"How To Build a Retirement Monthly Income of $9897 In 12 Month Or Less…” Part one.


SUBJECT: "How To Build a Retirement Monthly Income of $9897 In 12 Month Or Less…” Part one.


The other day I was on an airplane flying at 35000 feet and I finally realized that with the “Agency Builder System” I could build my retirement income to a 5-figure monthly income beyond my current retirement income.


By spending a few hours a week doing email blasts talking with agents who called me I was signing up two new agents a week. Also, helping them with marketing.


Thus, in about 12 months or less I would have roughly $10,000 in monthly retirement income minus cancellation I would have about $9897.00 of monthly residual income.


Not bad for being semi-retired…


I figured making $100 a month off each affiliate agent and not even considering the second level where I would earn $50 and the third level of $25.00 a month. These last two levels would take care of the cancellation.


Plus, if I offered a 5,000 to 10,000 email blast a month for agents who signed up to help build their agency we would have a great organization. I would pass on my charge of $97-$147 for a blast.


I know when I start test out my  “3-Step Yellow postcards System”  I’ll get even a better response.


Not to mention later on reinvesting some of my monthly income into doing advertising with Bing, Google Ad words,  Facebook, Instagram,  Lindedin, You Tube, etc.


In addition I can show young people or any business owner how to have a career change and how to have a “Laptop Lifestyle” and get started in the financial industry for just $27.95 plus licensing in their state. I had an agents sign up while I was on a beach sitting. (The $27.95 is for our study manual for insurance testing.)  Consider they spend $20,000+ a year in student loans and end up with no real job after college other than a 8-5 desk job. I can show them how to build a guaranteed professional organization that can pay them six-figures a year.


Then I could hire 2-3 telemarketers out of the Philippines for $3.00-$3.50 per hour. Give them a simple script like the following:  Hi this is Mary and the reason for my short call today is we specialize in helping agents sell PRE SOLD $500 A Month IUL life policies and how to build a $9897 a month retirement income in 12 months or less. To learn more and a free video check out our website at www.taxfree22.com  (Something like this above.)


So check it out below for some bullet points. http://www.taxfreeretirementagency.com



“PRE-SOLD” IUL Leads: Large Sales at No Out-of-Pocket to Insured’s



You can average of $4,000 - $5,000 with $1,200 annual renewals

paid monthly showing people what they really want and can

EASILY afford?

There are nearly 2,000,000 insurance agents in the U.S.A. What percentage

of them do you think would like a very inexpensive marketing system

that would consistently provide them new leads…PRE-SOLD LEADS?!

This program is so inexpensive and effective that agents who never sold

an IUL in their life are using this to start.


* Keep Your IMO

* 65 Not Necessary

* 2 Commission Sources

* No Contracting Required

* Captive Agent?? No Problem

* Build Your Retirement Income

* Sell All Over the Country from Home*

* Start Earning Commissions Within Days

* Marketing the System Quickly Pays for Itself

* Leads Generated Are Already Pre-Sold on IUL’s

* This System Is Totally Automated and Works 24/7

* No “Computer Stuff” or Software Programs to Learn

* Can Work Alongside of Your Current Marketing Efforts

* You Create the Pace and Number of Leads You Work With

* Huge Financial Incentive for Your Clients to Refer More Clients

* All Life Sales Generated at No Out-of-Pocket Expense to Insured’s

* We send out 2,000 emails to agents when you join the first month

* How to build a $10,000 A month income in 12 months with emails.

* Leads Understand They Will Be Buying an IUL for $500.00 Per Month from you.

* You can do a 5,000-10,000 email blasts for $97 and $147 to light up your phone.



This 25-min video gives you most of the information there is to

know on this. After watching the video, you will quickly receive an email

from the system that will also be generated on your behalf to those who watch

this video on your link. (The set-up fee in the video is being waived right now.)




Russ Jones


Call for more information 435-881-7138

Website: http://www.taxfreeretirementagency.com  

Email: russusa65@gmail.com



* Requires non-resident licensing.


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