Your 10K Postcard Formula (Read Today!)



Your $10K Per Month Formula [Read Now]

Here's the formula a Florida agents uses to average 10K+ per month in commissions using widow leads, two appointment setters and pre approach postcards.

1. He sells final expense insurance, annuities and med supplements.

2. He advertised in his local newsletter with a classified ad that said, "Experienced Appointment setter wanted for a financial advisor. Must have experience of 2 years and a resume. Hourly plus bonuses. Email resume to:

3. After interviewing a number of applicants he hired two experienced appointment setters. Paying $10.00 to $13.00 per hour for 3 hours of calling per day. Plus, a $25-$50 cash bonus on sales he made.

4. He mailed out 200 Pink Postcards a week to our "Power Niche widow Leads."  Then he emailed the list to his two appointment setters.

5. He used our script that has averaged up to 65% appointment rates. Remember, these are experienced and trained appointment setters.

6. Their goal is to book 4 interviews per day...Monday through Friday.

7. He is a powerful closer with a 60% closing averages.

8. He uses my "Ultimate Referral Technique" of getting four referrals on every Memorial Guide.

9. In addition, he uses our "Tell-A-Friend" insert in our monthly newsletter along with a $20 gift certificate for referrals.

10. He actually uses my final expense presentation, colored casket pictures, Peace-Of-Mind Kit, final expense landing page and 7-Step Closing techniques.

11. The agent bought our Final Expense Course at and 3,000 "Power Niche Widow Leads."

12. His return on his investment one month was 867% ROI.

13. If you're looking for day time work, quick pay weekly and another profit center for your business you may want to check out this system.

Here's to your success,

Russ Jones 

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