How To Build A Million Dollar Practice Starting In The 30 Days.


SUBJECT: How To Build a Million Dollar Income Practice Starting In The Next 30 Days.

"Discover How You Can Start To Build a Million Dollar Income Practice in the Next
30 Days Using The Strategies of a 12 Million $$$ Annuity Producer Who Uses Our Lead
System As One Spoke Of His Marketing Campaign."

Here's the 7 Idiot-Proof Ways For Lazy Agents To Build Wealth TODAY!

1. Final Expense Leads "$500 a Day Preferred Widow Lead System."
2. Investor Prospects, IRA Owners, Annuity Buyers and 401K Leads includes 
CD Buster and Baby Boomer System. Discover how a 12 million $$$ Annuity Producer
using CD owners, IRA and 401K owners.  Includes phone script and letter and wealth transfer
sales funnel.
3. Upper Deck Baby Boomer Leads with liquid assets of 250K and incomes of 150K+.
HOT!!! Active Investors Preferred Widows...WE use 17 different source and our special software
    that compile our niche leads.
Financial Advice Leads. Age 60-64 leads who inquired about financial advice.
6. Aged Life and health leads on the internet. $2.00 per lead.
$1500-A-Day "Life Transfer" leads working 8-10 interview per day over the phone.

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Over 200 Marketing Strategies you can use for your practice.


Russ Jones

P.S. "Learn How To Instantly Outspend Your Competitors And Ethically Steal ALL Potential Customers
In Your Market..."



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