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Here's "7 Ways To Double, Triple and even Quadruple Your Income in November and December.

Final Expense Leads - October 29, 2018
FROM: Russ JonesSUBJECT:  Here's "7 Ways To Double and Triple" Your Production in November and December.We all know that due to the holidays coming in November and December your productionmay have go down.So, here's some ways you can double and triple your production.1. We have over 200 ...more

Million $$$ Yearly Income Producer Reveals His Secrets. Tip #1

Final Expense Leads - September 12, 2017
Million $$$ Income Producer Reveals His Secrets. Tip #1 A good friend and mentor Jim Lorigo has earned over a mllion dollars a year in income marketing annuities and life insurance. He wrote a book titled, "Developing The Master Closer's Mindset." This is a must read. Find out how you can get ...more
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"The Greatest Money-Making Strategy in Marketing Of A High $6-Figure Annuity Agent"

Final Expense Leads - July 10, 2017
   "The Greatest Money-Making Strategy in Marketing Of A High $6-Figure Annuity Agent." Had one of our top members call me the other day and say that he is averaging about 11 appointments per month by mailing our monthly client newsletter with a return postcard to a list of ...more
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“How a Northeast Agent Increased his Production by 237%.”

Final Expense Leads - May 24, 2017
“How a Northeast Agent  Increased his Production  by 237%.” Check out our lead landing pages and monthly client newsletter. Here’s his story: 1.  He picked out his 10 best clients that had referred and bought policies from him in the ...more
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FREE VIDEO! 3 Amazing Secrets Discovered By A 76 Year Old Wheel Chair Bound Annuity Producer Made $175,657 Last Year!

Final Expense Leads - January 18, 2017
Postcard Marketing Genius Reveals Secrets To Put YOU Into the  $5,000-$15,000 Commission Market! A while back I was talking with one of our older PMR Members who was involved in a severe car accident, which resulted in a life changing disability that requires him to use a walker or wheel ...more
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