compete with each other at your grocery store's checkout counter. Love, hate, murder, fear, anger, beauty, money, sex, power, control, passion, ecstasy, betrayal - these, and lots more, are the emotional ingredients of headlines that get attention and get read.

In Fact, 80 - 90% Of The Success Of Any Ad Is The Direct Result Of How Well The Headline Gets...Attention!!!

(Just like this headline gets your attention!)

Read the headlines from the publications I mentioned the next time you go to the store. You’ll see they’re ALL like this:

Ten Ways To Keep Your Man Happy!

Drop Ten Pounds In Two Weeks — Without Dieting! O.J.'s Shocking Revelation Sinks Defense! How To Double Your Money In One Year! The Amazing Truth About Breast Cancer: What Your Doctor Hasn't Told You!

Sound familiar? Do these headlines sound too "unprofessional" for professional business people to use? Maybe the words. But not the formula.

Warning - What You're About To Read May Shock You! Whether or not you read...like...or even approve of...any of the publications we just discussed, you'd have to be blind to get past a magazine rack or grocery checkout line without at least noticing these covers and attention-getting headlines.

  • Can you say the same about your advertising?
  • Are your advertising messages exciting or boring?
  • What do your business cards, marketing letters and brochures look like?
  • Are you really saying or doing anything different from anybody else???

Every month, the editors of all these magazines and newspapers do everything they can possibly think of, including putting alluring women on their cover and racy titles on their articles:


While you may not agree with the pictures or underlying messages, millions of these magazinesare sold each week because...

Packeys Carpet Cleaning

Best In San Rafael! Established 1979! We Will Not Be Undersold! Lowest Prices, Best Work!

  • Steam Cleaning!
  • Spot Removal!
  • Upholstery!
  • No Job Too Small!

Call 666-234-3456 – Ask Us About Our Introductory Special – 3 Rooms Only $56!

Emotions stir up more sales than logic ever will!

The biggest mistake you can make in your marketing is to use a straightforward, "professional" approach that attempts to appeal to people's sensibilities. Logical advertising is dead advertising. Emotions are what motivate people to take notice and respond.

If Your Advertising Is Boring...It Won't Get Read!

  • Now stop for a moment and think.
  • Think about your advertising.
  • Think about your company's advertising.
  • Think about the mailers you send out.

Are people beating down your doors and ringing your phone off the hook to get to you because of what you do...the titles you hold...or the colorful personal brochures and "ABC" letters behind your name. (Only in your wildest dreams - right?) Look at this example. Are you starting to see why most advertising fails to get responses?

Headlines And Ads Like This Do Not Get People's Attention!

Please don't blame the good folks at Packey’s for this advertisement. It looks like thousands of other ads that you see all over the place.

The problem? The ad simply doesn't:

Get Your Attention!!!

What you see here is a typical "business card-style" advertisement that many professionals use to get their name and phone number in front of the public. The ad includes a ho-hum grocery list of features or services that any similar business provides. There is absolutely nothing in the ad that gets attention or arouses emotions about why you should choose this business over any other company listed in the telephone directory.

No curiosity is aroused...no emotions...just very plain-looking ads. Just like everyone else's. Remember what we said about thinking and being like everyone else?

If you want to get people's attention, you have to be saying things that will actually get their attention! This carpet cleaning ad is just another example of boring advertising like that found in any Yellow Pages anywhere in the country. Most Yellow Pages ads are just a big blur! They all look exactly the same and do nothing to get anyone's attention! Can you spot one truly noticeable and different reason why a customer or client would be motivated to pick up the telephone and call the company listed here? The problem? Yellow pages "advertising" like this is just one big blur of sameness. There's nothing unique. Everybody looks the same and says the same stuff. You could literally swap names and phone numbers — even kinds of businesses — on the ads, and no one would even know the difference!

People Don't Read Ads That Look Like Advertising!

This example is of the kind of "fill in the blanks" advertising you see on postcards and in the newspapers all the time. The problem here? People don't really pay attention to ads about you, your company, your services, or your professional titles. (Is your phone ringing off the hook?) It doesn't matter how big, how good, how nice or caring you tell people you are. Most people don't read image ads like this because they so obviously look like advertising, and because they do not get anyone's attention. Every day, your prospects' minds are being flooded with thousands of advertising messages:

  • Television and radio commercials.
  • Posters and billboards.
  • On-line advertising and email.
  • Newspaper and magazine ads.
  • Faxes.
  • Mailboxes filled with sales letters.
  • Advertising on buses, trucks, streetcars, subways and taxicabs.
  • You even find advertising pasted on public bathroom walls!

There is no way to stop this daily assault, but we have learned to tune out advertising pictures and messages...unless they get our attention and arouse our interest. Are you starting to get the idea of what kind of emotional headlines get responses?

The Secret Is All In The Headlines, Topics And Offers You Use!

Cosmopolitan uses them.

People Magazine uses them.

Readers Digest does too!

If you don't like to prospect, you need to create low cost advertising that motivates clients and customers to come in or call you instead! Top advertising copywriters use words and emotions to sell millions of dollars of products and services every day. You can use the same techniques to get new clients and customers. Once again, it's a proven formula. You should follow it every time you advertise yourself and the products or services you provide:

  1. Get attention!
  2. Arouse interest and emotion.
  3. Tell an interesting story in a believable way.
  4. Offer an incentive to take action...NOW.
  5. Ask for action, and make it easy for people to do it.

Take a look at the postcard below. Do you see how it follows the five-step formula? When you combine the look and feel of these attention-getting postcards with a 24-hour FREE recorded message and report offer, your phone will ring with calls from interested prospects!

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As you keep learning, you'll quickly see that there is a HUGE difference between spending money on "getting your name out there" and investing in marketing that gets people to CALL YOU! As you can see, this type of advertising is different. It gets people's attention. It creates curiosity. You will learn how to use this type of marketing as you move along in your journey of understanding and awareness of the reality of marketing. For now, we just want you to begin to see the new paradigm and new way of life awaiting you! It's OK, by the way, to have small size body copy. People will read teeny tiny little print, if the: Don't forget how important a headline is! If you're going to write your own, please study headlines very, very carefully. I promise you that a headline can make or break your ad, your sales letters, and your life!


If you want to get an almost-FREE headline education, just study the publications that sit at the checkout counter. There are also some excellent books. Some are available at bookstores or on-line booksellers, and some are out of print and harder to find.

Robert Collier Letter Book by Robert Collier (1931)

Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples (1974)

How To Write An Advertisement by Victor Schwab (1962)

How To Make Your Advertising make More Money by John Caples (1983)

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins (1923)

The First Hundred Million by E. Julious-Haldeman (1928)

The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy (1990)

That should keep you busy reading for a while! Did you notice that most of these books were written a long, long time ago? Let me tell you, the time period we're in now...it's no different from any other era. Human nature is human nature. Actually, with the exception of Dan Kennedy's book (the best modern book on writing copy that sells), the old books are just as effective, if not more so, than ever! You'll see that people are people, and their curiosity about things is the same now as it was in 1923! Nothing has changed. Except that most business people waste tons of money on marketing with poor (or no) headlines and lousy copy that sounds "professional." But, you are no longer in that group! Now you are learning secrets that literally a handful of people know. You are in a group of marketers who can write their own ticket in life, because you know how to write headlines that work!