Here's 65 Power Phrases for your Insurance Practice.


Here’s a list of 67 power phrase you can use to increase your appointment rate and convert more prospects into sales Power Phrase for phone and door approach

I just came across these 67 Power Phrases You Can Use In Your Business. I found Them In My  (Discover over 210 other marketing strategies in the system.) I used many of them to sell 2500 final expense plans in 10 years and sold 31 million in annuities in 11.5 years. It all started with a"Pink Postcard."

Here’s a list of power phrases you can use to stimulate interest in gaining appointments.

  • Remember, the three magic words you use to start your phone or door approach. Responded, apologize and promised. For example, you recently responded to information about tax deferred income and how to increase your retirement income by 20%...I apologize for not calling or stopping by sooner, but I promised my manager I would stop by when was out in the neighborhood delivering our “Retirement Package.” (I use the word responded I’m referring to the prospect receiving a postcard. In addition, a retirement benefit package is two of our reports and our newsletter in file folder.)

1. Are you interested in tax free income?

2. Would you be interested in a safe saving plan that has been averaging 8% over the last half dozen years?

3. You would be interested in increasing your retirement income by 20%? Wouldn’t you?

4. If I could show you how to save $3,000 a year in taxes would it be worth 13 minutes of your time?

5. Let me ask you a question! How much of your estate would you like to save from the IRS and greedy attorneys…? All of it, some of it or none of it. When they answer you say, “That’s what I want to talk to you about. Would Tuesday or Wednesday morning be best for you?

6. If we can trust the Government statistics; people are now living to 85 to 90 years old in their golden years and running out of money. That’s a serious problem, isn’t it! What I specialize in is providing income to seniors through the 11th to the 20th year. Would that be important for you?

7. I specialize in helping people take thousands of dollars out of their IRA tax free. Would that be important for you? After asking each question and you get a positive feedback say that’s what I want to talk to you about. Would Wednesday or Thursday morning be best for you? Power Phrases “Power Phrases” are what we say, after we say hello, to motivate the prospect into doing business with us. A Power Phrase may be as simple as a question, or as detailed as a paragraph to share your concept and excitement about the advantages of investing in annuities.

The following Phrases have been selected as ―field-tested‖ ―money makers‖ that will enable you to make the transition into offering annuities. Literally, tens of millions of dollars of premiums have been generated just by learning and using these phrases.

  •  When does your next CD come due? 
  • Are you using your CD interest to live on, or are you reinvesting it? 
  • Have you considered an insurance company‘s long term alternative to a CD? 
  • Are you still paying taxes on your savings?
  • When you buy a three year old CD-one year goes for taxes. Here, every year‘s interest grows tax-deferred for you. 
  • How fast will your CD money double at 3 percent? –24 years.
  • How fast will your money double in a SPDA? –11 years.
  • If there were two financial institutions in town, one paid higher interest that grew tax deferred and the other paid lower interest that was taxable, where would you put your money? 
  • Have you gone through ―Interest Rate Shock‖ yet, Mr. Prospect? 
  • What will your bank pay you on renewal?
  • Make time, compound interest and Rule of 72 works for you. 
  • Where else can you get safety of principal and higher interest that grows tax deferred on 100% of the money? 
  • A pessimist buys life insurance because he may die soon—an optimist buys annuities because he may live a long time—a realist buys variable annuities because he knows the cost of living will continue to rise.
  • With your retirement plan distribution you have choices: Lump sum and pay a big tax now!  Annuitize and stretch out the tax but lose all flexibility.  Take 10 to 20 yearly installments—but what if you live too long? o Use the ―Life Expectancy Retirement Option‖ (minimum distributions) defers the tax, preserve flexibility and retain an estate for your family. 
  • Be a  hero—for yourself and your family and use your retirement proceeds wisely. 
  • Is there any reason you would like to live longer than your money? 
  • Do you believe inflation will stop after you have retired? 
  • It‘s not what you save that counts, but what you can buy with what you save. 
  • You have a choice—try to plan your future with after-tax money that grows taxable at lower interest or build with before-tax money that grows tax-deferred and at higher interest. 
  • If you want to invest $100 each pay period in a TSA, invest that $100 from take-home pay. Put $130 of gross pay in TSA and receive $100 less take-home pay. 
  • A life annuity is the only financial product one can make where one can spend the principal and can be absolutely sure he or she will not outlive it.
  • An annuity is a worry-free financial product... The average rate of return within a fixed annuity can be known in advance—unlike a typical stock market type of investment. 
  • A fixed annuity is a ―peace of mind‖ kind of financial product, the very sort of investment desired by most retired people.
  • There is no one absolute best financial product for anybody. An annuity is no exception. However, if it is a generally accepted sound investment principle that one should ―never invest beyond their sleep point, or never invest to the point where one‘s stomach starts to churn, then a fixed annuity will, by its very nature, appeal to the conservative investor. 
  • If you save as much money over the next 10 years as you have over the last 10 years, will you be satisfied? 
  • If you pay more money in taxes this year than you did last year, will you be happy? 
  • Could you come up with $100,000 within a week if you had to? If not, could you in 5 years? In ten years? Let me show you how you can. 
  • Time can work for you or against you. Let me show you how. 
  • To a grandparent age 65: ―If someone had set aside $10,000 for you when you were 15 years old, and you had thrown darts‘ at the S&P 500, that one gift alone would be worth well over a million dollars today. How old are your grandchildren? 
  • If you do not need all of your retirement funds, it is peace of mind; if you do it is survival! 
  • Remember the four ―P‘s Prior Preparation Prevents Poverty! 
  • You say, I don‘t need it. With all due respect, I ask you; could you change the ―I to ―We and still make that statement? 
  • The greatest killer of mankind is financial worry. This will prevent worry for you! 
  • If you cannot afford to save money for retirement now, how will you afford to live after you have retired?
  • Through careful planning I am not so much trying to help you get rich as much as I am trying to make sure you don‘t become poor. 
  • The biggest risk retired people face today is not the risk of slight fluctuations in their account balances. But rather the risk of outliving their assets. 
  • If you want all guarantees in your financial plans, you might be guaranteeing that you will run out of money before you die. 
  • The most important factor in your financial plan is your comfort level. Power Phrases and Disturbing Questions (Goal: 12-15 presentations/week => 3 Annuity Sales/week => 200K/week => 10M/year => $750K income/year) Principal: Protection from Risk
  • Would you park your car on a very steep hill without the emergency brake to prevent slipping backwards? What kind of emergency brake do you have on your stock market investments? May I help you set the emergency brake so you we can completely protect you from the risk of a loss of any of your retirement dollars? 
  • How much of your retirement savings are you prepared to lose forever in the stock market this year? How can you guarantee it?
  • You’ve got 45 years’ worth of savings and investments, a whole lifetime of effort, at risk in the market. That’s worth protecting from any risk of loss of principal, right? 
  • You’ve worked hard and smart for your money for the last 45 years. Isn’t it time to make your money work harder and smarter for you now? Principal: Greater Access to Your Money 
  • Do you currently have a way to guarantee you’ll never run out of money for the rest of both of your lives? 
  • Have you ever thought about the fact that CD’s lock your money up for the entire period, and you can’t access it until it comes due? In addition, you pay taxes on the interest even though you’re rolling it over, and that throws you into a higher tax bracket on your SS check. If you designed the perfect CD, would you give yourself access to your money anytime you want it, and no taxes until you spend the money? I’ve already done that for you! Principal: Tremendous Tax Advantages
  • You have a significant tax problem. That problem is the fact that you are paying taxes on your savings and your Social Security check. You may not have realized this. The good news is that doing something about your tax problem will cost you nothing. The bad news is that doing nothing about your tax problem will cost you something: 40% compounded forever! 
  • We can create a shield to protect you against taxes, that’s better than letting the taxes swallow up most of your nest egg, wouldn’t you agree? 
  • How would you like to take some of the money that would normally go down the drain for estate taxes and do something so beautiful for your grandchildren that you will never, ever be forgotten? You can literally use otherwise-wasted tax dollars to fund a retirement for them that can last for generations…and do it with the full blessing of the tax man! (Gift tax annuity— set up annuity in child’s name for $20K+ each and every year!) 
  • You earn 4-6% on your money, pay taxes on that, and then someday lose another 40-60% in estate taxes, so why not use your tax-free right to transfer money to your children and grandchildren rather than transfer your wealth to the tax collector?
  • Will you let me help you defer your taxes for many years? And, when you eventually pay them, will you let me help you do it with deeply discounted dollars?
  • How much of your retirement savings to you want to give back to the tax collector this year? (none) How can you accomplish it? 
  • You’ve spent 45 years, an entire working lifetime, to create your nest egg. Why watch 15 years’ worth of your hard work and efforts just go down the drain? 
  • Would you like for me to show you how to pay today’s taxes many years from now, for pennies on the dollar, and in the meantime earn free interest on the tax collector’s money? Imagine that! 
  • Do you know of anyone who doesn’t want to keep more of their own money? Yet 95% of retirees are paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes each year that they could avoid or defer, if they only knew someone like me who could teach them how. Would you like to learn? 
  • You’ve spent an entire lifetime creating your retirement nest egg. Now, if you fail to exercise good judgment, you and your family may not be able to keep most of it. Have you ever thought “there’s got to be a better way”? 
  • Would it be better to find a way to eliminate the tax impact on your savings, or to allow the tax impact to eliminate your savings? General 
  • You’ll have the same problems when I leave here as when I arrived…Taxes and Vulnerability to Risk….unless you let me take your problems with me. Would you like me to take them away and give you a worry-free retirement future? 
  • Most times, problems have a price tag and somebody has to pay to solve them. The amazing situation here is that you have no price tag on solving them, only on ignoring them! How soon would you like to solve your tax and risk problems? 
  • How many of your friends would you like to help me protect from the tax and risk problems? How many of them do you think knew this information years ago and never asked me to help you? Will you help me help those you care about, simply by introducing me to 5-6 of them? 
  • My purpose is to protect what you’ve spent your entire life working to create—protect it, and you, from giving all or most of it back in the form of taxes and investment loss. 
  • All your life you’ve exercised good judgment—let’s continue to do so now.
  • Where do you invest your money and what's your return on your investment? This phrase was the one I said to widows after giving a presentation on final expense insurance. Sold 31 million in annuities in 11.5 years.

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