Agent Writes $515,000 In Life Premium Setting At His Computer

admin - September 06, 2017
Agent Writes $515,000 In Life Premium Setting At His Computer   One agent who buys aged leads from my lead wholesaler wrote $515,000 in life premium over the phone in 12 months.    Mainly sells term insurance that doesn’t require a physical for under $250,000. He buys about ...more
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How To Generate Leads On A Shoestring.

admin - August 08, 2017
“Amazing Shoestring Budget 3-Step Postcard System™.” You can Have 20 Affluent Annuity and IRA Rollover Prospects a Week With Our New System. All for under $300 GUARANTEED.”   This is an approach I used years ago to generate business along with my agency I had in California. Update ...more
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7 Low Budget Ways To Generate Leads.

admin - July 24, 2017
“Discover 7 Low Budget Ways to Generate More Insurance Leads” I was speaking to an Insurance agent a while back and he asked me what I would do to build a base of 10-12 Insurance and annuity appointments per week. All must be started on a shoestring budget and where you can reinvest ...more
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"The Greatest Money-Making Strategy in Marketing Of A High $6-Figure Annuity Agent"

admin - July 10, 2017
   "The Greatest Money-Making Strategy in Marketing Of A High $6-Figure Annuity Agent." Had one of our top members call me the other day and say that he is averaging about 11 appointments per month by mailing our monthly client newsletter with a return postcard to a list of ...more
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Final Expense Agent make $125,457 Selling Final Expense Insurance.

admin - July 07, 2017
SUBJECT: 77 Year Old Agent Makes $125,457 Selling Final Expense Insurance.Wow!Had a call from a still active 77 year old Insurance agent who calledto wish me a great 4th Of July Holiday.This agent from  the South East uses a walker to get around.  Said, "he uses my "$500-A-Day ...more
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SECRET WEAPON #17: 5 Fail-Proof Ways to Get Referrals During A Transaction.

admin - June 28, 2017
Secret Weapon #17: 5 Fail-Proof Ways to Get Referrals during A Transaction It is essential that you are comfortable with programming for referrals at every opportunity you can. Here are five things you should add into your discussion of referrals with your clients: 1. ...more
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How To 10X Your Production And Income

admin - June 21, 2017
"How To 10X Your Production And Income." FROM: Russ Jones I was reading an article in this months Insurance News Net An interview with Jay Abraham. He has always been one of marketing mentors for over the last 25 years. He was interviewed by Paul Feldman, Publisher of the magazine about how ...more
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Your $10K Per Month Postcard Formula [Read now]

admin - June 14, 2017
Your $10K Per Month Formula [Read Now] Here's the formula a Florida agents uses to average 10K+ per month in commissions using widow leads, two appointment setters and pre approach postcards. 1. He sells final expense insurance, annuities and med supplements. 2. He advertised in his local ...more
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“How a Northeast Agent Increased his Production by 237%.”

admin - May 24, 2017
“How a Northeast Agent  Increased his Production  by 237%.” Check out our lead landing pages and monthly client newsletter. Here’s his story: 1.  He picked out his 10 best clients that had referred and bought policies from him in the ...more
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Discover 5 Low Cost Ways To Average 3-4 Interviews A Day.

admin - May 02, 2017
5 Low Cost Ways To Average 3-4 Interviews a Day.   Last month I spoke to at least 6-7 agents who all were low on money for marketing, but still needed more interviews a day. So, I decided to give you 5 ways to help you average 3-4 interviews a day. 1. “Check out our $500 a ...more
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