How To 10X Your Insurance Sales Working Widows.


How To 10X Your Insurance Sales Working Widows

If you need more sales you may think about working widows and single female retirees.

For example:

  1. I personally sold 2500 Final Expense Plans to mainly widows in a 10 year period. Using my $500-A-Day Pink postcard system.
  2. Over a 11.5 year period I sold 31 million dollars of annuities to widows and pre-retirees.
  3. I found that widows age 65 plus were home during the day.
  4. My average week was 15-17 interviews a week working my $500-A-Day Niche Widows Pink Postcard System.
  5. Some agents who call me don't average 15 insurance interviews a month.
  6. Most agents can't make it in the business buying $37 per direct mail leads.
  7. Averaged 8-10 agents in my agency working my widow lead system.
  8. According to LIMRA there are 7.6 million single pre-retirees and retirees aged 55 or older in the U.S. has investable assets of $100,000 or more-nearly two-thirds of them are single women and widows.
  9. More than 4 in 10 single retired women worry that their savings and investments will not last if they live to be 90 years old, compared with just 3 in 10 single retired men.
  10. Nearly one-third of women clients trust their advisors with 100 percent of their assets--a proportion three times higher than that of single men retiree client.
  11. If you want to 10X your production working widows and single retirees than check out some of these websites. Plus, all have access to widow leads.
  12. Important: If you are already averaging 15 interviews per week don't click on the websites below. You're already doing GREAT!

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones


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