Here's 7 Ways To Double, Triple Or QUADRUPLE Your Production In 30 Days.


FROM: Russ Jones
SUBJECT:  Here's "7 Ways To Double, Triple or QUADRUPLE In 30 Days.

So, here are some ways:

1. We have over 200 marketing strategies you can use to increase your production. Seriously, if you can find a dozen ways to increase your production you may need to get out of the business.
Go to 

2. A postcard marketing system that turns  43 cents into a 1200% ROI. I've been using postcards to increase my business for over 27 years.  Go to: 

3. Our monthly client newsletter along with a "Tell-A-Friend" insert has helped one agent increase his production in November by 217%. He offers a commercial loaf of Pumpkin bread to his top 10 clients. He drops them off and gives a return envelope with a 54 cent stamp on it. 

4. For quick income and commissions, I recommend working my niche widow leads. Had agent tell me in October he averaged $400-$500 per day working the system.

5. Want to sell 6-7 policies a week over the phone. Using our "Sell While You Sleep" System may be an answer for you.  Go to 

6. Need a niche lead list with a dynamite phone script give me a call at 435-881-7138. You can get 500 widow leads, investment leads or term prospects for just $97. The normal price is $197.00.

7. Need more marketing tips go to

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones


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