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Final Expense Leads Secrets. Final Expense Leads Direct Mail VS. Live Transfer Leads.


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In a moment I’m going to show you how to build your own “Live Transfer” lead machine for $7.50 to $9.75.


Plus, I’m going to show you how to make a 1200% ROI on your investment.


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Ok, let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of investing in Direct mail VS “Live Transfers” for final expense, term insurance and annuities.


Direct Mail.


Average direct mail final expense lead cost about $40 per lead or $450 per 1,000 to mail out.


Average respond can be a half percent to 1%. It can be more if your giving something free like a gift certificate or people think the Government is giving away something free.


It can take up 2-3 weeks before you get the lead in your hand.


Been my experience after working thousands of these leads people  sometimes forgot why they send the card in, didn’t expect someone would call on them face-to-face or tell you they’re not interested.


Average closing is about 20%.


Mainly face-to-face selling.


Live Transfer Leads.


I’m going to talk about two types of “Live Transfer” lead systems.


First, you can buy “Live Transfer” leads from venders for $40 to $55 per lead.

The second type of “Live Transfer” leads are where you build your own telemarketing lead system offshore telemarketers at $3.00 per hour and you need to buy into a  power dialer for $97 to $197 per month. Plus, you have to buy your data.


The first “Live Transfers” lead system where you buy leads for $40 to $55 per lead requires you to be licensed in 7 t0 10 states.


You have to do that to get the most leads.


Average closing is about 25%.


The second type of “Live Transfer” lead System I get the most excited about is where you build your own telemarketing lead machine where you generate leads for $7.50 to $9.75 per transfer.


This is where you have offshore telemarketers who work for 6-8 hours a day for $3.00 to $4.00 per hour.


You have a script for them and they transfer calls to your phone setting at your desk and in your pajamas if you want.


This is a “Live Transfer” leads where prospects want an Insurance quote.


Average closing average in 30%. Then you can take all the non-buyers and drop them into our 10 emotional video emails.


These videos will help you sell more policies on autopilot.


Believe me  I’ve don’t that many times.


If you would like to learn how you can build your own “Live Transfer” lead machine I’m going to show you.


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