How a Bed-Ridden California Insurance Broker Effortlessly Raked In $11,237.35 In Commissions! Without Leaving hHis Hospital Bed!


“How a Bed-ridden California Insurance Broker Effortlessly Raked-In $11,237.35

In Commissions! Without Leaving His Hospital Bed!”



With most insurance agents struggling to make a six-figure income in their business today we have an example of a bed-ridden agent making in 2 weeks $11,237.35. All by using “Live Transfers” a laptop and phone.


Here’s the story…I was talking to an IMO a while back and I was talking about how agents are writing 6-10  insurance policies a week using “Live Transfers” and postcards all from the comfort of their home-based office.


He said, “I know many agents who have gotten out of the field where they’re struggling to make a living and have gone 100% online selling using the Internet, Tele-sales and a quote engine.


Then he told me an interesting story about an insurance broker in California was in the hospital for several weeks due to an injury.  He couldn’t get out of the bed because he had a body case from his waistline down to his toes.


So this broker had his wife bring down his laptop and sales notebook.  Luckily, he had a private room where he could talk on the phone giving term and final expense quotes.


What he did was turn on his program for getting 6-7 “Life Transfers” a day from prospects wanting a term and final expense quote.


By the time he checked out of the hospital after 2 weeks, he had made $11,237.35 in commissions.  Not bad for a bed-ridden broker.


Here’s an insurance broker who had one of the worst two weeks of his life and he turned one of his worst two weeks of his life into a nice profit for him and his family.


I understand you may not be happy with your current production and income.  If you're interested in a passive six-figure income system where you can actually “Sell Insurance While You Sleep” and also give 5-7 quotes a day from the comfort of your home check out  



Go forth and prosper,



Russ Jones

 P.S.  Why can’t you do the same as the story above. Besides yourself what is holding you back? Have questions call me at 435-881-7138


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