Final Expense Leads

Insurance Agent Is Held Hostage and A Prisoner for 24 Months And Finally Released.

Final Expense Leads - September 09, 2019
“Insurance Agent is Held Hostage and a Prisoner for 24 Months and is Finally Released...Writes over 3 Million in Annuities using Postcard Dripping System.” WEEKLY INSIDER SUCCESS AND PROFIT TIP: I've found that the real secret to marketing is to continue to drip on your ...more

How To Sell Insurance In Your Sleep.

Final Expense Leads - August 26, 2019
Do You Like The Idea Of "Selling Insurance While You Sleep." We have found that only 33% of "Live Transfers" end up being a sale on the first contact. Average commissions are $400-$500 per case. What are you going to do with the 67% who want to think about it, or not interested ...more

How to triple your response using GRABBERS!

Final Expense Leads - July 25, 2019
How To Use Grabbers To Triple Your Response. When you’re crafting your marketing message, you have to stand out. A great way to do this is with GRABBERS.  Grabbers (also known as lumpy mail) are a useful way to get your mail opened and your ...more

How I Made Over A Million $$$ In Commissions and Renewals Selling Final Expense Insurance To Niche Widows.

Final Expense Leads - July 09, 2019
 HOW I MADE OVER A MILLION $$$ IN COMMISSIONS AND RENEWALS SELLING FINAL EXPENSE INSURANCE TO NICHE WIDOWS. Cheat Sheet! The key here is working niche widows prospects with incomes of $20,000-$60,000. They all have checking accounts. I have a special software package I paid to have done ...more

Final Expense Million $$$ Closing Questions.

Final Expense Leads - May 15, 2019
These are the questions I asked my niche widow list that helped me make over a million dollars in commissions and renewals. Final Expense Questions to Ask in Conversation If you use the conversational method, the prospect will usually tell you everything you need to know by asking a few ...more

How An Agent Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions!

Final Expense Leads - March 07, 2019
SUBJECT: “How An Agent Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions” Discover The “Secrets To A Six-Figure Income Producer” Using “The Ultimate Selling Systems”, And Have Interested, Qualified Prospects CALLING YOU…Using Amazing Marketing Strategies Never Before Revealed To You!” I was ...more

There Are 3 Ways To Grow Your Business INSTANTLY In 2019.

Final Expense Leads - January 03, 2019
There Are 3 Ways To Grow Your Business Instantly In 2019.   This article is only for agents who want to double their production this year.   1.  You can increase number of clients… 2.  You can increase transaction value per client… 3.  You can ...more

How to Double your production in 2019 working niche widow leads.

Final Expense Leads - December 19, 2018
How To Double Your Production In 2019 Working Niche Widow Leads. Here's some facts you may want to consider for your production in 2019. 1. Widows control over 17 Trillion Dollars In assets. (According to the Federal Government.) 2. 65% of all senior life plans were sold to females in ...more