How An Final Expense Agent Made $1,000,000 In Commissions In 12 Months.


How A Final Expense Agent Made $1,000,000 In 12 Months Selling Over the Phone.


If you want to sell Final Expense Insurance or Term Quotes over the phone this article is for you.


I’m going to summaries the step Anthony Martin took to build this type of income.


First, you can’t make a $1,000,000 in commissions going to the field for selling final expense insurance. Plus, if your monthly lead cost is under $500 this type of income is not going to happen.



Build a website that used keywords and long-tail keywords to get google to put him on the first page with certain keywords. A long-tail keyword sample is “10 Best Final Expense Rates.”


It took him 6 months to start getting final expense quotes.


He got backlinks to help build his website authorities.


He wrote 3-4 articles a week to post on his blog.


While he was building his website he was doing Facebook ads to generate leads.


He now gets 1500-2,000 quote requests per month.


Spend two hours a night and six hours on Saturday working on articles and backlinks over 6 months.


Uses a quote engine to qualify his prospects.


Stated that 95% of all agents wouldn’t work this hard nor know how to build a website that generates leads.


It took him over a year to build this asset.


If you are interested in selling 8-10 policies a week from the comfort of your home check out the link below.


If you want to learn more about having a turnkey Social Media Lead System and a Sales Funnel for Final Expense, annuities, IUL’s go to:


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