How To Double, Triple or Even QUADRUPLE Your Production In 2018

admin - December 05, 2017
  “How To Double, Triple and Quadruple Your Production In 2018.”   PLEASE NOTE: If you need marketing tools or strategies see the bottom of the article. Have you thought about what you want to be doing in 1-5 years’ time? Are you clear about what your main objective in ...more

How To Build a "Million $$$ In Renewals" in Final Expense Market.

admin - November 30, 2017
 How To Build a "Million $$$ in Renewals" in the FINAL EXPENSE MARKET.Here's a quick over view on how to do the above headline.1. You need to have a big contract with commissions of at least 100+%and renewals need to be 12%-15% for at least 10 years. Lifetime would be better.2. You need to ...more
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Agent has a 1237% ROI Selling Term Over The Internet!

admin - November 14, 2017
How To Sell Insurance While You Sleep! “How A Texas Insurance Agent In A Wheelchair Made $515,000 Last Year giving Quotes Over The Phone.”   Please note: This system is for agents who are tired of chasing leads all over your county and like the idea of selling from the comfort of ...more
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How To Sell Term Insurance In Your Sleep

admin - November 03, 2017
Subject: NC advisor sells 55 applications in September over the phone and internet...doing what you aren't! FROM: Russ Jones PLEASE NOTE: This email is for only agents who are tired of running all over the countrytrying to catch people home. This is for agents who would like to 10X ...more
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"Secrets Of 3 Top Insurance Agents"

admin - October 11, 2017
North Carolina Agent Writes 50-77 Applications A Month With "Live Transfers."  Everyone Calling Him. I had Ryan R. from NC buy some aged Internet leads for $2.00 Per lead today and he gave me his marketing strategy he uses.  By the way this is all ...more
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Million $$$ Yearly Income Producer Reveals His Secrets. Tip #1

admin - September 12, 2017
Million $$$ Income Producer Reveals His Secrets. Tip #1 A good friend and mentor Jim Lorigo has earned over a mllion dollars a year in income marketing annuities and life insurance. He wrote a book titled, "Developing The Master Closer's Mindset." This is a must read. Find out how you can get ...more
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How An Agent Made $10,237 In July Selling Final Expense Insurance.

admin - September 08, 2017
How An Agent Made $10,237 In July Selling Final Expense Insurance. I had a call yesterday from a member who said in the last three month he has averaged over $10,000 In Commissions selling final expense insurance. He was tired of paying $37 per direct mail lead for tire kickers and prospect who ...more
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Agent Writes $515,000 In Life Premium Setting At His Computer

admin - September 06, 2017
Agent Writes $515,000 In Life Premium Setting At His Computer   One agent who buys aged leads from my lead wholesaler wrote $515,000 in life premium over the phone in 12 months.    Mainly sells term insurance that doesn’t require a physical for under $250,000. He buys about ...more
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How To Generate Leads On A Shoestring.

admin - August 08, 2017
“Amazing Shoestring Budget 3-Step Postcard System™.” You can Have 20 Affluent Annuity and IRA Rollover Prospects a Week With Our New System. All for under $300 GUARANTEED.”   This is an approach I used years ago to generate business along with my agency I had in California. Update ...more
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7 Low Budget Ways To Generate Leads.

admin - July 24, 2017
“Discover 7 Low Budget Ways to Generate More Insurance Leads” I was speaking to an Insurance agent a while back and he asked me what I would do to build a base of 10-12 Insurance and annuity appointments per week. All must be started on a shoestring budget and where you can reinvest ...more
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