Here's "7 Ways To Double, Triple and even Quadruple Your Income in November and December.


FROM: Russ Jones
SUBJECT:  Here's "7 Ways To Double and Triple" Your Production in November and December.

We all know that due to the holidays coming in November and December your production
may have go down.

So, here's some ways you can double and triple your production.

1. We have over 200 marketing strategies you can use to increase your production. Serious,
if you can find a dozen ways to increase your production you may need to get out of the business.
Go to 

2. Postcard marketing system that turns a 43 cents in a 1200% ROI. I've been using postcards
to increase my business for over 27 years.  Go to: 

3. Our monthly client newsletter along with a "Tell-A-Friend" insert has help one agent increase his production in November by 217%. He offers a commercial loaf of Pumpkin bread to his top 10 clients. He drops them off and give a return envelope with a 54 cent stamp on it. 

4. For quick income and commissions I recommend working my niche widow leads. Had agent tell me in October he averaged $400-$500 per day working the system.

5. Want to sell 6-7 policies a week over the phone. Using our "Sell While You Sleep" System may be an answer for you.  Go to 

6. Need a niche lead list with a dynamite phone script give me a call at 435-881-7138. You can get 500 widow leads, investment leads or term prospects for just $97. Normal price is $197.00.

7. Need more marketing tips go to

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones


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