How Will Coronavirus Effect Your Insurance Business.


How Will Coronavirus Effect Your Insurance Business.


With “Social Distancing” going on with this Coronavirus most agents

who were doing face-to-face selling business is dead for months to come.


No one wants you to come out to their house or will go to your office. If you

can hold on for the next 3-6 months without earning your normal income that’s great.


“It’s true…” Insurance agents who sell over the phone both health, final expense and term quotes business is BOOMING!


With everyone home because  of the “stay in place” enforcement agents who have telemarketers are reporting a 50% increase with people answering the phone.


More people are concerned about their health and family protection which is great for talking insurance.


For agents who want to start selling insurance over the phone and enter the 21St century where millions of people are buying insurance, products and service online I’ll give you some free advice.


Before I give you the information this will not work for agents who are dead broke  and if they have an old computer that’s 20 years old. Plus, you will need a good headset you can buy from Amazon.


1.    Weekly Lead Flow. You need to have a steady flow of aged leads, digital leads, “Live Transfers” and telemarketing transfers.  I’ve found with “Live Transfers” that cost $25 to $35 the closing rate is 33% and average commissions are $400-$500.

2.    Licensed in 4-5 states. The more states your licensed in the more leads you can buy. The agents who are buying 6-8 “Live Transfers” per day are grossing $1,000-$1200 a day. Of course, most of these agents didn’t start out spending this much money, but they reinvested their commissions to get to this level. You can get licensed in most states over the internet.

3.    Powerful Script. You need a powerful phone script either your telemarketer or you can use. Lots of leading questions and qualifying questions. Even with “Live Transfers” you need to close the prospects who want a quote for insurance. Over the years I have developed some power scripts.

4.    Follow up is vitally important. Today 80% of all sales are made after the sixth follow up. Whether it’s over the phone, postcards or emails. Currently, we have a simple system where you drop the prospects name and email into the email  autoresponder  and we drip on your prospect with 10 emotional videos about families telling a story of a spouse passing away and the life insurance was a big help. Plus, we have your phone number and website on the email for a personal contact.

5.    Take control of the phone call. Some agents who invest a lot of money in leads are talking to 6-8 people a day giving them a quote. They also have a sales funnel to drive prospects to for more information.

6.    Be a great storyteller. Have stories you can share with your prospect that motivates them to move forward.  Build urgency in your presentation.

7.    Be an expert. Position yourself as an expert on the subject matter. If your selling term you need to have a quote engine like I Pipeline with the top 10 insurance quotes. I have a source where you can get it free as a broker.


If you want to pursue selling 6-9 policies a week over the phone check out these three websites.


For selling final expense visit

Want to sell term and final expense insurance go to


Also, if you need a speed dialer check out


Go forth and prosper,


Russ Jones


P.S. Questions on marketing call me at 435-881-7138


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