Final Expense Leads: How My Mentor Sold 30-40 Policies A Month.


Final Expense Leads: How my mentor sold 30-40 policies a month.

It was many years ago when I was working for Occidental Life
as a brand new agent.

My marketing was mainly orphan accounts and dialing for dollars
during the day. (Not fun or profitable.)

There was an agent who lived in Auburn  California and who would come in the office ones or twice a week to drop off a stack of applications. He was always in and out as
fast as possible.

It was always a secret how he wrote so much final expense leads business.

Well one day I was out of town working a lead in Auburn California eating
breakfast at a coffee shop and this top agent walked in and set down 
at my table.

After some small talk he said, "Russ your an energetic final expense lead agent that seems
to be working hard and I'm getting ready to retire from the business because
I can and need to take care of my wife."

Do you want me to take you out in the field today and show you how I write so much
business for the last 20+ years."  Of course I said YES!

I said, "I'm available all day today." He said, "Great let me finish my coffee and we will go to the field
and work some appointments I have and a few people we will just stop in on."

Well as we were driving in his car he started revealing his strategy and told me he mainly worked a niche market of widows. Both medium income ones for final expense and wealthy ones for annuity leads. All

would receive a "Pink" Final Expense Lead Postcard in the mail 3-4 days before he either called them on the 

phone or stopped by to hand deliver this guide.

Then he would complete a one page memorial guide on everywhere. He would ask for
two people in the neighborhood to notified in case of an emergency and two people in
the community. Plus, he would get the addresses and phone numbers of their children.

They were an excellent prospects for straight life and mortgage insurance. 

Now here's is the "Aha" moment. He said, "He had several lead sources for getting all
the widows in any town he wanted to work." He actually give me the source and I wrote it on paper Knapkin I had ffrom the cafe along some other notes he had given me.

The key was the widows because according to his research 70% of all widows need some type
of financial planning.  Plus, they controlled at that time about 15 Trillion dollars in assets.

That day he sold 3 policies for over $1,000 in commissions,he got 7 referrals to call on that week.

I was able to record and learn his presentation when we stopped by his house to check on his wife.

He actually became my mentor which helped me make over a million+ $$$ in commissions and renewals in the business.

If your a hard worker, willing to follow simple instructions and mail out 40-50 "Pink" postcards a week you can be successful in this business.

I actually build an profitable final expense lead agency using this concept.

To learn my system go to 

When all else fails try this system. Some agents who actually work it make $400-$500 per day.

I personally in just a 10 year period wrote 2500 Final Expense Plans and did 31.5 million in annuities

over a 11.5 year period.

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones


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