How An Agent Made $10,237 In July Selling Final Expense Insurance.


How An Agent Made $10,237 In July Selling Final Expense Insurance.

I had a call yesterday from a member who said in the last three month he has averaged over $10,000 In Commissions selling final expense insurance. He was tired of paying $37 per direct mail lead for tire kickers and prospect who thought the Government was giving out more hand out!

Please note this final expense agent isn't lazy nor afraid to invest in his business. What I'm about to show you is not for agents who have no desire to move ahead with their production nor is it for an agent who is afraid to invest a couple hundred dollars a month in their business.

Here's the 7 steps he uses to make over $10,000+ a month.

1. He actually followed my advice in my Final Expense Millionaire Course.

2. Bought 5,000 widow leads for sending postcards and for power dialing. The power dialer he uses doesn't have all the bells and whistles my http://www.Golden offers. His wife thinks they pay an average $8.00 per lead when they look at the cost of getting the lead. ROI is 375%

3. His wife sends out a minimum of 250 Pink Postcards a week to widows offering the our "Peace-Of-Mind" kit and how they can save $1,000 of dollars in final expense insurance.

4. His wife uses a speed dialer where she can call a number of widows 4 days a week. Working Monday to Thursday.

5. Her husband is out in the field calling on widows who received his postcard. In addition, every hot lead his wife gets with the power dialer she texts the lead to him in the field. She tells the prospect my husband is in her neighborhood today and can drop off the free gift and answer any questions she may have.  They also uses a $10-$15 gift certifcate in some cases. The agents wife has a real gift for talking on the phone. With a Power Dialer she can talk to 25-30 widows a day.

6. He actually followed my advice and completes a memorial guide on everyone he can. He gets two people in the neighborhood and two people in the community to be notified in the event of an emergency or death.  He then tells the prospect or now client he will contact these people and let them know they are the first responders.  Thus, he averages 6-8 good referrals daily.

7. Then upon leaving the house he offers a copy of his monthly clilent newsletter along with a "Tell-A-Friend" insert. He offers a $25 gift certificate to a nice restaurant for 5 referrals.  His best week was 23 referrals where he called upon these referrals and wrote seven final expense plans.

So, that's the "7 Step System To $10,000 Per Month In The Final Expense  Insurance Business.

If you want to try the system go to 

If you need an power dialer go to 

Ok, if you need landing pages and a monthly client newsletter you can get started ofr only $1.00. Go to 

Hope you have a great life and BIGGER commission days.

Russ J. Jones

P.S. If you need marketing help or just not hitting your production goals give me a call at 435-811-7138. Or email  

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