How To Sell Insurance In Your Sleep.


Do You Like The Idea Of "Selling Insurance While You Sleep."

We have found that only 33% of "Live Transfers" end up being a sale

on the first contact. Average commissions are $400-$500 per case.

What are you going to do with the 67% who want to think about it, or

not interested today.

Are you going to keep calling them back every week?  I don't think so!

Here's a better idea that has been closing an additional 20%.

What you do is drop the nonbuyers into our dripping system and we

send them 10 emotional videos over a 30 day period.  Each of the emails

has your contact information and a link to "Lightning Issue Term."

They can then sign up using our "100% Non-Involvement Agent" Selling While

You Sleep Products.

He told me using his smartphone and tablet he sold 47  insurance applications

last month.

He specializes in giving term quotes and final expense quotes.

 The average monthly production is between 40-50 applications per month.

All using his smartphone and tablet to give a quote.

He gets his leads via Facebook, Youtube Ads, Live Transfers and has

two part-time telemarketers using my phone scripts, a speed dialer with

If he is available he will take the call and gives the prospect a quote using a 

quote engine of the top 10 term quotes depending on the age. It could be

a final expense quote. Everything is done by e-Applications. All non-buyers

go in our "10 emotional video Autoresponder where we drip on them over a 30 day period.

They can then sign up using our "100% Non-Involvement Agent" Selling While

You Sleep Products.

If he is busy they go to one of his webpages sales funnels where he captures the lead.

He loves the ocean and has sold policies while seating on the beach enjoy

the view.

For agents who would like to learn more about selling 7-10 policies over

the phone and internet check out my website at

This could be a great profit center for you. 

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones


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