Million Dollar Postcard...7 Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency.



7 Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency Builder System

In order to build your income we highly recommend you follow the following marketing strategies. 

Failure is not an option.”

PLEASE NOTE: To get off to a fast start we recommend you start mailing out 100 handed address Yellow postcards to a list of insurance agents we will give you. Then if you want to increase your response I recommend you follow up with a phone call and leaving a message. You can also supplement the postcards with doing 20,000 emails blasts a month to insurance agents.


1.      Postcard mailing. You can mail postcards out to insurance agents with a catchy headline like, 

“Discover How To Have PRE-SOLD IUL Leads…Plus, Build Your Own Six-Figure Semi-Retirement Fund In 17 Months Or Less.” (See sample postcard below)


Million Dollar Postcard


2.    Your warm market. Talk to 5-7 insurance agents you know in the business about Agency Builder System. Then talk to all the sales people who may want to build a business organization. For non-insurance agents encourage them to get their insurance license the study manual is only $24.95 and getting license in your states is about $100. Also, look for sales people in shopping malls, auto parts house, teaches, waitress, pastors, local insurance agencies, church members, etc. Give out the postcards to everyone you know and they may find someone who will help you build your organization.

3.   Email blasts. We can do from 5,000-20,000 email blasts to insurance agents for you. The cost of 5,000 is $197   $97. The cost for 5,000 a week for 4 weeks for the total of 20,000 is $297 $197.  LIMITED TIME OFFER! Go to: 

4.    Telemarketing. Hire 1-2  phone sales people in the Philippines for $3.00-$3.50 per hour using a power dialer like I have the source for recruiting telemarketers. Use a simple script and a recorded message if no one answers.

5.    Classified AD. You can run classified sales ads on Sunday in your local and regional newspaper. Here’s a sample ad. Insurance Agents Dream! How to build a six figure-marketing agency for PRE-SOLD IUL’s leads. Now you could do a similar ad on Craigslist, but be ready for all of business opportunity ads coming your way.

6.    Social Media and the Internet. You can run banner ads on Face book in your state. You could promote your financial services in LinkedIn Groups. You could do a 2-minute video and put it on You Tube. Use to record it. Cost about $50 for the recording. Also, you could do ads on Bing and Google Ad words. It can be pricey!

7.    Calling Insurance Agents Off A List. Ok, this is a very low cost way to build interest in your business.  Here’s a sample script…

Hi is this Bob (yes)…this is Tom and I’m an independent an

agent Agency Builder System. Do you have just a minute and did I catch you add a bad time.  Whatever they say you tell them you will be very quick…I work with Agency Builder System that helps agents have PRE-SOLD IUL Leads and also a system that can build you a six-figure semi-retirement fund in17 months or less. If you want to learn more just go to this website.  It’s www. again its www.  Thanks and have a good day. I recommend you have a simple domain name from Go Daddy like tax-free or tax free something that’s easy to remember. You can redirect additional domain names to your affiliate link with the system.


Also, see below for a voicemail script and don’t forget about the Proxpector System that reaches out 300 feet with your special message you can build for yourself in the back office.


Here’s to your success,

Russ Jones

Questions on marketing call me at 435-881-7138 or email at 


I recommend you use bright color card stock like bright Yellow or Pink. You can buy a package of 125-67lb, paper at Office Depot, Staples for $10 and have them print up several hundred and cut to postcard size for $17.00. You can also retype the postcard below and make 4 copies and paste on an 8 by 11 sheet of paper. You can easily hand address 100 postcards in about an hour watching TV. Then just buy a roll of 100 postcard stamps for $34.00.  Send out 100 a week and you will get prospects going to your website. (Contact me and I can do a 4-up postcard template.) 


Voicemail to Insurance Agents

Sending an email after leaving a good voicemail or sending a text is at least 25 times as effective than just sending the email. Insurance agent lists are available that have their name, number and email, and nearly 9 out of 10 times, agents will not answer if they don’t recognize the number or name. (Pay attention to their voicemail. You can tell if it’s a cell phone message or not. If so, your second approach should be a text patterned after the second voicemail below.) If they do answer, just follow the basics of the Voicemail script and then say, “Would it be OK if I send you an email that gives you a real good overview of this program?”

If you only left a voicemail and they don’t show up in your Proxpector Sales Funnel back office as watching the video, set a date 5-7 days from the first call to call again using VOICEMAIL #2 to call or text (texting is much more powerful), then resend the emails with FINAL:  preceding the rest of each subject line and with Respecting your privacy, without your response, this will be my final contact on this. Thanks & Best Regards!   At least 1 out of 8 will then call you back or watch the video.

After they watch the video, get back to them ASAP…the ones that asked for a callback first (indicated in your Proxpector sales funnel back office). If they ask you questions that you don’t really know, tell them you’ll get back to them, write them down, call or email them to the person who brought you aboard, and if that person can’t answer the question, go to the person who introduced brought that person on board. Then say, “If you’re thinking about trying this, there are a few things to do prior to signing up. Would you want me to send them so you can look them over?”  If they agree, send them the “Pre-signup Instructions” email.



Hi ____. This is _________ with_______. I’m sending you a short video on how to make $4,000 - $6,000 over and over showing people what they really want and, with this, can EASILY afford. This is the least expensive and most effective IUL lead system you’ve ever seen, and you can keep your current FMO because no contracting is required. This is a total paradigm shift in IUL selling where the leads generated are PRE-SOLD on the IUL and have a tremendous financial incentive to refer others. Watch for a subject line that says “PRE-SOLD IUL LEADS” in all caps. They’re going to _____________.  My number is ______. Thanks, ___. Find those emails.  If you like what you see, give me a call or send a reply.


Hi ____. This is _________ with_______. I’m re-sending you a short video on the least expensive and most effective IUL lead system you’ve ever seen, and you can keep your current FMO because no contracting is required. The leads are PRE-SOLD on the IUL and they can buy one at virtually no out-of-pocket expense. I don’t want to keep bothering you if you’re not interested, so, out of respect for your privacy, this will be my final call and email. The subject lines will start with: FINAL EMAIL mentioning “Pre-sold IUL leads”.  My number is ______. Thanks, ___. Be sure to watch that 25-minute video that explains it. I hope to hear back from you, but if not, BEST REGARDS.

(Copy and paste the following hi-light text at the very top of your 2nd email.)

Respecting your privacy, without your response, this will be my final contact on this. 

Thanks & Best Regards!


If they watch the video, you should call everyone, regardless of whether they checked for you to call them back or not. After 2 tries, if they don’t return your call, send the “Pre-signup Instructions” with the yellow hi-light statement above pasted at the top of the email as a last resort and then just say to yourself “NEXT!” They may or may not get back to you.


Hi, Tom this is _____ with agency Builder System. You watched the 25-minute video the other day on pre-sold IUL leads. Do you remember that? 

Are you familiar with Indexed universal life?

I’d just like to point out a couple things about what you saw and to see if you have any questions.  

_______, I don’t know if you ever heard this or not, but 92% of all Life Insurance agents, when they retire have very little to show for many years of working in this business? Most of them only have Social Security.

In fact most agents still alive have to keep working until they’re 75 or older. That's not what you want to do, is it? The problem, in nearly all cases, is that they never found a good system that would generate high-quality leads.

Agency Builder System was built a former number #1 agent out of over 50,000 and was the #1 recruiter for an organization who had over40,000 agents. He saw the holes and weak spots of those systems and built his own.

Do you think someone like that might know what he’s doing…might be a good leader? What system are you using now? How much do you spend a month on ads and leads?

Quick question, are you satisfied with your income? 

Would you like to be able to sell $500 A Month IUL’s? Do you you’re your own IUL?



Yes, but, I can't afford the $299 per month. 

(1) Do you like what you see with the program?

Do you think other agents will like this when they see it?

Do you know that when 3 others join your team it will cover your monthly cost and that they also represent 12-18k in future life commissions to you?

Do you know the top agents invest 25-35% of every dollar back in their practice?


________, may I ask, How long have you been in the insurance business? 

You’re telling me that you’ve been in the business for ____ years and you still can’t afford $299 a month?  Do you know that you can completely cover that by only sharing this with 3 other agents? If I were you I’d beg or borrow to get the money it takes for you to start this so you’ll never have to admit that again.


I would suggest you read the email I’m sending you and re-watch the videos and see the potential or be a part of the 92% of all agents who have to rely on Social Security.











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