How To Build A Six Figure Income Digital Insurance Agency In 2019


How To Build A Six Figure Income Digital Insurance Agency in 2019


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However, before you decide that you want your own six figure income in 2019.

This is where you sell term and final expense from the comfort of your home I need to ask you a few questions.


1.     Do you enjoy working in the sales field where it’s cold and snowing outside or when it’s 100 degrees outside and humidity in the 90%.  VS. Working  from the comfort of your home based office.


2.     Do you like working in bad neighborhoods with high crime rate or go into homes where you may fear for your life. VS. Selling 100% no agent involvement “Sell Insurance While You Sleep” products.


3.     Do you love driving all over your favorite counties or state chasing down prospects who may not be home or don’t qualify for insurance. VS. Having “Live Transfers” where the prospect has already been screened for health  issues like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease and truly want a quote for insurance.


4.     Do you like the home office website that was designed by a programmer in India where there’s no call to action for you to receive the lead.  VS. Having a professional landing pages for term quote, final expense and IUL’s where it’s both desktop and mobile phone ready. Having a  professional sales funnel in place. Where when someone opts-in their send automatically to a website where they can get a quote and even complete the e-application online and the policy is issued within 48 hours. Plus, if the prospect doesn’t buy they get dripped on with 10 video emails that have emotional videos that do the selling for you. They can signup right on line and you get paid.


5.     Are you held captive or a prisoner from an agency or insurance company where you have to dial for dollars daily to prospects who hang up on you. Having a hit or miss flow of leads.  VS. Having qualified, verified and exclusive to you leads all calling you for a term or final expense quote.


6.     Are you excited about  the one or two possible appointments that you may have during the week. VS. Turning on your computer system to start receiving “live Transfers” starting at 9:00AM Monday morning. Logging off when your not available.


7.     Are you happy selling 2-3 policies a week with underwriting that takes up to 2 months and getting paid  later. VS. Writing 6-10 policies a week being issued without a physical and issued within 48 hours and paid weekly.



8.     Do you enjoy filling your car up with gas every week for $40.  VS. Staying home

And giving 5-7 interviews a day.


Ok, if you want to have a passive  “Six Figure Digital Income” home based business in 2019 check out “Ultimate Six Figure Sales Funnel” at


Go forth and prosper,


Russ J. Jones


P.S. Questions call me at 435-881-7138


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