How To Build a "Million $$$ in Renewals" in the FINAL EXPENSE MARKET.

admin - October 23, 2018
How To Build a "Million $$$ in Renewals" in the FINAL EXPENSE MARKET.Here's a quick over view on how to do the above headline.1. You need to have a big contract with commissions of at least 100+%and renewals need to be 12%-15% for at least 10 years. Lifetime would be better.2. You need to ...more

How I Made A Million $$$ In Commissions Selling Insurance...Doing What You Aren't!

admin - June 05, 2018
Had an agent ask the question: What's the response on sending postcards to widows and what does it cost to print the "Peace-Of-Mind" Kit? My answer... I worked the widow postcard system for over 25 years. On a good week I averaged $500 per day. However, I was a field guy because people ...more

You May Be Sabotaging Your Insurance Business.

admin - April 15, 2017
Q. Who is sabotaging your success as an Insurance Advisor? ---Is it your secretary? ---The insurance company? ---Being a tight wade on marketing dollars? ---The competition? ---The lack of just DOING IT? I am here to tell you that you know this person very well, but sometimes you ...more
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The Most Powerful, Money-Making Farming System You Will Ever Use.

admin - February 17, 2017
The Most POWERFUL, MONEY-MAKING Farming System You Will Ever Use. Introducing The Multi-Sequence ARM Farming SYSTEM…   This is probably the MOST POWERFUL FARMING METHOD you will ever use for getting clients. AND, this one strategy should pay for your course at least 30 times ...more
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"How To Build A Million $$$ Strategic Alliance Marketing Referral System."

admin - December 02, 2016
Secret Weapon #6: The Strategic Alliance. One of the Most Powerful Insurance Marketing Secrets known to Mankind! Need Insurance Leads, annuity Leads or Final Expense Leads Call Us For Counts. You are about to learn a insurance system for creating explosive growth and income within weeks. It ...more
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Successful Attitude

admin - October 28, 2016
Your success depends on your attitude. If you think negatively, your results will match your expectations. Everyone has an instinct for defeat—that urge to give up when the going gets tough. A successful person just knows how to overcome that instinct and look for opportunities instead of ...more
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