EX-School Teacher Makes $135,797 in 12 months sending postcards.

admin - September 18, 2018
I had a phone call from an agent in California yesterdayand it was very interesting.He said over the last 12 months he averaged over $135kin commissions sending out postcards and then havinga graduated college student call back all the people whoreceived a postcard and say the following:(Goes ...more

Million Dollar Postcard...7 Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency.

admin - September 11, 2018
  7 Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency Builder System In order to build your income we highly recommend you follow the following marketing strategies.  “Failure is not an option.” PLEASE NOTE: To get off to a fast start we recommend you start mailing out 100 handed address Yellow ...more

Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency System

admin - August 27, 2018
Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency System    1.    Email blasts. We can do from 5,000-20,000 email blasts to insurance agents for you. The cost of 5,000 is $197   $97. The cost for 5,000 a week for 4 weeks for ...more

"How To Build a Retirement Monthly Income of $9897 In 12 Month Or Less…” Part one.

admin - August 21, 2018
SUBJECT: "How To Build a Retirement Monthly Income of $9897 In 12 Month Or Less…” Part one.   The other day I was on an airplane flying at 35000 feet and I finally realized that with the “Agency Builder System” I could build my retirement income to a 5-figure monthly income beyond ...more

Here's 65 Power Phrases for your Insurance Practice.

admin - August 15, 2018
Here’s a list of 67 power phrase you can use to increase your appointment rate and convert more prospects into sales Power Phrase for phone and door approach I just came across these 67 Power Phrases You Can Use In Your Business. I found Them In My  ...more

Ultimate Insurance Marketing Tools

admin - August 05, 2018
Here's Sources Of Insurance Marketing Tools  Over 200+ Marketing Strategies To Build Your Business. How To Build A Million $$$ Agency in 2018-2019.  Includes 5 ...more

Why My Wife Threatened To Divorce Me (Caused By a Mailer)

admin - July 11, 2018
Why My Wife Threatened To Divorce Me (Caused By a Mailer.)   I had a problem!  My wife told me if I didn’t start to make more money for our family selling final expense insurance I would have to get a real job…Or else it was over!   Here’s was my problems…maybe you can ...more

Get Instant Access To "Worlds Largest Collection Of Insurance Marketing Strategies On The Planet."

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"Discover The New $500-A-Day Lead System, Receive Over 1657 Pages Of Marketing Material Strategies. If your looking for double, triple and QUADRUPLE your income in 2018 you need to check out our website at Go to: ...more

How To Build a "Million $$$ in Renewals" in the FINAL EXPENSE MARKET in 2018.

admin - June 19, 2018
How To Build a "Million $$$ in Renewals" in the FINAL EXPENSE MARKET.Here's a quick over view on how to do the above headline.1. You need to have a big contract with commissions of at least 100+%and renewals need to be 12%-15% for at least 10 years. Lifetime would be better.2. You need to ...more

Here's 21 Lead Generating Sales Systems For Your Practice in 2018.

admin - June 11, 2018
21 Lead Generating Marketing Systems and Software "How To Sell Insurance While You Sleep... Complete System Gives You 21 Ways To Build A Six-Figure Income Working From Your Home Based Office...Learn How Some Agents Are Selling 7-12 Policies A Week." Includes Term Insurance, ...more