How To Sell Term Insurance In Your Sleep


Subject: NC advisor sells 55 applications in September over the phone and internet...doing what you aren't!

FROM: Russ Jones

PLEASE NOTE: This email is for only agents who are tired of running all over the country
trying to catch people home. This is for agents who would like to 10X their production and

never leave their home based office.

I just read this morning that 52% of all insurance is sold over the internet and growing.

Also, 70% of people 25-35 communicate via text messages, digital social media and

other forms of communicate. I was told by James Cummings who advertises
on Facebook that lead prospects are shocked when he calls them on the phone. They only want
to communicate via internet.

Go to:

Some home based  life insurance agents are talking to an average of 2 people an hour
over the internet. Using aged leads, term quote software and E-applications.

Compare that to a field agent who is lucky to talk with 3 people a day. Believe me,
this is how I made my living for 30 years driving 5-150 miles a day.

Check out these agents who work from their home and never see a client.

A Texas agent who is in wheel chair did $515,000 in commissions
in 2015. All over the phone with aged leads 2-35 days old.

I read that Jeff Root has 3,000 clients and 99% were sold over the phone.

Nick West sold over 7123 policies in 7 years and never met clients face-to-face.
Did $10 Million in 7 years of target life premium. Yes, people do buy permanent
insurance over the internet.

Also, with our NEW "Lightning Issue Term" you make sells while your asleep.
One agent had two signups on Sunday night all after 11:00 PM while he was sleeping.

We even have an instant issue Final Expense Plan where an agent is never involved just like our term plan.

Yes, some people are on the internet 24 hours a day.

Learn How One Lazy Agent Makes A Six-Figure Income
Selling 5-12  Final Expense Life Insurance Applications a Week over
the Phone Using Our Aged Internet Life Insurance Leads
and Our Software Called Golden Prospector 7X System.

Tired of paying $37 per lead. I don't blame you! Try our wholesale $2.00 agent leads
in quantity of 100 leads.

Advisors can literally sell in their sleep.
They simply get a custom link, post it on their
our landing page, and do absolutely nothing while consumers apply online,
get lightning-fast approval and receive their policy, which is mailed within 48 hours.

We also have the Golden Prospector 7X System that will do Power Dialing, Ringless
Voice Mail, text messages, emails and a CRM System.

Go to

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones

P.S. Learn how a NC agent wrote 55 applications last month
from his home office.  435-881-7138.

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