How An Agent Averages $13,187.00 In Commissions Per Month Selling Over The Phone


Final Expense Agent Averages $13,187.00 In Commissions Per Month Selling Over The Phone.


Had a call last week from a final Expense Agent last week and he told me how he is averaging about $14000.00 a month in first year commissions.


He sends out 100 to 150 unique postcards every week to a list of mainly widows in his county.


They are hand addressed by his teenage daughter.


Then he waits 3-4 days after mailing and calls a minimum of 20 widows a day.


He does get some widows that are deceased, due to age and Covid-19 and wrong phone numbers.


He uses a speed dialer like Golden


His goal is to speak with 10 widows a day and talks about funeral cost and price of a funeral plan to cover the cost. Refers to a Pink Postcard and the free gift.


Once he gets to speak with 10 widows he quits for the day.


He is very friendly on the phone and an excellent at asking lots of questions to get  a number of yes answers.


He can overcome all the basic objections that come up in the interview.


He is a professional and highly skilled caller on the phone and not a light-weight weak kneed agent.


He only uses voice applications companies like Prosperity Life, Royal Neighbors, Liberty Bankers and Americo.


When he gets a voice mail he pushes a button that leaves a pre record message that drives them to his final expense sales funnel.


If they put in their email address they will receive 10 emotional insurance videos over a 30 day period that helps him sell the insurance.


The sales funnel drives them to the “Sell While You Sleep” website.


His average closing rate is two applications a day for commissions of $350 to $400.


Due to his disability he has never worked in the field. Everything is 100% over the phone.


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