There are Three Ways To Grow Your Business.


There Are Three Ways To Grow Your Business.



Increase number of clients…


Increase transaction value per client…


Increase number of sales per client…




Increase number of clients. If you sell final expense insurance you could buy 1,000 widow leads and using my $500-A-Day postcard system you will increase your business. I could take a 1,000 widow leads and if I couldn’t make $30,000 in commissions over the next 3 months I would give up my insurance license. Check it out at  One agent in SC. Uses my “Top Deck Wealthy Prospects List”  and does my 3-Step Postcard System mailing one of my postcards that offer $500,000-$1,000,000 with I Pipe line quotes. Check it out at



Average transaction value per customer. I know an agent who sales only over the phone because of his disability. He averages 6-8 policies a week and what he does is pre-qualify every prospect’s before giving a quote. He says the following: “I don’t know anything about your budget just like you don’t know anything about my budget.  We have plans starting at $30 up to $100 a month. Which one can you afford?  Can you do $100…If not can you do $75…$50…$30. He is part of our


A California agent uses 5-6 of my “197 Insurance Marketing Secrets” to make a six –figure sales funnel in the IUL and annuity market.  Check it out at



Increase number of sales per client. I know an agent who sells over the phone using 2-3 telemarketers in the Filipino’s to generate leads and in person who sells term and upsells them to a Universal Life Policy. He does it two ways. The first way is after selling a low cost term plan he contacts them in 12 months and offer them a “Tax Free Income” IUL. He also offers a “No Cost Comparison Plan.”  This allows him to increase the number of sales.  Another agent who is retired supplements his retirement with having several telemarketers call prospects and offer a free quote at our 100% No Agent Involvement selling “Selling while you sleep products.” These are term quotes and disability for business owners. If you would like to learn how to sell insurance while you sleep go to 


Go forth and prosper,


Russ Jones


P.S. Questions on marketing call me at 435-881-7138


Income Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee you will make any money with the above tools. Everything is based on your sales ability, work ethics and ability to fund your marketing campaigns.




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