GUARANTEED! New $500+ A DAY Selling System.

admin - January 09, 2017
FROM: Russ Jones I had an Insurance agent call me over the weekend and he was all excited about hisweek in selling. He said, "I followed your $500+ A Day Lead System and in 5 daysmade $2700 in advance commissions." (Yahoo) I asked what he did and he said the following: 1. Send out 50 Pink ...more
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Insurance Agent Sets Himself On Fire!

admin - January 06, 2017
"Agent Sets Himself On Fire"   It was really by accident that this agent was able to set his production on fire. He tripled his production in just 60 days following some of my marketing strategies you can read in our Ultimate Selling Systems. A while back I was talking to an agent on ...more
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Special Report! Secrets Of Writing a Large Six Figure Income In 2017.

admin - January 01, 2017
SPECIAL FREE REPORT! Insurance Marketing and Annuity Lead Marketing Strategies with over 197 Marketing Secrets for Generating Quality and Proven Low Cost Insurance Leads, Health Leads and Annuity Lead Systems for Life Agents and Financial Planners. “10 Little Known Life Insurance and Annuity ...more
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Wife holds her Insurance Agent Husband Hostage for being a “Wimp.”

admin - December 22, 2016
SUBJECT: Wife holds her Insurance Agent Husband Hostage for being a “Wimp.”    FROM: Russ Jones A while back I was on a conference call with an agent and his “unbelievable wife. She was so upset about his wimpy production, low income and just the lack of his effort When it ...more
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The #1 Reason Why People Buy Life Insurance!

admin - December 14, 2016
I was reading an article in Insurance Newsnet Magazine tihs month and the article was titled, "Funeral Expense Still Top Reason For Coverage." According to 2106 LIMRA Life Insurance Barometer Study the main reason why Americans buy life insurance is to cover burial and final expense, they have ...more
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"How To Build A Million $$$ Strategic Alliance Marketing Referral System."

admin - December 02, 2016
Secret Weapon #6: The Strategic Alliance. One of the Most Powerful Insurance Marketing Secrets known to Mankind! Need Insurance Leads, annuity Leads or Final Expense Leads Call Us For Counts. You are about to learn a insurance system for creating explosive growth and income within weeks. It ...more
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How To Triple Your Final Expense, annuity and Life Insurance Production By Christmas!

admin - November 17, 2016
Print Out This Cheat Sheet!   How To Triple Your Final Expense, Annuity and Life Insurance Production By Christmas!   We all know that for some agents their production starts dripping off around the 29th of November to after Christmas.    However, for agents who ...more
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How To Generate Insurance Leads for only 34 Cents Per Postcard.

admin - November 16, 2016
Lead Junkie Secrets for Insurance Leads I have a confession to make...But, don't get excited, It's not much of a "juicy" confession. Nothing about drugs, sex, rock, rock 'n' roll or criminal misconduct.Here it is: My wife walked in my home office the other morning at 5:15 AM and accused ...more
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How To Generate a 67% Increase In Your Opening Script

admin - November 15, 2016
Here’s Opening Scripts That Will Increase Your Appointment Rate By up to 67% You Can Adapt To Your Postcard Approach “Hi, I’m Mary from Retirement Services. Could I share with you a retirement option used by over 337 local business owners in our community and over 6 million nationwide? I ...more
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How To Use Insurance leads Telemarketing that gets Response Instead of Rejections

admin - October 28, 2016
How to use Telemarketing that gets responses instead of rejections The main reason this system I’m going to show works so well, is that it is NON THREATENING, and involves NO PRESSURE OR OBJECTION HANDLING. Also, the system is centered around a pure FINANCIAL PLANNING APPROACH, with NO PRODUCTS ...more
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