How To Double, Triple or Even QUADRUPLE Your Production In 2018



“How To Double, Triple and Quadruple Your Production In 2018.”


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Have you thought about what you want to be doing in 1-5 years’ time? Are you clear about what your main objective in your practice is at the moment? Do you know what you want to have achieved in your practice by the end of today?


If you want to succeed, you need to set goals. Without goals you’re like a sailboat without a rudder.


Without goals you lack focus and direction.  Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are actually succeeding.


If your looking to double, triple or QUADRUPLE your production in 2018 this article will help you.


As an advisor, you want to create long-term wealth in your practice. To do that, and have a massive cash cow, you must have a very clear picture of what your practice should look like in your mind.


The number one reason why this is extremely important is that so many of us have heard the whole theme of, “Visualize to Actualize you need to think about it before you can…you need to think IT and ink it before you can ever create it.”


I like what Napoleon Hill said a long time ago in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, “That which you can conceive and believe in you will achieve.”


Writing out your goals is the most important part or goal setting ideas.  The simple act of writing down your goals are important because of being able to visualize and accountability that comes with writing them down.


Writing a goal is an action, one of many required in accomplishing goals, but with out writing them down, there is nothing to build on.


Really get crystal clear what is it that you want in the next three to five years and the work backwards to three years, two year and one year.


It’s like using reverse engineering something. This is something that will make you a ton of money.


Then take the one-year goals and work back to today; and so you write it down to quarterly an monthly and then daily goals. WRITE IT DOWN!


As a lead junkie and consultant for advisors over the last 20+ years I’ve found that every client I have ever worked with has succeeded or made dramatic gains and growth in times following this important step.



The best advice or the best thing they grasped onto right out of the gate was the power of getting a clear picture of precisely what they want, and then work on that picture every single day that they practice.


That’s what I call focus.


Having laser focus on your goals is a winner.


The power is not in only setting sustainable and reachable goals, but to write down your top three goals every single day.


I tell a lot of advisors to have at least five. You can have more, but I want you to focus on your top three goals at this time.


The reason why I say only three is most people will never complete it if you ask for ten goals.  Again, it’s up to you!


Here’s the best advice I can give you.


Start with three, and you can add more later on.


Focus on these goals for a minimum of five to ten days to see how it feels.


Identify what it is you want in the next three month to three years within your practice. Write out your top three goals. Put it on a 3 by 5 cards. Put one in your car, on your computer screen and one on your bathroom mirror.


When you write these goals out, and then write out what it will take to make it happen.


Create a production goal.


How much production do you want for next year? Even three years? Or in the next month? Take whatever it is you want for your practice and increase it by 10 to 30%.


The reason why is because some goals take longer to accomplish than what you envision, then you should set your goals three times bigger.


This will allow you to accomplish these goals that you originally set out to do.


It clear that you may not necessarily hit the big goal, but you will be much further ahead than if you set a lower goal.


By setting out to do goal-setting and figured out what it is you want is critical.


For example let’s say you want to double your production in the first 3 months of 2018.


Currently for example, you’re giving only 6 interviews a week and selling 50% of your interviews.


Will, this is easy…To double your production all you need to do is give 12 interviews a week to quality prospects.


How are you going to do it?


Not knowing how you market I can only give you suggestions.


If you are paying for 1,000 direct mail letters a month you can start paying for 2,000 mailers.

Start sending a monthly client newsletter to your top clients and include a “Tell-A-Friend” insert. Offer a $20 gift certificate to a nice restaurant for five referrals. Make sure you include an envelope with a stamp on it.


One advisor increased his business by 217% in one year by doing this. He also had delivered to his top 10 clients a loaf of Pumpkin bread along with the newsletter. He received 33 referrals.


If you have a telemarketer calling 2-3 days a week getting you appointments. Why not hire two telemarketers. I know an advisor in NC who gets 20 plus transfers a week from two telemarketers.


Why not start sending out 100 postcards a week to affluent widows and offer a financial review. Better yet, have a telemarketer call behind the postcards offer a free financial review and latest information updates on Social Security.


How about learning about Facebook advertising and start placing ads in your region. Some agent’s get 10-12 leads a week doing this.


How about placing an advertorial flyer that’s 8.5X11 monthly in your local or regional paper. Do it monthly and change the content on the flyer. Make sure you have a powerful headline.


How about up selling your prospect or client? If you sell final expense offer your client information on tax deferred annuities.


You get the idea…need more than 200+ secret marketing strategies

Go to:


Make sure you have your monthly goals because it gets you focused on your daily goals.


The other option is to write out your yearly and monthly goal side-by-side every day.


Now on to the second goal. This goal is extraordinary important, is to pick another goal that is going to work for you.


One example is to increase your referral ratio by 50%  at the end of 3 months. You can easily accomplish this by using our client newsletter and “Tell-A-Friend” insert.


I know several agents who receive 12-15 referrals a week using this strategy.


You have to change your mindset to the next level by raising your perception.


The third goal could be another goal you have.


It could be something simple, like taking vacations three times a year, or buying the new car you want or spending more quality time with your family.


Now here’s the thing that’s very, very important, because it is the number one secret of all successful advisors.


Success is set goals, set high goals that motivate and “take action” every single day towards those goals and do not stop until you accomplish them.


You need to be willing to fail, now and take more action to help you succeed. By setting goals and acting everyday, you will accomplish ten times more than the average advisor will ever accomplish in their entire lives.


Here’s where you start by printing out this article.


Write out your personal 3 goals right now:


Goal #1







Goal #2






Goal #3







Now sit down and write your very own top three goals out every single day. And advisors do not make excuses. I’m giving your production goals to you

 on a silver platter.  What you do with it is up to you, but I’m just trying to move you forward.


Do this writing of your top three goals for 21 days to start.


This is like a switch that goes off in your brain. 


You turn it on by reading and writing your goals down daily.


This sets everything into motion.


Let me give one last thought on goal setting.


You do not know the power of your own mind and spirit, without putting that intention out into the world and going after it.

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones

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