SECRETS of the world's #1 Highest Paid Speaker...Made 3.2 Million In 90 Minutes.


I just bought Russell Brunson's 10X Secret Course and it's full of dozens of techniques, scripts, presentations, power closing techniques you can use in your Insurance Practice. If your not closing at least 60% of all your prospects you need to watch this video. You will see how he made $3.2 Million in just 90 minutes.

He made more money per keynote than Tony Robbins...Oprah...Ellen...Richard Branson,,,Arnold Schwargenegger and Mark Cuban COMBINED!

In this video you will see and experience his presentation to 9,000 sales and business people. Sold 3.2 Million in just 90 minutes. You wil see the following:

  • How to be a charismatic leader and an attractive character.
  • How to build a cause for your prospect.
  • The new opportunity to build wealth.
  • The opportunity switch.
  • How to knock down the big domino that's holding back your prospect.
  • The epiphany bridge
  • False belief patterns.
  • The 3 key secrets to your presentation.
  • Trial close
  • The 4-question close.
  • The Stack
  • How to build a million dollar sales funnel
  • Traffic Secrets

Again, he uses this presentation in front of 9,000 sales and business people.

Sold 3.2 Million of his course in just 90 minutes.

I've learned so much in this course to help me 10X my marketing business.

You may do the same if you want to 10X your Insurance Practice.

Check it out at

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones


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