Final Expense Leads

How I Made Over A Million $$$ In Commissions and Renewals Selling Final Expense Insurance To Niche Widows.

Final Expense Leads - July 09, 2019
 HOW I MADE OVER A MILLION $$$ IN COMMISSIONS AND RENEWALS SELLING FINAL EXPENSE INSURANCE TO NICHE WIDOWS. Cheat Sheet! The key here is working niche widows prospects with incomes of $20,000-$60,000. They all have checking accounts. I have a special software package I paid to have done ...more

Final Expense Leads: "How To Triple Your Production In 90 Days Or Less."

Final Expense Leads - April 23, 2019
“How To Triple Your Final Expense Lead Production In 90 Days Or Less.”   There Are Three Ways To Grow Your Final Expense Business.   1.  Increase number of clients… 2.  Increase transaction value per client… 3.  Increase number of sales per ...more