Here's 21 Lead Generating Sales Systems For Your Practice in 2018.


21 Lead Generating Marketing Systems and Software

"How To Sell Insurance While You Sleep...
Complete System Gives You 21 Ways To Build A
Six-Figure Income Working From Your Home Based
Office...Learn How Some Agents Are Selling 7-12
Policies A Week."
Includes Term Insurance, Final Expense, IUL's and annuities.
Ultimate Six Figure Sales Funnel. We will build you a personalized Lead Funnel and Video Email Series for Dripping on Prospects and leads. We will pay the hosting and domain fees. (Value. Most web designers and video programmers would charge you $2,000 to  $2500 for this service.) Complete system only $97 per month or $497 annual.


  • Complete funnels include, landing pages capture system and auto responder dripping system for Term, Final Expense and in 2018 IUL's and  annuities funnel systems. All SEO for local and regional area.


*** Stands for GOLD or best lead program available

              ** Stands for Silver for second best Lead program available

      *  Stands for Bronze Still Good Lead program available


  • ***Highly qualified Pre-verified Term and final expense leads. Cost $18.00. Plus, credit for every sell and bonus leads. Buy 14 get 3 more free. Coming in 2018.
  • ***The best Direct Mail Mortgage and IUL Leads on the planet for selling Term and IUL's. Only $18 per lead. Close averages 3 applications for every 14 leads. One agent did $14,000 in IUL premiums on one of these leads.
  • ***Life transfer leads with prospects that have been highly vetted. You can pause and control all lead life transfer. Best to be appointed in 2-3 states. Sell over the phone and internet. 
  • **How to get 6 referrals on every final expense interview using our Legacy Safeguard Software for Final clients leave a lasting legacy. Some agents average 6 referrals on every sale. Forget about paying $37 per lead. Most be appointed with carrier.
  • **AA Plus System that will email blast to 1,000-5,000 prospects every month. Includes a CRM system.
  • **Want to build an agency with AA Plus System where you can access 500,000 life agents for doing email blasts. Cost start at 10,000 email blast for only $50.00.
  • *Access to our Wholesale Aged Lead System that are 2-35 days old and 31-to-85 days old for just $1.50 to $2.00 per lead in quantity. Minimum order of 100. One disabled agent did $515,000 in commissions in 2015 buying 2,000 of these aged leads and having an experienced telemarketer screen them and only send the best leads to his home office.
  • *The $4.00 Lead for IUL's and annuities. "Pay Yourself To Wealth."  The HOTTEST Selling System for Insurance Professionals. The Ultimate Selling System.  No Expensive Mailers or Cold Calling, Generate Quality Appointment, sell more Permanent Life Plans. Giving out our "Pay Yourself To Wealth" Book.
  • *Or we can help you setup advertise on Facebook in your state or multi states using banner ads for term or final expense.
  • 3-step Postcard System. Mailing a series of postcards to a niche lead list.
  • *Golden Prospector 7X System that does speed dialing, text messages, Ringless voice mail (by passes the ring), email blasts, CRM System and auto responder. This is an extra $97 per month software.
  • How to sell a Million $$$ Direct mail Term Plan on non-Med plans. Great for business owners, professional and doctors. Sending out 100 personalized letters a week to business owners, professional and doctors. Driving them all to a special landing page and term quote system.
  • *Running a radio commercial on local talk radio stations talking about saving up to 70% buying term insurance.
  • Do advertorial newspaper inserts offering quotes for $100K-$250K
  • A new Million $$$ IUL presentation  and lead funnel that sells the IUL for you with software coming in 2018.
  • * We can help you advertise on Facebook in your state or multi states.
  • *Six Pre Build Landing Pages for Getting Leads- Annuity leads, CD Buster, 6 Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make, $20,000 Final Expense Landing Page and Wealth Transfer Landing Page for SP and IUL's. (Value $387)
  •  You tube advertising. (30 second ads that are in front of the video you want to watch.)
  •  Banner ads with Google network or Bing.
  •  Having Filipino Telemarketers calling and driving traffic to your Term site for $3.00 per hour using a speed dialer or Golden Prospector. Sample term at http://wwww.term27com

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Go forth and prosper,

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