Secrets Of Two 10 Million Dollar Annuity Producers.


Marketing and Sales Strategies of Two 10 Million Dollar Annuity Producer.


I hope you're having a great 2019 for production.


This last week  I spoke to two top-producing members  that wrote over 10 Million in annuity production in 2018 and we talked about all the different marketing and sales strategies they use.

I'm just going to list them as I remember them and from the notes I took.

Some of these strategies seem small, but remember "large doors swing on small hinges."


1. Both agents have one or two marketing assistants who handle all the $8.00 an hour jobs in an office like processing applications, follow up and booking appointments, sending out 10  $1.00 dollar bill letters  a day,  mailing out 2,000 postcards per week and mailing out 250+ newsletters monthly.

2. Both of these agents I found out will send out a handwritten letter and a financial article highlighting a special article of interest to their top clients.

3. Both of these agents do Annual Reviews Check-Ups with many of their clients.

4. They both send out Birthday cards and special Thanksgiving cards along with a referral card asking for anyone they know who would like to have a financial checkup.

5.  One of the agents have a 60-second radio commercial that runs every day during Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity radio show.

6. One agent can mail out 5,000 postcards in just 24 hours from his local printer.

7. One of the agents mails out monthly my newsletter to 600-800 401 (k) and IRA holders from my wholesale niche list service.

8. Both agents actually, record their presentation and have close associates review them to a critic.

9. They both stay in touch with their clients with Client Appreciation Lunches and Dinners.

10. Both have written down and have detailed goals for 2020.

11. One of the agents is currently testing my new "World's Smallest Smart Money Newsletter" and has written just over $400,000 in annuity premium.

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See the sample postcard below.

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12. Both agents take 20-30% of their commissions and fees and reinvest back into marketing.

13. Both agents work with Elder Law attorneys and several CPA's and do joint ventures.

14. Failure is not an option for either of the agents.  If they fail with a marketing promotion they move on to another strategy.

15.  They use a dripping campaign with mailing out postcards, direct mail. flyers, newspaper inserts, emails and use my web site service at  

16. One bought a list from us of 10,000 investors, doctors, dentists and wealthy business owners they use for mailing campaigns.

17. One agent bought 5,000 affluent widows from our niche lead list service and  uses  They use Up works for getting an experienced telemarketer from India.

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Here's to Bigger Production For You..

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