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North Carolina Agent Writes 50-77 Applications A Month With "Live Transfers."  Everyone Calling Him.


I had Ryan R. from NC buy some aged Internet leads for $2.00 Per lead today and he gave me his marketing strategy he uses.  By the way this is all over the phone sales and with E-Applications. He wrote 1.9 Million in financial premium last year with a 83% sticking rate. Does 17k-21k in AP monthly with term insurance.

With his final expense he writes 25k-32k in AP monthly.  Believe me when I tell you he is a worker. You can't reach him from 9:00AM-6:00PM because he is on the phone selling deals.

Again, most of his business comes from "Live Transfers." Ryan is the new type of agent who never leaves his office or home and does 95% of his business over the phone. He is not afraid to spend thousands of dollars on marketing.

His best months are when he writes over 70 applications per month. You can't do that type of business running to the field trying to catch people him.  BELIEVE ME I KNOW!

When he told me last month he wrote 77 applications I thought he was just joking with me. But, it's true!

Agent Writes $515,000 In Life Commissions Setting At His Computer


One agent who buys aged leads from my lead wholesaler wrote $515,000 in life commissions over the phone in 12 months.


 Mainly sells term insurance that doesn’t require a physical for under $250,000. He buys about 2,000 leads a month for a $1.00 per lead. Works 4-5 states and does it all from his home office and a quoting software on his computer.


He also has another telemarketer calling business owners offering a quote for  $250,000 of term insurance.


He is disabled and can’t get out in the field like a healthy agent.


He has several professional telemarketers who qualifies each lead and gets rid of the deadbeats, wrong numbers, tire kickers, etc. They use a power dialer, ringless-voice mail system and emails them a serious of educational material.


I recommend you have at least six different lead generating systems.  One that does power dialing, Ringless Voicemail drops, call recording, text messages, CRM system and Facebook AD placement.


If you need a system like this I recommend checking out http://www.GoldenProspector.com.   It does take sometime to learn the systems. You even have access to unlimited Leads for calling and emails. For example prospects would be business owners, doctors, dentists, roofers, plumbers, real estate agents, etc.


You can even have prospects visit your landing page for more information. We have 5 different landing pages you can use or design your own with our template.


The main script phrase is if I can save you up to 33% on your life insurance can we give you a quote. If the answer is yes they transfer the call to the agent for a quote. I was told he averages 5-7 interviews a day seating at his computer.


Final Expense Agent Averages 7-8 Policies A Week Working Out Of His Man Cave.

Spoke to an agent last week who buys widow leads from us and he told me the following...He sells straight final expense Insurance and bought 5,000 Niche Widow leads that have been scrubbed against the DNC list in their area and uses a Power Dialer and two telemarketers and our script to offer only 3 units of final expense insurance.
For example 1 unit would be $19 per month...2 units would be $39 a month and three units would be 59 a month. All policies are easy issue and he even sells a guaranteed issue with policy with no health questions.


Over 80% are sold over the phone.


Please note: None of these agents is afraid to invest money or recruit the best telemarketers to generate leads for them.



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