Final Expense Leads

How to use Telemarketing that gets responses instead of rejections

Final Expense Leads - December 14, 2018
Secret Weapon #5: How to use Telemarketing that gets responses instead of rejections. This script has sold millions in insurance.   The main reason this system I’m going to show works so well, is that it is NON THREATENING, and involves NO PRESSURE OR OBJECTION HANDLING. Also, ...more

Here's 3 Ways To Grow Your Practice In 2019.

Final Expense Leads - December 11, 2018
There Are Three Ways To Grow Your Business.   1.  Increase number of clients… 2.  Increase transaction value per client… 3.  Increase number of sales per client…     1.  Increase number of clients. If you sell final expense ...more

How to sell insurance while you sleep

Final Expense Leads - December 07, 2018
“Amazing Secret Discovered By A 63 Year Old Crippled Southern Florida Agent Adds $1500-A-Day To His Income…Eliminates Cold Calling And Everyone Calls Him For An Insurance Quote, Virtually Overnight!”    I recently received a phone call from Dave a Southern Florida Insurance Agent and ...more

SECRETS of the world's #1 Highest Paid Speaker...Made 3.2 Million In 90 Minutes.

Final Expense Leads - November 15, 2018
I just bought Russell Brunson's 10X Secret Course and it's full of dozens of techniques, scripts, presentations, power closing techniques you can use in your Insurance Practice. If your not closing at least 60% of all your prospects you need to watch this video. You will see how he made $3.2 ...more

Here's "7 Ways To Double, Triple and even Quadruple Your Income in November and December.

Final Expense Leads - October 29, 2018
FROM: Russ JonesSUBJECT:  Here's "7 Ways To Double and Triple" Your Production in November and December.We all know that due to the holidays coming in November and December your productionmay have go down.So, here's some ways you can double and triple your production.1. We have over 200 ...more

How To Build a "Million $$$ in Renewals" in the FINAL EXPENSE MARKET.

Final Expense Leads - October 23, 2018
How To Build a "Million $$$ in Renewals" in the FINAL EXPENSE MARKET.Here's a quick over view on how to do the above headline.1. You need to have a big contract with commissions of at least 100+%and renewals need to be 12%-15% for at least 10 years. Lifetime would be better.2. You need to ...more

Million Dollar Insurance Lead Referral Marketing Strategies

Final Expense Leads - October 10, 2018
Million Dollar Insurance Lead Referral Marketing Strategies By Russ Jones | Here’s over 200+ Insurance Marketing Strategies.  Upon completion of the sale a good insurance agent seeking insurance leads and annuity leads will ask the ...more

EX-School Teacher Makes $135,797 in 12 months sending postcards.

Final Expense Leads - September 18, 2018
I had a phone call from an agent in California yesterdayand it was very interesting.He said over the last 12 months he averaged over $135kin commissions sending out postcards and then havinga graduated college student call back all the people whoreceived a postcard and say the following:(Goes ...more

Million Dollar Postcard...7 Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency.

Final Expense Leads - September 11, 2018
  7 Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency Builder System In order to build your income we highly recommend you follow the following marketing strategies.  “Failure is not an option.” PLEASE NOTE: To get off to a fast start we recommend you start mailing out 100 handed address Yellow ...more

Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency System

Final Expense Leads - August 27, 2018
Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency System    1.    Email blasts. We can do from 5,000-20,000 email blasts to insurance agents for you. The cost of 5,000 is $197   $97. The cost for 5,000 a week for 4 weeks for ...more