A System Built For Agents By The #1 Ranked Producing Insurance Agent At An Organization With Over 50,000 Life Insurance Agents.


A System Built For Agents By The #1 Ranked Producing Insurance Agent At An Organization With Over 50,000 Life Insurance Agents. 


  • Achieve Total Financial Freedom In 2018
  •  “Million Dollar Producers Are Not 100 Times Smarter Than You, They Just Know The Wealth Formula System.”
  •  Secrets to Selling $500-A-Month IUL Policies
  •    Pre SOLD IUL Leads
  •    How to Build A Sizable Monthly Residual Income.


FROM: Russ J. Jones


Thank you for checking out my blog. I recommend you read every word of this report and click on the link below to watch a powerful 2 minute video. Make sure you watch the video twice. It could change your life!


A friend of mine by who’s name is Konnor.  Is the Founder & CEO of PROXPECTOR.  And creator of Agency Builder Systems. The System was built for agents by Konner.

He is also a:                

 U.S. Army Veteran, author, public speaker, national sale trainer and a Life Insurance Agent.

He is the former #1 ranked producer in the nation at an organization with over 50,000 life insurance agents.  He was also the #1 ranked recruiter at another organization with over 40,000 agents.  And he accomplished both feats within the same year (2017).


He has sold millions of dollars in IUL policies and annuities. Over 100 IUL Applications A Year.


The reason why I bring up these stats as a life agent is not to try to impress you.  But instead, to impress upon you that he personally sat in A LOT of consultations with families over the years.  And unfortunately, I many families have had to turn down a great many of them due to their lack of funds.  They simply could not afford the monthly IUL life insurance premiums even though they desperately needed the coverage.  This left Konner feeling absolutely horrible every time.


To dangle a carrot in front of someone (like the possibility of lifetime tax-free retirement income), just to take it away moments later – is an awful thing to do. 


Access video here…http://www.taxfreeretirementagency.com

This has happened to him more times than he can count.  So nearly 2 years ago, he made it my mission to do something about that.  To be able to help EVERYONE who wants an insurance policy.  Regardless of whether they could afford it at the time or not.  Sound crazy?


Agency Builder Systems Is Disrupting The 250-Year-Old Insurance Industry!


The combined technology platform he needed simply didn’t exist.  So he hired some of the brightest software programmers, system engineers, developers and designers from around the globe.  And after nearly 16 months and spending almost six figures of money on this project, the most amazing technology platform and lucrative opportunity is finally here.  Not just for insurance agents, but for anyone looking to make an amazing monthly recurring income for today, and lifetime tax-free retirement income for tomorrow.


Agency Builder Systems was built for agents by the former #1 agent as you read above.  the system is completely disrupting the 250-year-old insurance industry.  Indexed Universal Life (IUL’s) are the best retirement savings vehicle in America.  Everyone wants lifetime tax-free retirement income. And the way that it’s always been sold is if a client wants to purchase an IUL policy, they’d need to take out their wallet, and simply pay for it – every month.  Normal course of business, right? 


But unfortunately, not everyone can afford to put enough money away every month to achieve this.  He had many excited couples tell me “the IUL sounds great! We’ll do $100 dollars a month!”  Sadly, this just isn’t enough to fund the IUL properly.  That amount barely covers their cost of insurance.  Just not enough fuel to launch their retirement policy.


But his new revolutionary system helps every individual to earn a secondary income of at least $1,000 a month, before they purchase and fund their $500 a month IUL policy!  Who’s going to say “no” to that?   Would you?


PROOF OF CONCEPT: He had an individual that joined recently and after just 10 days of being a member, he’s already built his income to $1,000 a month!  He’s ecstatic about the income, but also elated about finally starting his retirement policy.  He’s now able to easily fund his own IUL!  He’s helping himself tremendously while helping others.  You can do the same.  This isn’t even work.  It’s fun.


The system that he created is any person’s dream come true.  A complete automated sales funnel that does 99% of the work for you.  You ONLY talk to interested people who have requested to speak to you.  We don’t even sell anything.  We just have great conversations with people every day.


Insurance Agents Especially LOVE This!

Insurance agents especially LOVE this!  The compliments he has been receiving have been amazing.  He has  been called a “mad genius”, and the “Elon Musk of Insurance”. 


We’re getting people lined up to purchase $500 a month IUL’s.  That’s $6,000 in commissionable Target Premium!  But before they even purchase it, you’re helping them make at least $1,000 a month first – so their IUL is easily affordable.  Which means that now, for the first time ever the IUL is obtainable for EVERYONE; from the grocery store clerk, the Uber driver, to the substitute teacher, etc.  Sound too good to be true?


Access video at http://www.TaxFreeRetirementAgency.com

Look, Connor states, “I wish I were a genius like some have called me.  But believe me this is nowhere near the case.  This wasn’t some lightning in a bottle amazing idea that came to me out of the blue.  I just got tired of constantly not being able to help people simply because they couldn’t afford an IUL.  And sometimes the ones that could afford it, would still chargeback! 

 When life happens, and money gets tight, the first thing people tend to do is cut out any luxuries.  And they normally cancel their life insurance policies first!  But with Agency Builder Systems, all of these issues are resolved and prevented as members earn the additional recurring income needed to always fund their policies.  Some people will eventually replace their current job to focus on Agency Builder Systems full time!


Simply put, Agency Builder Systems was borne out of necessity.”

And our mission statement is simple: To help ALL individuals and families across America with the protection they need and to secure their financial futures.


Today he is no longer actively doing IUL consultations.  As all his energy is spent toward helping individuals and insurance agents all across the country.  To help participants earn an incredible income through Agency Builder Systems.  There are literally millions of people that need our help – which is now his primary focus. 


He gave up the avenue of personally writing 100 IULs a year, to be able to help Agency Builders nationwide write 1,000’s of policies.  

Check out http://www.TaxFreeRetiremetnAgency.com  Today.   Make incredible income, by doing incredible work.


Happy Proxpecting!

Russ J. Jones


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