Why My Wife Threatened To Divorce Me (Caused By a Mailer)


Why My Wife Threatened To Divorce Me (Caused By a Mailer.)


I had a problem!  My wife told me if I didn’t start to make more money for our family selling final expense insurance I would have to get a real job…Or else it was over!


Here’s was my problems…maybe you can relate.


1. I would spend $375-$400 per 1,000 for direct mail and only

receive 10-12 cold leads. By the time I received the leads from the home office, state director the leads was cold.  People had forgotten what they had done 2-3 weeks ago.


2. Final expense leads broke down like this. Two leads had PO Boxes and no phone number…dead in the water on those leads.  One lead had the “F” bomb written all over it.

Then three to four leads you could never catch them home and if you called them once they wouldn’t answer the phone because of caller ID or voicemail. The balance of the leads I would give 50% presentations and sell 2-3 policies for maybe $1,000 advance in commissions. 


Deduct the $375 for mailings and charge backs I would get maybe $600.00.


3. The third problem was I needed to be mailing every week. Thus, my cost was $1500-$1700 per month.  That’s a lot of money to spend for final expense leads. My wife wouldn’t agree to that expense.


4. Of course if I was contracted with an agency that was helping to pay for the final expense leads they wanted half my commissions and probably keep my renewals because of a two year hidden vesting clause.



Then one day I realized that 65% of all my sales came from widows. So, I started looking for lead sources and database services that could get me niche widow leads for final expense.


Over a period of a dozen years I compiled 17 sources I could use that compiled widow leads. However, I needed a program that compiled them into my excel file. After lots of work and spending $12,000 I had the software developed.


Now I could pull niche widow leads of any age, income, zip code, city and county I wanted for a very small price.


I developed a Pink color postcard that offered my “Peace-Of-Mind” Kit, plus my door and phone approach.


So, I was off to the races…


I would mail 40-50 Pink postcards per week in a small grid like first, second and third Street. Mail the postcards on Thursday at a cost of about $25. Then come Monday morning I would head to the field and offer my service and free gift at the widow’s door.  If they weren’t home I would leave a delivery receipt telling them to call me and I had their free gift.  If they were home I would flash the Pink postcard and offer my services.


I started averaging 3-4 interviews per day and making $400-$500 a day.


Averaged 15-17 interviews per week. Today most agents tell me they don’t average 15 interviews a month working their own system.



Finally, I decided to build an agency using this same marketing concept.


Had 10 full time agents using the system and the secretary would mail out the postcards each week for the agent.


All the postcards were hand addressed.


My best month was 55 applications and I made over 1 million dollars in commissions and renewals using this system I call $500-A-Day Postcard Lead System.”


Over a 11.5 years I sold 31 million in annuities by asking the magic question, “By the way Helen where you investing your money and what’s your average interest rate.


Of course this system requires work and is not for an agent that are lazy or can’t get out of the office.


It’s for agents who want to make $500 a day and keep most of their commissions.


You can check it out at http://www.finalexpenseleadmachine.com



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