Final Expense Leads: How I Made A Million $$$ In Commissions Selling Insurance...Doing What You Aren't!

Final Expense Leads
Had an agent ask the question: What's the response on sending postcards to widows and what does it
cost to print the "Peace-Of-Mind" Kit?
My answer...
I worked the final expense lead widow postcard system for over 25 years. On a good week I averaged $500 per day. However, I was a field guy because people hide behind caller ID and Voice mail. I worked a zip code and a small neighborhoods. I would work small areas where I mailed 40 Pink postcards per week. For example mail on first Street, Second Street and Third Street, etc.
Followed the same route the postman walked in many cases.
Mailed my 40 cards for about $22 per week and mailed the cards on Thursday or Friday so I would be in the field Monday morning hand delivering my "Peace-Of-Mind Kit."  The 13 pages kit and the 8 by 12 envelope cost about 90 cents. I wouldn't give it out unless the person let me in the house to go over it with her. Sometimes I would just set an appointment to come back later in the day to explain it to her.
Also, sometimes I would call the widow on the phone to see if she was home. If you was I would hangup and go to her house in about hour or so.
You can't get a response by just mailing final expense leads 40 cards per week. However, if you follow the above scenario I averaged 15 interviews per week.
Had 8-10 agents working the same system in my agency.  The secretary would mail the Pink Postcards for the agents.
Today must agents don't average 15 interviews per month.
Of course, I would complete a memorial guide on everyone I could. Get two people to notify in the neighborhood and two people to notify in the community.
Tell the lady that we don't charge for this notification service.
Then I would go see them to let them know they're the person to be notified in event of an emergency.
Sometimes, they lived just across the street. 
Made over a million dollars in commissions using the above process.  Wrote millions in annuity busienss by asking the magic upon finishing up my final expense presentation.  "Mary, where do you invest your money and what's your average return on your money today."   
Of course, I had five kids to support and my wife stayed home so I couldn't make the excuses most agents make today.
Show me an agent who has a spouse who has a good  paying job and I'll show you an agent who is part time and is probably selling insurance as a hobby.
for more details vist the websites below.
Go forth and prospers,
Russ J. Jones
P.S. Questions call me at 435-881-7138.


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