“How a Northeast Agent Increased his Production by 237%.”

admin - May 24, 2017
“How a Northeast Agent  Increased his Production  by 237%.” Check out our lead landing pages and monthly client newsletter. Here’s his story: 1.  He picked out his 10 best clients that had referred and bought policies from him in the ...more
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Discover 5 Low Cost Ways To Average 3-4 Interviews A Day.

admin - May 02, 2017
5 Low Cost Ways To Average 3-4 Interviews a Day.   Last month I spoke to at least 6-7 agents who all were low on money for marketing, but still needed more interviews a day. So, I decided to give you 5 ways to help you average 3-4 interviews a day. 1. “Check out our $500 a ...more
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You May Be Sabotaging Your Insurance Business.

admin - April 15, 2017
Q. Who is sabotaging your success as an Insurance Advisor? ---Is it your secretary? ---The insurance company? ---Being a tight wade on marketing dollars? ---The competition? ---The lack of just DOING IT? I am here to tell you that you know this person very well, but sometimes you ...more
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The Power Of Million $$$ Testimonials.

admin - April 06, 2017
Secret Weapon #10: The Power Of Million $$$ Testimonials About You Have you ever heard the phrase, “What others say about you is 10,000 more powerful than what you say about yourself”? I know the effectiveness of a testimonial, yet I see very few advisors use them. This is why you ...more
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How A Florida Advisor Made $56,700 In Two Months.

admin - March 23, 2017
Florida Advisor makes $56,700 in commissions in two months.     I was talking to an advisor from the Florida last week and he told me he made $56,700 in commissions in January and February.   Here’s an overview:   First I must warn you he is not the ...more
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How To Get Quality Referrals For Your Insurance Business.

admin - March 14, 2017
Secret Weapon : Creating a “Sales Package or landing page  That Will Give Valuable Help To Your Clients, And Get Referrals For You! It is always a good idea to compile a sales package or landing pages for new clients, but most advisors don’t think to do this. You should create a VIP ...more
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Secret Weapon Tool: The Insurance Client Newsletter

admin - March 01, 2017
Secret Weapon Tool: The Insurance Client Newsletter A monthly client newsletter is an awesome tool for your insurance business . The absolutely, positively most important marketing tool for getting an avalanche of referrals and repeat business is a monthly print newsletter. Before I give you ...more
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The Secrets of Crumpled Mail!

admin - February 21, 2017
Here’s a great marketing strategy by the #1 Realtor® in the World...You can use it And Modify for The Insurance Industry!   The Secrets of Crumpled mail…          This one’s an oldie but goodie. What happens to those hundreds or thousands of letters you ...more
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The Most Powerful, Money-Making Farming System You Will Ever Use.

admin - February 17, 2017
The Most POWERFUL, MONEY-MAKING Farming System You Will Ever Use. Introducing The Multi-Sequence ARM Farming SYSTEM…   This is probably the MOST POWERFUL FARMING METHOD you will ever use for getting clients. AND, this one strategy should pay for your course at least 30 times ...more
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How I Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions!

admin - February 08, 2017
“How I Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions”   Discover The “Secrets To A Six-Figure Income Producer” Using “The Ultimate Selling Systems”, And Have Interested, Qualified Prospects CALLING YOU…Using Amazing Marketing Strategies Never Before Revealed To You!”   I was recently ...more
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