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Final Expense Leads: "How To Triple Your Production In 90 Days Or Less."

Final Expense Leads - April 23, 2019
“How To Triple Your Final Expense Lead Production In 90 Days Or Less.”   There Are Three Ways To Grow Your Final Expense Business.   1.  Increase number of clients… 2.  Increase transaction value per client… 3.  Increase number of sales per ...more

Final Expense Leads: The Secret On How To Average 15-17 Final Expense Lead Interviews a week.

Final Expense Leads - April 09, 2019
Final Expense Leads: The secret on how to average 15-17 final expense lead interviews a week. (Total cost is $25.) Last week I was talking to a final expense lead agent who need to make some money quick and was on a shoestring budget. I told him I averaged 15-17  final expense ...more

Final Expense Leads: Advisor Sells 55 Applications In One Month Over The Phone...

Final Expense Leads - March 27, 2019
 NC advisor sells 55 applications in one month over the phone and Internet...doing what you aren't! FROM: Russ Jones Can you imagine having prospects going to a special website and signup for insurance and you never speak to them...yet you get the commissions. This might be an ...more

Final Expense Leads: How My Mentor Sold 30-40 Policies A Month.

Final Expense Leads - March 13, 2019
Final Expense Leads: How my mentor sold 30-40 policies a month.It was many years ago when I was working for Occidental Lifeas a brand new agent.My marketing was mainly orphan accounts and dialing for dollarsduring the day. (Not fun or profitable.)There was an agent who lived in Auburn  ...more

How An Agent Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions!

Final Expense Leads - March 07, 2019
SUBJECT: “How An Agent Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions” Discover The “Secrets To A Six-Figure Income Producer” Using “The Ultimate Selling Systems”, And Have Interested, Qualified Prospects CALLING YOU…Using Amazing Marketing Strategies Never Before Revealed To You!” I was ...more

Final Expense Leads: Ex-School Teacher makes $135,797 in 12 months sending Pink postcards.

Final Expense Leads - February 15, 2019
Final Expense Leads I had a phone call from an agent in California yesterdayand it was very interesting.He said over the last 12 months he averaged over $135kin commissions sending out final expense Pink postcards and then havinga graduated college student call back all the people whoreceived a ...more

How To get Telemarketing that get response instead of rejection.

Final Expense Leads - February 09, 2019
Secret Weapon #33:  How to use Telemarketing that gets responses instead of rejections The main reason this system I’m going to show works so well, is that it is NON THREATENING, and involves NO PRESSURE OR OBJECTION HANDLING.   Also, the system is centered around a pure ...more

Final Expense Leads: How to build a "Million $$$ In Renewals" Selling Senior Life.

Final Expense Leads - January 24, 2019
 Final Expense Leads: How To Build a "Million $$$ in Renewals" Selling Final Expense Leads.Here's a quick over view on how to do the above headline.1. You need to have a big contract with commissions of at least 100+%and renewals need to be 12%-15% for at least 10 years. Lifetime would be ...more

There Are 3 Ways To Grow Your Business INSTANTLY In 2019.

Final Expense Leads - January 03, 2019
There Are 3 Ways To Grow Your Business Instantly In 2019.   This article is only for agents who want to double their production this year.   1.  You can increase number of clients… 2.  You can increase transaction value per client… 3.  You can ...more

Final Expense Leads: 7 Secrets Of Top Producers You Can Use in 2019.

Final Expense Leads - December 24, 2018
Final Expense Leads: Secrets Of Top Producers You Can  Use In 2019. I was reading an article in Insurance Net News by Robert Arzt.  Here's an over view you can use to build your insurance practice in 2019.  Curiosity -Top salespeople are naturally curious. The consistently ask ...more