Secrets Of The $1500-A-Day Lead System


Secrets Of The $1500-A-Day Lead System.


Disclaimer: This is an agent who spends more on advertising and marketing monthly than most agents make in a month. He is not a weak-kneed, do nothing or lazy agent who is not afraid to invest money back in his business.


Recently I was speaking to an agent who is a big hitter with several IMO’s.


He gave me an over his shoulder view of how he averages $1,200 to $1500 per day working from his home office. However, he does keep all his strategies close to his chest and was not excited about telling me too much at first, but I was able to get out what I needed to share with you.


He started out mailing about 200 postcards per week offering term quotes for $500,000 to $1,000,000 to wealthy investors and business owners. The average premium was about $200 per month. He did his own follow-up calls starting out to those who received the postcard. His first 10 days he sold three large term plans for $6400 in annual premium. Receive 90% commission and 75% advance.


Then he took that money and hired an experienced retired lady who had been working the phones for 2o years being a bill collector. She was strong on the phone, to say the least.


So, she would call behind the postcards and talk about saving the prospect up to 70% on their insurance and would it be ok for our term quote coordinator to give you a quote.


She would transfer the calls to him using a speed dialer like  .


He paid the lady minimum wage and give her a big bonus on every sale he made. I can’t remember if it was 15% or 10%.

Then he took his remaining commissions and started buying “Live Transfer” at $25-$35 per transfer.


He is licensed in if I remember correctly 6-7 states. On a good day, he would be buying 6-8 transfers per day.  The closing average is 33% and commissions are $500 per case. Plus, his commissions from his postcard mailings.


Again, his average daily commissions he grosses $1,200 to $1500+ per day.


All the non-buyers he drops into a dripping system that sends out 10 emotional videos over a 30-day period which has his special website and 800 number on it.


His goal this year is to make a minimum of $300,000.


Of course, the only way he can make this kind of money is to sell over the phone. He could never do this chasing old leads all over his state.


Again, he started with very few dollars, but worked hard and reinvest his commissions into a qualified phone person and “Live Transfers.”


95% of his business is over the phone using a term quote engine.


If you want to see a similar system go to


Go forth and prosper,


Russ Jones


P.S. Questions on marketing call me at 435-881-7138


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