How To Build A $9600 A Month Lead Cash Machine In 6 Months Or Less...


How To Build A $9600 A Month Lead Cash Machine In 6 Months Or Less…


This is for agents who want to build a passive income using a Power Dialer with leads included and telemarketers who do all the heavy lifting. They just send prospects to a special website.


At the end of this video, I’ll give you several videos that will help you with a double, triple, and even QUADRUPLE your productions.

Watch the short video here.



 How To Build A $9600 A Month Lead  Cash Machine In 6 Months Or Less…

Using our Instant Issue Term Plan that pays as earn 80% commission. So, here's an example.


 Have just two telemarketers sending just 10 transfers a day to a special sales funnel where the prospect can sign up directly without an agent.


Using just 2 people who sign up at $50 per month. (average premium is $40 to $80 a month.) Two sales would gross you $80 a day in commissions times 5 days a week would be $400 times 4 weeks would be $1600 times at the end of 6 months would gross you $9600.


 Minus lapses and $3.00 per hour for telemarketers. The cost of three telemarketers who call six hours a day, five days a week, times 4 weeks would run you $1080.00.


Our SOLO System for one telemarketer is $197.00 a month or a 50% discount for an annual for $997.00. This also includes 2500 niche leads loaded into the system monthly.


The $1500-A-Day Team Program is where you can have up to 3 telemarketers on the phone at the same time. If you pay annually you can have 5 telemarketers at a time.


This is good for agents who want 15-25 daily transfers to your instant term quote and gross $1,000 to $1500 a day. we loaded 10,000 leads a month into the system. Annual pay we load up to 20,000 prospects a month.


It’s on special at $497.00 $297.00 a month or annual $1997.00 annually.  Normally the price is $3995.00.  LIMITED TIME ONLY! If you pay annually we will advertise and train your first two telemarketers for you.


It also includes a Sales Funnel for either final expense or term quotes. We can also do custom funnels for your business for a small additional charge.

Check it out


Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones

P.S. Questions on marketing call me at 435-881-7138


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