Final Expense Leads

How Agents Are Selling Insurance From Home.

Final Expense Leads - March 31, 2020
SUBJECT: How Agents Are Selling Insurance From Home. We are in some rough waters right now. The next 3-6 months may be critical to your business. I think the one of the most important thing for you to consider is to stay productive. However, no one wants you to come out to their house because ...more

7 Ways To Double, Triple Or Quadruple You Production In 2020.

Final Expense Leads - January 20, 2020
“7 Ways To Double, Triple Or Quadruple Your Production Starting In 2020!” I was speaking to an Insurance agent a while back and he asked me what I would do to build a base of 10-12 Insurance appointments per week. All must be started on a shoestring budget and where you can reinvest at least ...more

Final Expense Leads: "How To Triple Your Production In 90 Days Or Less."

Final Expense Leads - April 23, 2019
“How To Triple Your Final Expense Lead Production In 90 Days Or Less.”   There Are Three Ways To Grow Your Final Expense Business.   1.  Increase number of clients… 2.  Increase transaction value per client… 3.  Increase number of sales per ...more

Final Expense Leads: Final Expense Agent make $125,457 Selling Final Expense Insurance.

Final Expense Leads - July 07, 2017
Final Expense Leads: 77 Year Old Agent Makes $125,457 Selling Final Expense Insurance.Wow!Had a call from a still active 77 year old Final Expense Insurance agent who calledto wish me a great  Holiday.This agent from  the South East uses a walker to get around.  Said, "he ...more