How An Agent Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions!


SUBJECT: “How An Agent Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions”
Discover The “Secrets To A Six-Figure Income Producer” Using “The Ultimate Selling Systems”, And Have Interested, Qualified Prospects CALLING YOU…Using Amazing Marketing Strategies Never Before Revealed To You!”
I was recently talking to an advisor in Southern California who made over $540,000 in commissions last year. He writes annuities, SPL and IUL’s.
WARNING: If you’re the type of agent that won’t invest a dime in your personal development, marketing or education…don’t waste your time reading this below!
Here’s some of the strategies he uses…I was writing them down as fast as I could.
1.    He told me the number one investment is in himself.  For example personal development, education and marketing systems.
2.    He mails out every month 15,000 postcards to wealthy investors, annuity buyers and affluent widows.
3.    He mails to this “Power Niche Leads” at least 7-8 times a year.
4.    He has a service that mails out a monthly client newsletter to 1,000 clients and high-income prospects.
5.    Hired 2 marketing assistants who were experienced telemarketers who called daily to book 3-4 sold appointments daily.
6.    His goal is to work on his business and not in it.  Meaning, he has office staff, lead generators and appointment setters in his office.
7.    He bought all my marketing material and actually read it. (Over 1550 pages of marketing strategies.)
8.    He has been using our monthly client newsletter and “Tell-A-Friend” insert for several years.
9.    Invests 30% of his income back into his business.
10. He knows his numbers like when he mails out 15,000 in postcards month the cost is about $6,000.  However, with the ROI of 6 to 1 he is making an excellent income.
11.He is a starter and believes “Good Enough Is Good Enough.”
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Hope you have a great year,
Russ Jones
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