How to Double your production in 2019 working niche widow leads.


How To Double Your Production In 2019 Working Niche Widow Leads.

Here's some facts you may want to consider for your production in 2019.

1. Widows control over 17 Trillion Dollars In assets. (According to the Federal Government.)

2. 65% of all senior life plans were sold to females in 2013.

3. Great for daytime activity.

4. Great prospects for final expense and estate planning. (annuity sales)

"You have a wonderful opportunity to help women during one of their most significant life transaction.

But you must understand the three steps of the journey."  Kathleen m. Rehl

According to Kathleen M. Rehl she says that after the funeral: Navingating the three stages

of widowhood.

Stage 1: Grief/Numbness

Early on, a widow is vulnerable and needs to focus on taking care of herself.

Stage 2: Growth/Journey

Discuss investments and general financial planning. Plan basic estate updates, planning her final expense needs, examine her financial portfolio

for possible repositioning as a single woman.

State 3: Grace/Transformation. 

Many widows ultimating arrive at this stage 3 of widowhood-grace or, as some say, transformation. Women enjoy new people,

experience and opportunity. The widow will see herself as an independent woman. she may chose to focus on advanced planning concepts,

such as family legacy and charitable planning for those you love.

Bottom line: If you can become a "TRUSTED" advisor and show your passion to help her you will be a real trusted advisor.

I personally wrote over 2500 Final Expense Plans in 10 years and wrote 31 million in annuities in a 11.5 years.

All coming from working niche widow leads and my $500-A-Day Postcard System.

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Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones


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