How Agents Are Selling Insurance From Home.


SUBJECT: How Agents Are Selling Insurance From Home.

We are in some rough waters right now. The next 3-6 months may be critical to your business.

I think the one of the most important thing for you to consider is to stay productive.

However, no one wants you to come out to their house because of the Coronavirus.

Let me give you seven examples of agents selling over the phone.

  1. A North Carolina agent sold 37 policies over the phone in March. He has a telemarketer who calls 6 hours a day to a niche list of widows. All she ask if they can give them a quote for insurance that starts at $1.00 per day. She uses a power dialer and transfers 5-6 prospects per day to the agent. He then gives them a quote and using companies that do e-applications and phone applications. He pay hourly plus bonus on every sale.
  2. Another agent mails out one of our postcards that offer a quote for $500,000 to $1,000,000 in term quotes. Agent mails out 100-200 postcards per week and he calls offer a quote to business owners and people 35-55 with incomes over $100,000. His average  weeky monthly premium is $200 to $300 a month. Commissions on term quote  are 90% with a 75% advance.
  3. An agent from Florida buys "Live Transfers" for $25 to $37 per transfers and averages 7-10 policies per week. Closes 33% and then takes the 67% of non buyers and drops them in our dripping auto responder system that emails the prospect 10 emotional videos with his contact information.
  4. A lazy California agent mails out a postcard that drives people to a sales funnel for term quote and generates a lead. All people are put into a automatic video selling system. 
  5. One agent who sells 6-9 policies a week over the phone has two experienced telemarketers who call an average of 20 hours per week. With a speed dialer they do "Live Transfers" to him and he pays them $15 per transfer and 25% of his commissions on every sale. Pays them no upfront hourly.
  6. A young hotshot agent averages $1,000-$1500 gross per day selling over the phone. He buys aged leads for $1.50 per lead and closes 2 out of 10 leads. All non buyers he drops them into our automatic dripping system and "Sell While You Sleep Program."
  7. A Texas agent who is in a wheel chair made $487,000 in commissions in 2018. Can't go to the field because people will not build a ramp for his wheel chair. So he put together a telemarketing phone room and hired two sub agents to help work the leads. does some big numbers.  This agent also sells IUL's using Zoom webinar.

The bottom line is if you think your going to build a solid business working in the field with the Coronavirus may be around for months your going to have some big problems.

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Go forth and prosper,

Russ J. Jones


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