How To Generate "Live Transfers" For $15 Per Lead"



How To Generate “Live Transfers” For $15 Per Lead”


The Golden Prospector Team System is designed to get you 8 to 10 daily “Live Transfers” for about $15 per transfer.


The secret here is having experienced Telemarketers who are not order takers, but top salespeople. The best one I ever had was an ex bill collector. She could generate a hot lead every hour. She could overcome all the top objections and make prospects want more information.


Hire a weak telemarketer and you get weak results.


You can run an in for about $50 and you will get sometimes a dozen prospects. Interview them on Skype to make sure they speak English and don’t have a communication problem.


Two agent’s partnership did just short of $100,000 in commissions during the Coronavirus Crisis.  They have a team program and 3 telemarketers from the Philippines dialing daily for them and transferring the prospects to the agent’s phone.


They pay the telemarketers $5.00 per hour and $25 bonuses for each sale. So if the agent has sold 5 policies in the week then from that point to the end of the week the bonuses go to $100.


The telemarketers go crazy trying to get that bonus which happens a lot.


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The Golden Prospector is designed to have prospects and clients to call you. Insurance leads, final expense leads and annuity leads can get you to call them. Plus, this is great for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, small businesses, restaurants, and contractors. It does email blasts, ringless voicemail, text messages, power dialer and a powerful CRM system. You can also do lead generating and sell the leads.


Just one sale a month pays your monthly cost of Golden Prospector.


SOLO System for one telemarketer is $197.00 a month or a 50% discount for an annual for $997.00. This also includes 2500 niche leads loaded into the system monthly. Pay annual and you get 5,000 niche leads loaded into the system.


The Team Program is where you can have up to 5 telemarketers on the phone at the same time. This is good for an agent who can handle 8 to 12 “Live Transfers” daily and want to gross $1500 a day.


It’s on special at $497.00 $297.00 a month of annual $1997.00 annually. With the team program we loaded up to 10,000 niche leads monthly for dialing.


It also includes a Sales Funnel for either final expense or term quotes.


Check it out at


Think about it for a minute.   The cost for 1,000 mailers is $450 or $39 per lead and you’re lucky to get a 1% on a Government giveaway gift.



Go forth and prosper,

Russ J. Jones


P.S. One agent uses the Golden Prospector System and mails out 200-300 $500,000 to $1,000,000 Term Postcards to wealthy and business owners with an average annual premium of $2400-$3400. The agent gets 90% commissions weekly.




Russ Jones


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